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Posted by spilledmilkfactory

Dishonored was easily one of my favorite games last year. It's crazy to me that it wasn't on more top 10 lists with the staff

Posted by Ghostiet

@bgdiner said:

I thought Dishonored had a huge amount of potential, but I never felt as though the stealth mechanics were really all that polished. Guard behavior seemed a little too random for me, and it was mainly a "save, get spotted, reload" type of affair for me. The game seemed to really want you to use the lethal/loud style of play, given the bevy of weapons they give you.

It does. That was my primary issue with the game - if you play non-lethally, there really isn't much for you to do, since you'll only use Blink, Dark Vision and tranquilizer darts. Not to mention that you get the blandest ending.

I played a bit lethally and loudly and it was awesome, but I just didn't have the time or strength to do another playthrough. Wish I knew about it beforehand.

Posted by namesonkel

Just such a clunky game, especially for a stealth game.

Posted by Smorlock

I agree about how playing as Daud makes it easier to justify killing people. Playing through The Knife of Dunwall I definitely killed people more than I did in the base game since I felt more justified doing it as Daud. I don't know if he's necessarily evil, but he's a career assassin, whereas Corvo was just a bodyguard.

Posted by marbleCmoney

This looks great, as did Knife of Dunwall. I really need to pick these up at some point.

Posted by elpurplemonkey

I like this, I wish Alex started doing some too.