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Posted by Jothel

looks interesting.....nice quick look

Posted by Skillface


Posted by JohnnyDps


Posted by BarrenMind

sweet, been waiting all week for this to see how this game really plays.. sucks to hear there's no base building.. i guess the true focus of battles is ALL UNITS

Edited by Vorbis

Really good quicklook, wasn't that interested in a console RTS after trying halo wars, but the controls look like they could work very well after some practise.

Hm its out next week and this is the first ive heard of it since the announcement trailer... Sega need to advertise non-sonic games more.

Posted by Kohe321

Awesome quick look!

Posted by Hairydutchman

Looks complicated.

Posted by Reverseface


Posted by Boiglenoight

Rough around the edges, but definitely interesting. 

Posted by Daeth_On_Demand

Couldn't afford the $10 water...


Posted by stephengotlost

The colour palette used for the environment is very stark and limited, a huge contrast to the vibrant art style in Red Alert 3.

Posted by RipTheVeins

YAY!!! Vinny!

Posted by wrecks

ALL UNITS : Read Manual

Posted by Steve_C

Reminded me a bit of Full Spectrum Warrior, i think just because of those glowing marks on the ground, but with all the RTS stuff and less tactical.

Posted by randiolo

lookin kinda rough

Posted by Deusoma

Whip select is very easy to understand:
You throw me the idol, and I throw you the whip.

Posted by theMcNasty

This makes me miss the Mech Warrior series.  Whatever happened to that?

Posted by El_Dom

ROCK, paper, scissors

Edited by darkjester74

Controls looks kludgy as hell...ick

Unit pathfinding not so great either.

Posted by AURON570

looks like alot of the same thing.

Posted by Tylea002

In England, I call it Rock Paper Scissors.

Posted by Haethos

looks like a steep learning curve, but also super rewarding if you get good at it

Posted by SlowHands

Paper, Scissors, Rock.  Also, yay Vinny!

Posted by Rudy

LOL!  It's totally Rock and then paper and scissors!  lol.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

The unit design is great, but... RTS.

Posted by Detlionfan

Looks like a boring game

Posted by killdave

Another .. RTS ?? ...

Posted by HatKing

Well I saw some videos of this game on XBLa couple months ago and thought it looked god awful, but now it looks like it came a long way.  I wasn't expecting anything new or unique at all from the videos and the graphics look much better now too.  I might check this one out if I hear the controlls aren't that rough.

Posted by RHCPfan24

It looks very bleak and unimpressive, but the controls actually look somewhat decent.

Posted by Alphazero

Nothing beats rock. Good ol' rock.

Posted by masternater27

Rock, paper, scissors, sorry Brad.  Also, xtc/rave references made my day.

Posted by Razor

What did I just watch?
I feel tired and dizzy like I've just read Cal Chapter 4.


Posted by FlappyHands

Yeah it's Rock, paper, scissors here in the UK too. Never heard anybody ever call it Paper, rock, scissors. Brad is weird. Game looks kinda neat though, if a bit hard to manage under pressure.

Posted by Aaox

In England, It's Rock Paper Scissors. Bradspeak® comes from Weird Town, USA.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This game looks bad.

Posted by mikenator121

Nice quick look but i have zero interest in this title

Posted by QuietAlien

Ohh man. Ha Vinny doin' effects. I totally thought that the video was just messed up or something. hahaha. awesome

Posted by NeonBlackJack

I got really tense just watching him play that.  Not in a good way.

Posted by SinGulaR

That game didn't look to good. 

Posted by MordeaniisChaos

The game looks really awesome and the controls look very intuitive, if a bit difficult to get a grasp on, but it looks really rough in a few ways, especially pathfinding. I like the idea of it not being SELECT ALL, ATTACK. The whole thing with it being more about squad by squad is a lot better in my opinion. This doesn't seem like the best quick look game, it would be much better if someone who had more time with it could show it off.

Posted by Renegade

Whip it...you should whip it good

Edited by BR4DL3I9H

I really like how interactive the environment is with strategic positioning, like letting the sniper team run up the side of rubble onto a roof to take a position. Good quick look, although i would have liked to have seen some more vertical gameplay.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Here was me hoping you guys named the game Whip Select again...And then you do it in the first 10 seconds!

I love you guys!

This looked terrible compared to what i saw at E3...is this an early build in the "office"?

Posted by Wright

pretty good quick whip.

Posted by mudkip9000

I say rock paper scissors.

Edited by BlazeHedgehog

What is up with the sound in this video?

Edit: Ahaha, I see.

Posted by zoozilla

Don't look so great.
I saw a couple of glitchy moments, doesn't look all too polished for a game that's coming out pretty soon.

Posted by punkxblaze

Three person quick look?! BLASPHEMOUS!

Posted by fox01313

Time to stop debating the phrasing of rock, paper, scissors & just use the following (which I take no claim in creating):
Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock


Posted by Noremakk


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