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Posted by Voytek

Should pick this up when it gets a little cheaper. Shattered Dimensions was a real treat.

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@Max015 said:


You've been spotted...too late to add the MAAAAAAAAAN.

Posted by tinodz

Is he strong? 
Listen bud. He's got radioactive blood 
There goes the Spiderman.

Posted by Nemuel

Watch out spiderman ! Its rolled-up-newspaperman !

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Posted by ZZoMBiE13

I still miss the open world Spidey games. But these are fun too. :)

Posted by Grimmy616

Ultimate Spider Man never seems to get the credit it deserves. That is a great Spiderman game.

Posted by AndrewB

Man, I've been waiting for a Spiderman game for ages. Why haven't they thought to make on until now?

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Wait, so the villain is mid-90s Batman?

Posted by FesteringNeon

Muh Balls.

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish

A 6 hour game. God damn. 

Posted by Hoffafiles

Spider mans

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Sexy tongue licking confirmed.

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The 2099 spider-man reminds me of Spawn...

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Web of Shadows 2008 was really great last Spider-man game,it had high replayability with dark and good playthroughs,and also was open world. (Though the voice acting was hilarious.)

The last two are garbage.It's really fucking stupid to NOT have an open world in a Spider-man game...

Posted by ElixirBronze

The voice of 2099 sounds similar to the peter parker voice of the animated series.

Posted by jkuc316

Anti-Venom? Fuck, I should get this sometime...

Posted by zombie2011

i love batman.

Posted by Oddface

Looks like another cheap Activision cash-in.

Posted by steelio77

i'll return to Spidey when he's allowed to go back outside ... and not using his 'great power' to swing down corridors !!

Posted by Superfriend

Hey all you guys calling CoD or any other modern shooter "boring" all the time- this one is for you!

After watching 30 minutes of this, I´m bored out of my damn mind. I´d take any shooter in the world over this crap.

Posted by Sammo21

Looks like an average activision "churn it out every year" Spider-Man title.

Also, sometimes the non-stop snark from klepeck can be annoying.

Posted by 234r2we232

I'm waiting for the obvious cross-branding...

Spider-man X Doctor Who

Posted by Olivaw

Watching this and then watching some gameplay for Web of Shadows really makes me wish that Activision would devote the proper time and consideration for a superb Spider-Man game.

Hell, Hulk's gotten a tremendous game, why can't Spider-Man? I mean, Spider-Man 2 wasn't bad and all, but apart from the web swinging (which is still great) and that one boss fight with Mysterio, it was kind of a clunker.

Posted by adz117

Why did they get rid of the open world again, I feel like the closest thing to my perfect idea of a Spider-Man game was Web of Shadows, In my opinion they shouldn't have deviated so far away from that formula.

Posted by weirdo

Damn you Ryan! you just had to ruin it D':

Posted by baron_calamity

Thanks for the QL, now I can avoid this game.

Posted by Bread_Harrity

Biased opinion on game genre compared to another game genre that people often complain about. Negative comment about Patrick or Ryan's commentary.

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@david1890 said:

The voice of 2099 sounds similar to the peter parker voice of the animated series.

It's the same guy.
Posted by Ceno

Ugh. All these games just seem to be spawned out of Bobby Kotick's fury at the Arkham series being so good, and having no idea why.

Posted by Sword5

So no one would have fixed that reactor leak in the 70+ years that divide the two Spider-Mans?

Posted by VichusSmith

Or, you know,Val Kilmer, the guy from Batman Forever. Not that Top Secret isn't awesome. Not that Batman Forever is...

Posted by ToxicFruit

YES Patrick more soul reaver is always welcome

Posted by Marv101

Haha, I'm glad it wasn't just me that noticed his butt in that walk sequence.... I was starting to question a few things about myself.

Posted by altairre

This looks really bad. And boooring.

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Will the Spader-man skin be available as DLC?

Posted by Battle_BroCast

This looks shitty, boring, and you can tell it's a quick cashcashcashcash in. Took out the noir spiderman? terrible idea.

Posted by piderman

It's a bunch of bullshit, Patrick

Glad we have that out of the way :)

Posted by ShaggE

Oh wow, this looks bad. Get Rocksteady on the next game. Hell, give them every comic game from here on out.

Posted by PatPandaHat

I want to see staggered Spider-Man wandering through an assortment of places. Ren-Faire festivals, Phish concerts, a mental hospital.

Posted by Ceno

@ShaggE: Seeing as how Warner Bros own Rocksteady now, we'll see good DC games, but I'm afraid the Marvel ones aren't so lucky.

Posted by Linkster7

I think I'll drag out my GC version of "Spiderman 2 the movie the game". Now that was a great Spiderman game.

Posted by leejunfan83

Fuck this fuck Shattered Dimensions fuck Spiderman

Posted by VibratingDonkey

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Come on people.

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For some reason, I got a wicked brain itch and S-ranked Shattered Dimensions.

I doubt this will warrant that same random obsession, but it's at least worth a look. And having watched this Quick Look, I'm ready to write it off as an "off" year. I'm hoping they rushed this out to make a better follow-up.

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I hate hearing the excuse "for a game that took X long to develop, this is pretty good" or "you can excuse this." Not when you're paying for the game, it isn't. And when the best you can hope for from a licensed product is "slightly better than ass," that's not a game I want to be spending money on, nor should anyone.

Posted by Humanity

Game looks boring but I think Spiderman 2099 is pretty cool actually!

Posted by RyuDrinksTheDew

man, rinse and repeat is the motto of this game.

Posted by Gilby

Please stop trying to make a spiderman Arkam game, here's a better idea:

People like mirror's edge (a game based around using momentum to get through environments), but think the combat was a little out of place...

People like Spiderman (a character who's most fun application in games has been using momentum to swing/jump around environments), and combat wouldn't feel out of place in his games....

HMMMMMM.... (first person Spiderman parkour/swinging game in either open-world or Mirror's Edge type levels)

At a time when everything is being remade as an FPS, why is there no first-person web-slinging? Would solve typical Spiderman camera issues too!