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More little indie games please!

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@Zol said:
Enough with these stupid little games already!
@huelarl said:
More little indie games please!
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Enough with these stupid little games already!


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I wanted to see the star suck up planets.

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I would be fucking terrified of a planet with agency.

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Oh boy, another space simulator! Exciting content.

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I actually bought this and it's okay... zooming along as a star system is kinda fun.

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@Zol said:
Enough with these stupid little games already!
"There aint enough Shooty Bang Bang Gun War games in my Quick Looks. What the fuck?"
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More stupid little games please.
I love'em

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This the most interesting game I have seen in a long while.

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This looks surprisingly awesome.

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@mantasradzas: But it's a stupid little game! 
Stick to only the well known titles please in future Giant Bomb. Jeez. 
(In all seriousness, as said, it looks awesome. Very tempted to get it).
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I love little concept games like this. Seems super neat!

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This game is on xbox indie games for $5. The first was also released there and is currently among the higher rated games.

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Love the music. Very Mass Effect-y. lol

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This QL made me realize just how big a sucker I am for ambient space music.

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 If only you could play as this small moon.
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@r2khimself: For that I would play the game! The demo was weird...
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This seems oddly relaxing.

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Kinda disappointed he didn't find out about the "basic" spawns, which let you just pop anything up to a black hole right from the start. Wanted to see them jacking up a star system, stealing planets and stuff. This even lets you do binary and trinary systems if you can build up your planets enough.

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Looks rad. Added to my endless Steam wishlist that I slowly cut into when I have the money (or even don't...)

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Looks a bit like flow, might check this out

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"Well thanks there Ryan Sagan" Hilarious!

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Meh. I'll stick to Universe Sandbox for all of my space needs.

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Totally bought this while watching the quick look.

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Just tried the demo...wow.  It looks really simple, but the way everything works out once you start getting multiple planets with moons and such makes it play like a puzzle game.  Gravity also comes into play, at least a little--as a small star, asteroids will be attracted to you, and will speed up as they get closer until they collide.  The movement controls feel a little, for lack of a better word, "floaty" but I I am willing to let that slide for a game taking place in SPAAAAACE!

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I bought this yesterday and it's great. And cheap! ^^

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This game needs the Nolan North voiced space core from Portal2 doing an announcing role when things happen in the game. I think it'd be worth playing through then.

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Looks so relaxing.

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@49th said:

Oh boy, another space simulator! Exciting content.

Dude, if our solar system starts behaving like the planets do in this game, we are so fucked.

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If you like the Metal Gear games you REALLY shouldn't underestimate this one.

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I had fun playing the demo version. You are limited to small star but even at that size you can just grab solo life planets and make them your own without having to level them up. I'll probably pick this up in a crazy steam sale at some point.

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Wait, doesn't this negate all scientific reason on how planets "move"?

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@Ten19: naw man... the other planets are fucked. Imma blow up every planet until pluto HAS to be considered a planet. Straight up logic son.

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This is a cool looking game. The idea of sentient planets fighting over mass and size only through the life on their surface is a great concept. Becoming a star and having a whole gang of planets doing your dirt for you sounds awesome.

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I am now a fan of harassing small planets.

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15 minutes of Jeff playing badly on purpose. Weird quicklook.

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@WerewolfGuy said:

This game is on xbox indie games for $5. The first was also released there and is currently among the higher rated games.

Awesome! Thanks for posting this.
The Giant Bomb duders really should rethink their stance on Xbox Live Indie Games.
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Yea it does look like something Will Wright would do hahaha, I really think it looks kind of cool but it would probably get boring after a couple of hours. I wish Jeff would of turned his planet to a small star :D.

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This game looks amazing, just my type. Also,


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"Is this reverse asteroids." 
Wait... wooh!!! I'm imagining..... 
*mind implodes*

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I have a feeling I'd spend way too much time in this if I had it.

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@r2khimself: That's no moon.

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Bought it and it's actually pretty fun. Started to get a tad tiring to collect asteroids after a while, but then I discovered system-jacking and eventually got to black hole which is just awesome =D Too bad Jeff didn't show that off in the QL.

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This game is a pretty accurate depiction of what's gonna happen in 2012.

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Jeff's the king of Rock, blasting all these Sucka Planet MCs

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"Thanks for that, Ryan Sagan!"

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I love that they do QLs of these obscure titles.