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Man, im so excited i could just splode! seriously though, im kind of intrigued as to weather this'll be any good or not

Posted by TimeWaffle

looks ok so far

Posted by TheGremp

Sweet, and it works! :D

Posted by thecleric

i love how he runs

Posted by zzZBibboZzz


Posted by CoolDrMoney

'Splosion Man: Best new character of 2009

Posted by Jimbo

Haven't we seen this logo before somewhere?

'Splosion Man

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Possibly the one thing that could kill the Maw? What do you guys think?

Posted by Winternet

Nice QL. The achievements were also Giant Bomb exclusive.

Posted by phlegms

This looks awesome, Im gonna need to get some more points..

Posted by Mustard

Brad start to death: 2:12 (suicide counts ;) )

Posted by linfosoma

Jimbo, I agree with you, I thought the same thing.
Glad Im not alone on this one.

Posted by Meltbrain

Hey this game looks pretty awesome. I really enjoyed The Maw, so if this is a similar short and sweet game I'm all for it.

Posted by oathblivion

Agh, I really didn't care about this before this quick look. Now I'm just pissed that it's LIVE Arcade exclusive...

Posted by rmanthorp


Posted by Forzen

Looks awesome =D

Posted by KingOfIceland

Sweet, definitely getting it for a measly 800 points.

Posted by HeliumSpoon


Posted by Fox

"Will you be my blue 'splosion man?"

Great Quick Look, 'Splosion Man just became a must-have for me.

Posted by YoungBuck

He pulled a Brad

Posted by TheePeaceFrog
I didn't even notice that before, Twisted Pixel are a bunch of nazis!
Posted by StarFoxA

The achievements have already been revealed, haven't they? I saw them on X360A about a week ago.

Posted by musdy

I'm really looking forward to this now.

Posted by asian_pride

This QL looks fun. :D

Posted by Sarumarine

Brad's scream towards the end makes this quick look.

Posted by Artemis_D

I love you like 'Splosion man loves cake.

Posted by Death_Unicorn

I wish I could explode into delicious meat.

I am looking forward to this.

Posted by InsanePotato

Nice QL. Seeing this i'm actually tempted to go back and try the maw out now. They seem to make some fun stuff :).

Posted by Coleslaw893

Looks awesome. Makes me want to buy The Maw now...

Posted by SenatorSpacer

This and Shadow Complex are the best games coming out this summer :D

Posted by SunKing

Ah, Brad dies at 9:20. The record continues...

Posted by CitizenKane

That game looks ridiculously fun.  I need to save my money, though.  :(

Posted by _Horde

Wow, looks great. Might have to take a look at The Maw now...

Posted by DerekDanahy

This game looks pretty cool.

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Sometimes, I think that Brad could die even in the new Prince of Persia or Braid.

Apart from that digression, I like when Brad and Vinnie do Quick Looks. When they're together, they always seem to pay attention to what's happening and to be interested in the game's features, or what both of them have to say. It really worked well in the inFAMOUS Quick Look.

Posted by Nadril

Nice quick look.

I Like the achievements. "Not a portal reference" , haha.

Posted by SoulEdgeSlayer

Wow, I didn't care about this game until just now. Awesome!

Posted by skrutop


Posted by Bruce

I like the game from what I have seen, but I HAAATE the name.

Posted by Jonsoncao

awesum, day effing one

Posted by InFamous91

i'm buying this

Posted by ArbitraryWater

The "Not a Portal Reference" achievement sold me on it

Posted by Fox
Posted by RHCPfan24

It looks like a game with a lot of personality and it should be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to this and it seems to be a highlight of the Summer of Arcade.

Posted by Rhaknar

looks awesome. seems to be tons of levels too. i was a big fan of the maw, so ill be buying this for sure...damn so many arcade games i want in the next few weeks

Posted by Steve_C

I wish the background environments were a bit more varied, but the gameplay looks fun.

Posted by Kohe321

This looks surprisingly fun! I'm totally getting this now

Posted by monster9999


Posted by raikoh05

sorry guys it was on 1up game night first, not exclusive, but who cares

Posted by redrum_redrum

sonic meets N+

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