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Historical baggage aside, which is to say not considering how this may or may not implicate the first few games in the franchise, I feel like Sonic games of the 3D era at least are just lackluster platformers. Compared to games that are faster, sharper, more precise, or more attractive visually, I can't see an instance where any 3D Sonic can really stand on its own as a good platformer independent of its own legacy.

I'm sure there are important half-steps that fans, whoever they are, appreciated in Colors and Generations but aesthetically and mechanically this continues to keep Sonic trapped in the same mileau it's been since Sonic post-Saturn and really post-Sonic 2.

EDIT: Alright, that constant speed vertical sequence was promising. But it's really a tease of what Sonic could be if committed to in radically different ways.

Posted by RecSpec

@wrecks: First thing that came to mind.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Hey now, Generations was actually far better than it had any right to be, and I'm saying that as someone who has never really cared for Sonic beyond some misplaced childhood affection for the Adventure games.

Also, if another person mentions Sonic 2006 this is going to end with me actively seeking out that game, playing it and proceeding to put a bullet through my skull.

Posted by Draxyle

It still bothers me profusely to hear dialogue coming out of their mouths, or maybe I just hate the personalities they've given to these characters. Makes me very glad they don't normally give Mario spoken lines in stuff.

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I wish they would stop.

I really do. The first two games featured prominently in my childhood, and the character used to be one of my favorites. But since Sonic Adventure they've just been beating a corpse into a finer and finer pulp. Can't I just have my good memories anymore, or are they going to continue to parade around this corpse as though it were alive while everyone else starts to wretch at how badly it smells. Let the little guy rest in peace for fuck's sake, you're not bringing him back.

Posted by AbeTheGreatest

Well maybe the next one will be amazing

Posted by SonicBoyster

Let's put Brad on the platformer that wants players to use precision! I'm sure his insight will be invaluable. At least Jeff wasn't aggressively hateful toward the title.

Then again who else on the staff even plays platformers? Platformers in general feel dated. We got super meat boy a while back and everybody raved about that but now it's relegated to a million 8 bit indie games and the occasional Mario or Sonic game.

Posted by Nadril

Sonic, as a concept, just doesn't work well as a platforming game these days.

It's a game that is supposed to emphasize speed. That means that you either have levels that are fairly easy to traverse in order to keep your speed up or levels that try to awkwardly throw in more platforming mechanics. The first just means that the game gets boring -- nothing more than watching something really. The second means that it gets frustrating.

Why not try and do a "Bit Trip" style of game with the Sonic franchise? It lets you emphasize that speed while putting in clear difficulty into the game.

I just think that if you go back to the old Sonic games, they weren't that much fun. I actually think I liked Sonic Adventure the most out of any Sonic game though, which is weird because most people hate it. There definitely was some bad shit about it, but I liked it better than a lot of the classic Sonic games.

Oh, and people complaining about Brad's "skill". Come on guys. The game looked like garbage to control, ever stop to think that that might be the issue? It's not like a Sonic game has ever been hot garbage before.

Posted by mithical

Judging from the gameplay video posted on the first page of comments, it looks like there's some aspects to the controls that either Brad missed, or aren't communicated well by the game. The biggest one is going from a jump straight into a spindash. It seems to avoid some awkward acceleration when you land.

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Ah yes, Brad Shoemaker, the perfect representative for showing off a new sonic game.

Actually, now that I've seen the quick look, I see why he's pretty indifferent.

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I never really played Sonic. Back when I was a kid I played NES/SNES. My friend had a Sega so I played it a bit and it was enjoyable. I haven't paid attention to Sonic since the Sega days. Seeing Sonic on a Nintendo feels kind of weird.

Sonic should be an endless runner where you're not allowed to stop running. This game is fun when you're going fast.

Posted by Sessh

I don't know, this looks okay, not great, but not nearly as bad as some people make it out to be.

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Man Brad. Jesus Christ. The thing that amazes me about him is that he seems to assume the gameplay mechanics and level design, assumes wrong, and then blames the game. Not that this necessarily looks great. But come on dude.

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Out of interest, is it easier for people to blame Brad for Sonic being shit than blame the team making shitty Sonic games for Sonic being shit?

np, it's rhetorical.

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Brad is playing a video game. Brad is bad at video games. I can't tell if this is a bad game or if Brad is just fucking up like he does.

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@ratinho said:

Out of interest, is it easier for people to blame Brad for Sonic being shit than blame the team making shitty Sonic games for Sonic being shit?

np, it's rhetorical.

I think "straw man" was the term you were looking for.

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I just hope that this at least gets its due for Best Graphics/Art Design of 2013.

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The Bradliest of quick looks.

Posted by Zoolander_Beast

Ughhh, it's almost painful to see such brilliant level design get dismissed and rejected due to the severe lack of skill and mastery over the mechanics. Love the GB crew but they're dead wrong, clearly this is a sonic that requires learning the mechanics and they couldn't be bothered, instead trying to play it like it's a Genesis Sonic and getting frustrated when it doesn't work.

Posted by me3639

I wont be too harsh but ive never been so bored from watching a game.

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Stunned at how good this looks. Got some real Mario Galaxy vibes from it.

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You can not judge the game by this video, because Brad did not know how to play or did not have enough skill to play the game.

Posted by TheHT

The 2D and runner (the honeycomb part) stuff look great! But the other behind the character perspective stuff, like when Brad was running through the desert and the 2-player race, don't look very fun.

Posted by Neodiablo

Did Brad say that he hasn't played Sonic 06? I nominate that be the next breaking brad game....it may really break him

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This game looks horrible.

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It's a visually stunning game and I'm loving the music.

Posted by MEATBALL

This looks not awful?

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Still applies.

Sure do miss that Ryan attitude.

Posted by Metal_Mills

Brad is more annoying than usual in this video.

"This controls like shit. Maybe I shouldn't run the whole time? Oh, fuck it, I'm gonna run the whole time anyway!"

It's totally possible the game is garbage and controls poorly, but Brad certainly doesn't know because he's not even trying.

If you can't run properly in a Sonic game then the game is garbage.

Posted by cooljammer00

Time to Brad: 3:17

Posted by LarryDavis

Edited by thekitkatshuffler

I think it's fairly clear that most of the issues in this video are down to Brad being atrocious at video games.

Posted by Innovacious

As bad as it may be, I really do not think the game is actually as bad as brad makes it look with his performance.

Edited by SubwayD

Feels weird admitting this, but the Deadly Six look seem like kinda fun baddies. They appeal to the kid in me who still watches Saturday morning cartoons from the 90s.

Just a shame they're in a wonky looking Sonic game.

Posted by AssInAss

I feel like Sonic games as a gameplay model have been superseded by the runner type games.

I'd rather play Boson X right now.

Posted by Spitznock

It's often difficult to tell if a game is bad, or if Brad is just terrible at playing it.

Posted by jimmyfenix

Is this quick look as bad as the Shadow of the Colossus quick look ?

Posted by paulunga

Brad... BRAD...BRAAAAD!!!

Posted by Thoseposers

i really liked the way the bee level worked, the first two levels seemed a bit rough though

Posted by TwoLines

This looks kinda... cool. I dunno guys, the perspective things look interesting, and it's very bright and colorful. The gameplay is a liitle bit boring and inacurate though.

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Tails is MacGyver?

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Some people stroke out when Brad pulling a Brad (legitimately) is slightly better than watching Brad pull a Brad (legitimately).

@tycobb said:

I haven't played a Sonic game since the first one on the DreamCast, but I have to admit, if this game was on PC, I probably would have bought it. It looks like a fun ass game to try and speed run.

@machofantastico said:

Got to admit, the music is pretty great.


Nothing will ever beat Spring Yard though.

I don't know I love me some Mystic Cave from Sonic 2.

Muhfuggin' Hydrocity Zone 2, Muhfuggin Sonic 3.

Posted by Psykodoughboy

This game sucks ass, guys. Get over it.

Edited by Tennmuerti

For some reason this video is not showing up on them main page for me anymore and it's showing up in the upcoming column instead. Tho i can still find it if going to videos section of the site directly.

Edit: well monday came around and it seems to be fixed now.

Posted by Willy105

You know, I just don't think Sonic and 3D work. The constant screwing up while you're running and only feeling like a 'sonic game' when it takes control from you while you're running loops or bouncing from some sort of spring to another. I just never had fun unless it was a 2D Sonic.

EDIT: And it wasn't that much fun anyway.

EDIT 2: I know


isn't a rare opinion.

I don't think this version of Sonic in 3D works, but the ones in Genertaions, Colors, and Unleashed certainly did.

Posted by Willy105

@hef said:

@krabboss said:

@krullban said:

This guy put his own gameplay over reviews.

They don't match very well.

I would say they do? The gameplay in this video really doesn't look so hot. It certainly doesn't look as good or fast as Generations.

All he does is spindash and bypass everything. When the game isn't playing itself he's just spinning past everything anyways. Sure you're going fast, but what are you actually doing?

Playing the game?

It takes skill to play through the Sonic 3D games at high speed, finishing the level in 1 minute instead of 5. People like to say that the game is only fast on the cutscenes where you are out of control going through loops, but why aren't you going fast outside of those sections?

Works the same way as the old Genesis games, you will be going really slow unless you can navigate through the level with great precision and reflexes.

Edited by falling_fast

please stop giving us sonic games and give us Yakuza 5 and Ishin instead, sega :/ . no really, you can keep this crap.

Posted by MocBucket62

If there's anything good to say about this game, the music is actually really catchy. All that music in that beehive level sounded awesome! Aside from that, I'm not seeing much reason to buy this.

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