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This looked rad, can't wait to see it.

EDIT: Guess not.

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I have high hopes for this. Maybe it will justify the Kinect?

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Who pushes the button??!!! Don't do it!

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Needs more saluting

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Yes, kinect and a tricaster the return of awesome.

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Hell yes

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The demo was bad, so no surprise here...

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Noooo the opening makes me sad :(

Also again, every time you use the new cameras, just like when you had cameras at the old office, everything is super quiet for no apparent reason! Bump up the audio volumes!

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I had high hopes this game would at least have interesting controls/motions. Seriously hoping for a hardcore Kinect title? A little more far-fetched, I think.

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Brad sounds enthused!
 "Jeff, I hate Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor" 2 seconds into the video!

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This type of game is really interesting to me, i like the gesture and control stuff if only it worked better and was in a better game. Hopefully when the next kinect comes out it will a lot better so more of these kind of games can happen.

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I enjoyed the demo so I'm still buying it. I actually sat in a dark room. Kinect still saw me.

Amazon had SB for 45 bucks.

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This game got 1/10 at polygon and 3 at IGN. What a mess!

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DDP! Diamond Cutter!

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Fuck. I don't have a 360 or a Kinect, but man I am bummed that this game controls poorly.

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Man, that's heartbreaking. This was MS's chance to sell me a Kinect.

By the way, HEAT rounds are High-Explosive Anti-Tank. AP is Anti-Personnel.

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I like the picture in picture stuff guys, it really helps with kinect quicklooks. I hope this becomes the standard for all videos from now on. Especially with the Wii U releasing later this year, we as an audience will benefit having a camera on the gamepad.

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Damn this was the only thing on Kinect so far that looked decent. Disappointed it turned out like this.

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"Fucking shit! This fucking fucker is fucking our shit up! Fuck!"


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For what it's worth, AP is indeed popularly used for Armor Piercing, insofar as ammunition is concerned. It's a shame about this games functionality; hard to believe the demos they got at trade shows ran so well and then the final product turns out like this.

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bummed considering how high tricky and brad had been when they first talked about it on the bombcast

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This looks like it actually could be pretty good, if the controls worked, like if you were playing with mouse and keyboard on PC or something.

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They fucking say fuck a lot in this fucking game.

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:( I was hoping for more content, and a proper multiplayer mode.

Well, here's hoping DLC will fill that void.

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Kinect is baby toy for little baby man.

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Kinect ruins everything

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@HBK619: Quick Look should have just ended right there.

Brad: "Jeff, I hate Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor"

Jeff: "OK! Thanks Brad!"

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What a shame

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Such a disappointment.

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Yep, this is definitely a FromSoft game

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Not a fist bump in sight

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It appears my suspicions were accurate.

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So... still no reason to own a Kinect then...!

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This looks downright nightmarish to try to "play". I guess I could have come to those conclusions with the term "Kinect required" but I would be lying if I said this was not cool looking before.

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Man, this was a disappointment. I was hoping FromSoftware would be able to really make the Kinect work. At least they still make good ass Souls games.

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Damn, 4 minutes in and I'm already frustrated just watching him play this. I can't imagine trying to play.

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It looks like Scheiße!

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AP = Armor Piercing; HP = Hollow Point

Calling AP rounds Anti-Personnel rounds is like saying you need Sniper Rifle brand ammo for your Sniper Rifle which you buy at a genuine Sniper Rifle store.

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This looks like it could have been a pretty good PC game. A keyboard would have all the buttons you need to reach things quickly and using a mouse would be much more reliable than the kinect.

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This calls for a true test of stupidly unforgiving and difficult to control vehicle sims...


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The Kinect ladies and gentlemen... Microsoft you should be proud.  
Not to say it's all Kinect's fault, the game itself looks pretty awful to play. 

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I played the Demo last night and didn't have any problems with the Kinect Controls. I find it odd that the experiences trying to use the Kinect are so different between users. It'll be interesting to try the full game and see how it compares. With the $45 Amazon pre-order price and a $10 discount code, I don't feel like I'm losing much to give this a go.

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shoulda just stuck with the epic controller...cuz that doesnt look fun at all

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The game actually works. Kinect isn't the problem it is the mission design and repetitive nature of the game that is bad. The demo on xbox live was neat. But, those walking mechs are weak.