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Posted by BeachThunder

Can't wait to start playing this in an hour :D

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Very unnerving that Teddy looks like a patched up missing link.

EDIT: Also, I'd like to posit the theory: that's not your mom.

Posted by FeverChill

Is there a level up system? +2 to rattle, 20% faster putting thumb in mouth

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The scariest monster of all.

Amen to that.


"being asleep is probably better than being awake"

Damn patrick, any unresolved issues you want to talk about...

Posted by HammondofTexas

This game looks scarier than an earth quake in the Dominican Republic! I am soooo meta.

Posted by baka_shinji17

Goo goo ga ga goo.

Posted by Hassun

Few things are creepier than babies. A game where you actually are one sounds terrifying.

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Haven't seen anything of this video game yet. I'm curious, if anyone has played it could you spoil it for me. Is it at all related to monsters at all or is it about child/spousal abuse?

Posted by SkipperSonne

Hoping this is good, seeing that DreadOut was a clumsy play through was a big let down...

Posted by Morningstar

Norwegian games are the best =)

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Those letters on the block were Norwegian. We have these weird letters in our alphabet. Æ, Ø and Å.

Posted by darkvare

is this rugrats for mature audiences?

Posted by ToTheNines

lol again with the webcam.

Posted by DrPotato

That mom would be terrifying with Oculus.

Posted by xite

I think those owls were making noises so you might be able to track them down that way.

Posted by wrecks

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The kid should of just had a glow worm. Anybody remember those?

Posted by DasaKamov

@stoffinator: Hell yes. They're still around, apparently. Also, apparently they're still a burn/fire risk. :b

Posted by RedHatDrew

As a parent of young children, this game scares the shit out of me.

Posted by KenpachiRamaSama
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That mothers eyes are the most disturbing thing in this Quick Look.

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This game seems really interesting and I get a sort of creepy Alice in Wonderland sort of vibe from it. I would definitely like to see Patrick play more of this on Spookin

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When trollmother's laid her eleven little trolls to bed

and tied them up by their tails.

Then she slowly sings for eleven little trolls

the most beautiful words she knows

Ho aj aj aj aj buff

Ho aj aj aj aj buff

Ho aj aj aj aj buff buff

Ho aj aj aj aj buff

Posted by Arcloxs

I really don't like the look on that teddy.

Posted by vegetashonor

Does this have Oculus support? That'd be sick!

Posted by alwaysbebombing

I don't believe you Patrick! I don't believe you that everything will be ok! It's never ok with your videos. Penises get removed.

Posted by Thoseposers

huh, thought this game came out a long long time ago

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Still waiting for my Steam keys for this :(

That sound effect when you hug the bear sounds a lot like the invisibility powerup in Quake.

Posted by Billy_Ray_Valentine

I just remembered that I backed this! Can't wait to play!

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How creative and atmospheric! Thanks for introducing it to me, Patrick, both on SWS and the QL.

Posted by Jedted

@meatsim said:

That mothers eyes are the most disturbing thing in this Quick Look.

They got a bit of a Pixar look to them, though not as detailed.

I wonder how long this game is.

Posted by Devil240Z

Patrick keeps saying that they're taking liberties with the capabilities of a two year old but most games take liberties with the capabilities of adults so why is this standing out so much to patrick?

Posted by Sweetz

I'm super interested in this now. As a person who can't play stuff like Amnesia or Outlast, because they're a bit too "extreme", but likes gothic and dark fantasy imagery I was hoping a game would come along that has those elements but isn't outright horror. I like the American Mcgee's Alice games for example, and the design aesthetics of Tim Burton and Guillermo del Toro's fantasy films.

This is probably due to growing up with movies like The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story, Labyrinth, and Legend. When I go back and watch these, it's kind of crazy these days that they were considered kids movies.

In any case, Among The Sleep seems like it might tread a little bit closer to the horror line than I'm comfortable with, mostly due to the sound design, but I think I might just have to suck it up because it looks really cool.

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Concept is cool, but the game's design and how they telegraph it to the player seems really poor/average.

Edited by development

I'm more interested in this now that I know it's got some Alice in Wonderland things going on. Games never really scare me much, so that's a nice change. Looks... I donno. Looks like it has the potential to be both good or bad.

Don't trust the Teddy.

Edited by Aegon

@devil240z said:

Patrick keeps saying that they're taking liberties with the capabilities of a two year old but most games take liberties with the capabilities of adults so why is this standing out so much to patrick?

Cause he's never played as a baby before.

Also, he's not really making a big deal of it in the video. Just saying that liberties are taken.

Posted by tcsajax


Posted by benderunit22

Very interested since he played it on a show back whenever, although I'm not sure how I feel about the American McGee's Alice-ness. On the one hand, it's probably impossible to keep the game interesting being confined to your house over a long period of time, on the other, the fact that you're a 2 year old becomes pointless when the environment doesn't take advantage of it.

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Man. Those owls really look everywhere to find out how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie pop.


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@patrickklepek I cannot stress enough how much I want to see you run through this on an episode of Spookin' with Scoops. Everything about this seems fantastic.

Edit: with you using your Oculus, obviously.

Posted by ShaggE

Holy shit, this game is pretty. They really polished this thing since the betas.

The "word's smartest baby" effect of the gameplay is jarring, but you can't exactly turn your adult brain off and play like a two year old (although public multiplayer servers may lead you to believe otherwise), so no biggie.

Posted by Zelyre

What kind of parent hums a song in a minor key to a baby to get them to go to bed?

Posted by Steadying

I thought this looked cool until it went all weird with the otherworld stuff. So tired of cave areas.

Posted by Matterless


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Getting a strong Master Reboot vibe from some of this. Those self-contained areas with the inventory puzzles and the focus on memory in particular. Same sort of "unnerving but not entirely horror" tone as well.

Well, as long as the Indie horror crowd are finding more interesting things to do with the medium than collect bits of paper about mental patients and/or very skinny dudes, I won't object.

Posted by TreeTrunk

game looks awesome!

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Pretty sure that shadowy figure in the living room was Knuckles.

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I hope this game has a twist where it turns out that the bear is actually Chucky.

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