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Faux hawk

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Looks pretty cool will get this at some point

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Possible TNT?

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I won a pre-release tournament in this. It was fun but fairly buggy. Hope they've sorted some of that out since October.

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this new player... I switched to 720 and it restarted with no option to skip... its poop.

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Breakfast and quick look, good start today =)

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@bloodsoul5: I would suggest using the youtube player and switching to HD. I always had problems with their old player. Also since your paid the HTML5 player works real well too. They both load much faster, at least in my experience. I hated their old progressive and streaming player.

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This new player is a joke. I made the right decision not becoming a paid member.

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The first one was really enjoyable, specially at 4 player split screen. I hope this one is even better with friends, even though split screen has been scaled down to just 2.

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@algertman said:

This new player is a joke. I made the right decision not becoming a paid member.

I'm not really fond of the new player either, but I hear they are working on making it better. Although I will say I feel like the stream is faster for me with this new player, maybe that's a server side thing though. Hopefully the player will improve in the future.

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So black guys are the new thing

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Even on the lowest setting, this player seems to be considerably slower than youtube -- taking several minutes to cache before playing. Might be because I'm in Australia, but still... It's a horrible first impression for any kind of embedded media.

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The pop-textures are kinda bad, but love the transformation animation!

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Tempted to get this but Diablo 3 is out next week not to mention max 3.

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@DEDEN:Loads fast for me /shrug

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@algertman: What video player are you using? It works really well for me.

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@algertman: First world problems; Get over it. They are still working on it.

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I'm gonna have to get my ps3 fixed so I can try this.

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@Macrossity: It is TNT.

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I have to say, and maybe it's just me thinking this. This game has fucking excellent sound effects. Just sounds real good. Like the tank firing or those laser missles. Just great.

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fucking DSL at work takes forever to load videos

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This looks pretty awesome, super tempted to pick it up but... Diablo 3. 

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Looks fun, I really enjoyed the previous warhawk. Seems like one of the only series that is able to mix aerial and ground combat into multi player effectively.

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This game needs a PC release.
Also, this new player is trash.

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The texture streaming is terrible. I first thought it was just some terrible DOF..

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i have better games to deal with , than this

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I had no idea work unions were so violent.

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Sorry Starhawk, playing Minecraft right now.

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Nothing at all against Brad and Jeff, but I was kind of expecting this one to be a Vinny/Dave/maybeDrew QL.

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You got the jetpack music to the jetpack!!!

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This seems like the big budget proper disc game that Warhawk was meant to be originally, before it became a smaller scale download-only offering. So It all looks very familiar, but it's now much shinier and more feature-rich. Shame my PS3 bricked a few weeks ago and I wont be buying a new one at this point in the generation; so I'm gonna have to pass on this.

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Nolan North confirmed.

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I can watch you two play this all day. lol

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I might pick this up because the last time i put a game in my PS3 was UC3 and i feel my PS3 needs some loving but im afraid ill buy it then next week when MP3/D3 comes out i will never touch it again.

Looks really fun though, is it worth the $60?

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I own a PS3, but it's sitting in a closet and I literally don't feel like taking it out, hooking it up etc enough to play this. Looks alright though.

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Emmet has a really weird right elbow...

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This looks kind of amazing.

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First voice actor you hear: Steve Blum.

He is in everything! I can't unhear him anymore!

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I played the multiplayer beta and it was really fun. Gameplay aside, this game sounds (as in audio) amazing.

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Dude's elbows are freaking me out. When you zoom in a bit for the close-in firing... the right elbow... it's so damn weird.

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@AlisterCat said:

@Macrossity: It is TNT.

It has to be.

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That multiplayer gave me a real "third-person Planetside 2" vibe; a game I've never played.
I must be crazy.
Maybe Planetside 2 and Starhawk use a similar engine?

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Man, I thought Warhawk looked cool and this looks cooler. Wish the Xbox had something like this.

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Motion comics ARE THE WORST.

That said game looks shockingly boring.

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This looks really good, though it would've been amazing if they had flashed out the western mentality aspect a little more. You don't feel much of it in the actual game it seems. Too much generic, glowy stuff.

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The game-play doesn't look very cohesive. In that the controls appear to play loose. Flimsy/cheap/generic. Minus the spaceship and they don't transition between vehicle to foot very well. The only thing, I see that sets it apart from other 3rd-person shooters is the spawning battlements aspect and that looks poorly implemented. Looks like the only way to play is to get into your spaceship as soon as possible. If I could fly around, I wouldn't want to ever run and gun. Unless I was forced to and then it wouldn't be very fun.

Looks that the spaceships got the most attention in development and everything else was just tacked on. Also, PS3 MP games always feel empty compared to PC and 360 online games.