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cool story bro

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Posted by VisariLoyalist

i just saw this on the kessler kam trippy

Posted by Sovereign13

Gotta go fast!

Posted by Djeffers03

This will be good!

Posted by Crono11

This is the quickest of looks.

Posted by Damien

So excited.

Posted by SethPhotopoulos

They still make these?

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Game looks like it plays itself =/ 
Edit: horrible menu system.
Posted by This_Dude

This could probably be a fun racer if you didn't have to use the terrible Kinect controls.   Seriously, why does anyone think this stuff is needed by anyone?

Posted by MysteriousBob

If that PR guy wasn't there, Ryan would have torn this game to pieces.

Posted by punkxblaze

You know, I'm gonna forego the LOL SONIC jokes and say this looks like it could be fun for a ten minute distraction, like I predict every Kinect game will be.

Posted by Colin

EEEEW that was.... something alright....
Posted by ZmillA

lame game

Posted by ThatFrood

Not very compelling.

Posted by 234r2we232

Gear, INNIT.

Posted by illmatic19

This doesn't look fun at all.

Posted by hedfone

7 min?

Posted by CookieMonster

The Sonic Riders franchise is still going?

Posted by GreyColor

I am unimpress.

Posted by Pet_Assassin

If I were to put on my armchair-game-designer hat, I'd say that they seem to be doing too little to stray from the cart racer path.

Posted by gonzab
@This_Dude said:
" This could probably be a fun racer if you didn't have to use the terrible Kinect controls.   Seriously, why does anyone think this stuff is needed by anyone? "
Indeed. All these kind of games are so shitty.
Posted by CptBedlam

Could actually be fun in MP.

Posted by SquirrelGOD

I think Ryan just lost 5 pounds.

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Some definite "Bam there it is" on the turns there.

Posted by blueman90
@CookieMonster said:
"The Sonic Riders franchise is still going? "

Posted by GeoNeo

you gotta be fuckin shittin me.

Posted by Dr_VonBoogie

Poor Ryan

Posted by geirr

That's some fine swimming, Ryan!

Posted by kurtduane

My kid will love this.

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You know what Tony Hawk Ride needed? Even less distinguishable controls. Oh! And Sonic characters!

Posted by VicRattlehead

looks like another quality product with sonics name on it :|

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Posted by ShaneDev

It doesn't  look  that bad.

Posted by Flappy

I'm diggin' it.

Posted by atomic_dumpling

I don't know what to think of that. Judging from what Ryan was doing and how it registered on screen, it's basically RIDE, as in "not good". Also, rubberband.

Posted by Skrams

Thought this was for Sonic Colors at first and then heard Kinect and was like wat. But oh my not what I expected.  Tony Hawk Ride should take a look at this.

Posted by Ahoydizzle

This actually looks fun but the novelty will wear out so quickly.

Posted by homewrecker

a fucking squid that gets ink on your screen? you couldn't have ripped that off a bit more subtly, sega?

Posted by schiz_o_phren_ic

doesn't look fun in the least.

i dislike how it takes forever to navigate any menus on this thing. menus require more mastering than actual games it seems.

Posted by TyrellOCP

don't tell the Tony Hawk Ride hardware team about this, or they will kill themselves.

Posted by tr00matt

That seemed kinda janky.

Posted by wibby

PLEASE for the love of God can we have a version with Ryan on the big screen and the game in the little screen? 
Posted by nickux

If I was a kid when this came out- it would have blown my fucking mind. I'm guessing at 24 I'm not the target demographic for this game. It just doesn't look enjoyable to play, it looks like a kick in the balls. The gameplay itself is really just generic kart-racing type stuff, the Kinect stuff is ok I guess but the menu navigation looks like a chore. 

Posted by OsheaDiesStupid

haha, Ryan got tired just by moving his body around a little while standing still

Posted by slyspider

this looks really bad....

Posted by Nytrik

It looks... a little delayed. I know I can't expect 1:1, but isn't that what they're telling me to expect?

Anywho, I guess it looks kind of fun. 

Posted by KillaMaStA

so, even sweatier dudes around the office. I can see that getting pretty horrible if your playing kinecy all day long.

Posted by Gav47
@VisariLoyalist said:
" i just saw this on the kessler kam trippy "
Wow, its like he works in the same office or something.
Posted by heatDrive88

Is it just me or is there a bit of lag in the Kinect to pick up the motions Ryan was doing?