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Posted by FUMN

jelly is delicious

Posted by OrwellHuxZam

A harkening back to the 15 minute Quick Looks of old.

Posted by Ghostiet

The Flaming Lips suck.

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Soooo jelly

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This looks pretty rad. Plus Disasterpiece. How can you go wrong?

Posted by AMyggen

@ghostiet: Wrong!

Also, this game should make for some cool-looking speedruns.

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Jelly Corgi.

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Frogs are always cool. Like, never has there been a frog hopping towards me, and I thought, 'Man, I better play dead. Here comes that frog.' I've never said, 'Here comes that frog' in a horrifying manner. It's always optimistic, like, 'Hey, here comes that frog -- fantastic! Maybe he will settle near me.' - Mitch Hedberg

Posted by TurboMan

@ghostiet: NO!

Thanks for sharing this, looks interesting, probably too intense for my laptop.

Posted by Fear_the_Booboo

I'm not sure about that game. I looooove the graphics and the music, but as a fan of 2D platformer, the idea of everything being jelly just make me think it'll be not fun to control. I'll have to see.

I'll buy it anyway, it seems to try something different not just for the sake of it. That deserves a buy.

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This game is pretty good, to back up Patrick.

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Posted by planetfunksquad

This game looks rad as fuck. I'd like see the difficulty ramping up later on, and the levels getting super crazy, but even if it doesn't I'd probably still love this.

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Have you been watching a lot of Northernlion videos lately Patrick? Maybe Binding of Isaac stuff? You seem like you've picked up a little of his cadence. At least in the beginning of this video.

Posted by rmanthorp

"Holy man!"

Posted by pocketroid

I wasn't sure about this game before. Now I'm sure: I want it. Thank you, Patrick

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

This is a cool looking game.

Posted by AssInAss
Posted by Portis

you jelly I'm playing the floor is jelly?

Posted by whatisdelicious

Man this looks trippy. Kind of reminds me of Hohokum in that way. I don't think my Macbook can handle this game, though, so I'll just settle for entertaining myself by watching the fallout from @ghostiet's comment.

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Is Patrick using the royal "we" throughout the quick look?

Posted by guanophobic

Oh, great. Another indie platformer...

Posted by vrplumber

I'm not sure if I am ready for that jelly.

Posted by EuanDewar

game looks neat. that was one hell of a strained Flaming Lips reference tho

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...not sure if you're implying that the music in this game is chiptunes, but it's most definitely not. Great music, though!

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I highly recommend this game. The jelly physics are incredibly fun and it looks and sounds fantastic. Also, there are some really cool puzzle mechanics that show up later.

I used joy2key when I played it, though. I prefer a gamepad for almost all 2D games; Isaac is an exception because the shooting is only 4-directional.

Posted by Ghostiet
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Looks like a trippy Super Meat Boy.

Posted by Hassun

Nightmares of tapeworms festering in your innards.

Posted by Sesquipedaliant

Get back to me when The Floor Is Jam, or perhaps a nice Marmalade.

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Nightmares of tapeworms festering in your innards.

Attention: This game is on Steam Greenlight. If you like it, give it a vote. Steam Greenlight page

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Steam Greenlight link for those interested in jelly. If not, get jammed.

edit: Beaten!

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Not a fan of these "Quick Look" solo's .... there's a reason why the Crew stopped doing them.

Get another person in there or don't bother

Nothing against you guys or Patrick your all great reviewers and game streamers..

but a Solo Quick look is just plain boring.

The human interactions and reaction to the game and reflecting on it together in a often comedic way is much more effective and worth-while to watch, much better than one person sitting and explaining a game dying a few times and turning it off.

When I see these quick look solo's I'm hesitant to click because i could potentially be wasting my time, when i could be watching a funnier video, a legitimate quick look, or re listening to the podcast.

Posted by patrickklepek

Have you been watching a lot of Northernlion videos lately Patrick? Maybe Binding of Isaac stuff? You seem like you've picked up a little of his cadence. At least in the beginning of this video.


Posted by Akujin

@akujin: Skype Someone or just do them in the office. These just feel rushed and easily discarded video content where a Legitimate quick look could potentially be something you watch every other day because of something so funny in it you just have to see and hear it again.

There is no potential for that here. you know?

Posted by ProfessorEss

They made this with all the leftover bones from Super Meatboy.

Edited by Jack_Lafayette

@akujin: Even if you don't find them entertaining (many folks do), that part of the equation is sort of incidental to having a "quick look" at the game to see if you're interested, no?

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Looks neat. Hopefully they make a Vita version.

Posted by Tesla

The trailer got me a little interested, but this QL basically sold me on the game. Love that Disasterpeace music too!

Posted by cheato

Picked this up (and the soundtrack) as soon as I received word that Disasterpeace did the music. Really enjoyed playing it!

Posted by climax

I always thought about getting this game, but never pulled the trigger. Guess I better get on it because this looks and SOUNDS fantastic.

Posted by Nezza

This looks like the kind of game I'd enjoy playing on my Vita.

A sort of physics based Sound Shapes if the 2nd level is indicative of the rest of the game. Which is a good thing!

Posted by Xristophoros

looks like some locoroco mixed together with sound shapes. that cannot be a bad thing. it begs to be played with a controller though...

Edited by fisk0

I don't quite get the common idea that you wouldn't want to play games like this with a keyboard. The numpad is essentially a D-pad after all. The keyboard is perfect for just about any digital movement, it's when it comes to approximating analog controls it starts having issues.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

The Flaming Lips really should make a game of some kind.

Posted by WolfHazard

Am I the only one that gets a Loco Roco vibe?

Posted by Excast

The mechanics in this game looks very interesting.

Posted by tildebees

dope fungi art

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