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New meat!

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The future starts here, welcome new dudes

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Butts? I see Dan brought ButtTumblr with him.

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Jeff and Dan

that's so weird and cool

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All aboard the hype train. Let's do this!

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Ryckert's ready, brother!

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Already getting Quick Looks with the new guys! Cool!

Also, this game looks all right.

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Yesssss Welcome Dan!

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@jeff has never seen Story of Ricky. What. You need to get on that shit, man.

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First QL with Dan :D. Let the slow-mo nut shots begin.

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I'm way more excited to watch this than I should be.

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The wheel of fate has turned. The QL stats will never be the same. I assume this QL was recorded using glass?

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I agree with Drew "Oh my God" xD ofc Africa was involved, never seen Casablanca? ;p

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Disappointed the first QL with Jeff and Dan isn't wrestling related but still rad as hell.

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First Dan QL! Kind of stoked, won't lie.

Keep an eye out for Charlie Brooker! (I think he's DLC campaign only, so don't look too hard.)

EDIT: Man, a DMM&M reference to its insane kicking mechanic, Sweep's catchphrase and the cigs66 cameo makes this a pretty strong first QL.

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Hell yeah Cigs66 joined a party.

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lol I think Drew almost had an aneurysm when Dan asked if Africa was involved in WWII.

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The Dan hype is real!

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Sniper Elite V2, "pretty bad"? Now I know different opinions and all, but "pretty bad"?. At it's lowest that game was average. Opinions are weird.

I actually love the Sniper Elite games.

Edit: I'm not the only one seeing the dead pixels right? I tested my monitor and it's only showing in their video. Driving me crazy!

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Oh my god

Edit: Also Uncharted 2 and 3 at least let you automatically shoot gas tanks after you threw them. Not sure if that mechanic was in the original.

Edit: Dan seems cool. Looking forward to more content with him

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GiantBomb rages on!!!

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Dan obviously hasn't seen Casablanca.

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hey, Dan seems like a pretty damn good fit. imagine that.

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I knew Dan was going to be on this one! Awesome!

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Dan Look!

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This quick look isn't funny at all. Plus how can you be so ignorant about WW2 and Africa?! Disappointed I am Jeff.

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Welcome to the team Dan!

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"OH. MY. GOD."

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Dan's got a history minor but didn't know about the fighting in Africa???

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cigs66 pop up!

I hope this game is better than 2 was. That got pretty boring.

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Welcome Dan!!

Also: please up the bitrate. ^^

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The start of a new era in QL's.

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Dan will save Giant Bomb from itself.

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Is it just me, or does this game look like it kind of plays like the last of us? Besides the sniper bullet cam stuff, it's really reminiscent of that. It doesn't look like you strafe though

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I was waiting for Drew to grab the mic and drop a hardcore history lesson

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*in best Cartman voice* dude, not cool! Never shoot a guy in the dick!

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I bet Jeff would want DLC that includes Yoshi

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Dan was reading the tutorial hints!

Quick looks are saved!!