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Posted by CheckPointD

@hour_glass: I worked in a concrete batch plant for a few years and I didn't think this "new" "old" method sounded that different from how it is made today. Other than that fact that we used Mack trucks instead of slaves.

Posted by ShaggE

I dunno, this looks alright in the same way Deadliest Warrior was: So bad it became entertaining just to see the stupidity. If they fix the load times, I'll be all over this ridiculous thing.

Posted by buzz_clik

I saw the name Nervus the Spastic. That is all.

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Posted by highpitch_83

@crusader8463: This is the droid you're looking for: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gladius_%28video_game%29

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Historical fighting game, eh? These games are always fabulous.

Posted by courage_wolf

I think there is a lot of potential for a incredibly awesome gladiator game, but this game is not it. Brad's discussion of concrete was the most interesting part of the quick look.

Posted by Rorie

Did...did Brad really use the word "architected?" Man, Brad. You're really streets ahead with that one.

Posted by Auxin

I like how the online character was wearing what looked like a 30 pound helmet and pretty much nothing else.

Posted by zabian227

Ugh QL ends too soon; just really wanted to know if it was permadeath haha. Not enough to google it it though :)

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@djjoejoe said:

@jasonleeson said:

This generation can't be over quick enough.

Shitty games transcend generations my friend, this game isn't a product of anything particular to this generation of games.

yes it is, this vintage pigshit indicative to gen 7 and you know it.

I wasn't looking to pick a fight but it seems you are? Why so angry... this is just video games and I'm just stating that bad games have existed before and will continue to exist after this generation of consoles... what's the big deal there, it's a logical statement :S

Posted by Colourful_Hippie

This looks awful

Posted by Joeku

There's fantastic potential in the idea of running a gladiatorial team and engaging in multiplayer brawls and rising up through Rome's aristocracy, but this isn't it.

Also, fuck yeah, Shadow of Rome 2. Oh my god I want that so much.

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Is it just me or does Brad sound like Sam Elliot at times during this quick look?

Posted by Pezen

I think the biggest downfalls of the game are load times and laggy online play. But the core concept I can dig. And contrary to what Jeff implied, you can earn gold. It seems unlike a lot of free to play game this one actually gives you a pretty handful amount of silver/gold if you're good enough. And when you level up, it unlocks a lot of the gold tier weapons and put them in the silver category.

Overall I think it's a decent time for a free to play game. The experience though needs a bit of a smoothing out, but other than that, I think it's fine.

Posted by Korolev

Deadliest Warrior, is that you!?

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Thus, Romulus the Shit Eater was lost in the annals of time.

Posted by Lind_L_Taylor

What would have been interesting is if they allowed players to build up from gladiator to run the ludus and perhaps higher stations in Rome (like they did in the show). Also I think it would have been better as a turn based combat, pick a list of commands to try for attack/defense, then let it play out, or allow players to use attack/block, high low swings, etc..basically their own skill set....Not this button-mashing memorization crap which is a type of video game I pretty much hate 99% of the time.

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Reminds me a lot of deadliest warriors, just not as gory. And what do ya know? That game was pretty shit as well!

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This reminds me of Shadow of Rome and Colosseum: Road to Freedom, but I can't remember which is which because they came out around the same time. Shadow of Rome was better, right?

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Brad, don't trust Businessweek articles about concrete. Yes, a team of scientists analyzed 2000 year old concrete, but there was nothing unknown about Roman concrete and it's also not vastly superior to ours. It's very durable, especially to chemicals and water and the production is more environmental friendly, that's the actual point of the source.

Posted by andrewf87462

Wow, what an awful looking game.

Posted by iragequit

By Jupiter's cock!

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Posted by flipscardoo

having 150$ in game purchases with the quality of this game should be illegal.

Posted by danimal_furry

They should have had an "in memory of" video at the end of all the crappy fights Romulus had. Maybe with sad Enya music playing in the background.

Posted by DedBeet

More Vita quick looks please!

Posted by elpurplemonkey

This game seems kinda gross.

Posted by development

This game seems kinda gross.

In what way? As far as I can tell it's gross in like five different ways.

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Brad is so fucking baked.

Posted by aspaceinvader

Fuck 3000 gold coins for 150 bucks. They can detach cock from balls for that price and use it to stick up arse.

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

This is the future of video games, fellas.

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@rorie said:

Did...did Brad really use the word "architected?" Man, Brad. You're really streets ahead with that one.

I'm happy you started watching Community, but dude, that was weak. Pierce-weak!

Also, this game seems very unpolished. Dudes who made the Bellator game?

Posted by mrcraggle

There was a single gun you could buy in Gun Bros that was over $400.