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wow! How did I end up here?

Edit: Well, anyway.... First! :o)

Posted by Blair

I hope this one's not corrupted like Persona episode 108.

Edited by chickendoughnut

"you wanna check out some fighting games?"

Posted by Akeldama

man lots of fighten games

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This looked like something you would find in an arcade... looks kinda cool, don't think i would play it though

Posted by Metal_Mills

Intro is like a SNES game's intro. That's actually kinda cool.

Posted by RipTheVeins

damn worves.

Posted by supercubedude

Duder! The video ends at like 29 minutes.

Posted by phlegms

I wish I was hard-core enough for fighting games..

Posted by Rhaknar

Jeff always destroys everyone at fighting game quick looks, i thought vinny at least was good at fighters aswell? :D

Posted by crapdragoon

i used to have this game for the dreamcast.

Posted by Krenor

Jeff doesn't know that you don't need to go back to the home screen to switch games? you can just go to games and choose which one you want to switch to without having to touch the main home screen

Posted by linfosoma

I´ve always liked the style and aniamtion of Mark of the Wolves, too bad I stink in fighting games.

Posted by Heartagram

I love fighting game quick looks more please

Posted by Foggen

This is an emulation of  a Neo Geo game.  Specifically, the best Neo Geo fighting game.  Which is to say one of the best fighting games ever made.

Posted by Tirrandir

The problem with games like these is that if you're a newcomer trying to get into this stuff it's totally unapproachable. 

I'll stick with the newer fighting games on the console, I guess.  Esp. since I'm in it for the online and junk.

Posted by GoodKn1ght

sirens? someone get shot off screen?

Posted by HatKing

Just once I want to see Vinny win one of these fights.

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

Good Quick look, I always love seeing fighting games.

Posted by SumDeus

just waiting for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Posted by empire_man

Are you going to take a quick look at Samurai Shodown Anthology?

Posted by Gearhead

We need a Brain Eckberg esk video for Vinny where Greg Kasavin teaches him how to beat Jeff at a fighting game.

Edited by Winternet

Oh, this quick look was awesome. And you totally should played some matches of Samurai Shodown II. I agree with you Jeff, Samurai Shodown II is the best.

A video of Jeff vs Greg K in Samurai Shodown II NOW!!!

Posted by VWGTI

Yes! Can't wait to watch this. Damn my crappy network at work.

Posted by freakin

I agree, Samurai Shodown is the best SNK game, almost all the others I'd describe as 'interesting' but pale in comparison to the uniqueness and gameplay that is the Shodown.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

I have to say I prefer The Last Blade 2 to Samurai Shodown 2. Jeff doesn't like Street Fighter III? BLASPHEMY!!

Posted by skrutop

Glad to see that I'm not the only one whose games list takes FOREVER to load.

Posted by bonbolapti

I've always been more into Samurai Showdown 2 myself. funny how power of suggestion makes me feel like playing it again.

Posted by Death_Burnout

mmmm another fighting game QL

Posted by YoungDetective

Fighting game for beginners: SSB.

Edited by Nasar7

You guys are craaazy, SF III is best in series. Last Blade 2 is my fav SNK fighter.

Posted by Death_Burnout
@Gearhead said:
" We need a Brain Eckberg esk video for Vinny where Greg Kasavin teaches him how to beat Jeff at a fighting game. "
And fits fighting game names into his speech?
Posted by twillfast

Kicking butt lmao!

Posted by Jeremy_x

lol, fighters are called Dong and Butt...

Also, Terry without hat=RAAAAAAGEEEEE!

Posted by twillfast

Man, Jeff's basket ball spamming was noo fun. Kind of reminds me of something a lot of ryu players do..

Posted by slinky6
@YoungDetective said:
" Fighting game for beginners: SSB. "
That doesn't teach you the theory of any real fighting games, though.
Posted by DannyJ

Perfect Dark Classic Xbox Background?!

*Dies of happiness*

Posted by Ziaxool

Probably beaten, but the first row of Japanese options said:


Posted by YoungDetective
@slinky6:  Grood point.
Posted by Serker

Jeff's been playing Blazblue for more than 20 minutes!

His initial impression of that game was spot on what mine was, but after a day or two it becomes very clear how good that game is.

oh, yeah im not interested in KOF...

Edited by Bigandtasty

Butt rules.

@slinky6 said: 
@YoungDetective said: 
" Fighting game for beginners: SSB. "
That doesn't teach you the theory of any real fighting games, though. "
oh boy here we go again
Posted by WreckinRodRumbler


Posted by FlappyHands

Dude if Jeff just keeps beating Vinny every fucking time they do a QL for a fighting game... that sucks. GET BETTER AT FIGHTING, VINNY!

Posted by Milkman
@YoungDetective said:
" Fighting game for beginners: SSB. "
Posted by Delta_Ass

Oh man, another video where Jeff totally ruins Vinny's shit.

Posted by SkipFlipper

This was a great quick look. I love my fighters. Also, love Vinny's style of play. Jump in kick, sweep.

That's hot.

Posted by King9999

2009 = Fighting game paradise.

Posted by King9999

What the hell...SNK didn't translate the Ultimate mode?  That's hilarious.

Posted by Sarumarine

Ha! Translation. Who cares right? You wanna know so bad you go learn Japanese. No problem.

Posted by TekZero

What background does Jeff have on his 360?

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