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Been waiting for this one since I love mondays!

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Posted by big_jon

This game looks so good.

Posted by M3rlin

This will make my daily commute so much more bearable!

Posted by jozzy

This will be the game my son will reminisce about when he is my age.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

Well, about time to buy a 3DS.

Posted by nick_verissimo

Hold on, there are actually games coming out for the 3DS? MADNESS!

Posted by NowSayPillow

This looks so good. Can't justify buying a 3DS for it though.

Posted by skrutop

What's with the Q-bert noise when you climb poles?

Posted by JayCee

I am on board with the appearance of the Mushroom House music from Mario 3.

Posted by Trilleong

This will have to wait until tomorrow! Skyrim marathon!

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

FFFFFFFFFFFF How can I watch this content while a 12 hour livestream is going on? Decisions.....

Posted by Levio

Sheesh, giantbomb almost never shows any 3DS games, it's like they hate the system.

Posted by Getz

Man, GB must be getting some crazy traffic: everything is crawling at a snails pace

Posted by Jonnyflash80

@Levio said:

Sheesh, giantbomb almost never shows any 3DS games, it's like they hate the system.

That's because there is really not much worth showing. They do Quick Looks for the good stuff when it comes out, but honestly most of the games out for the 3DS are just mediocre or shovelware. I hardly ever play my 3DS because there's not a lot of great games out there.

Posted by soupbones

Every time a new Mario game comes out, I run out and buy it and then realize I don't like Mario.

I will buy this on Sunday.

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Posted by TehJedicake

Looks okay..

Posted by drowsap

stream went down so time to watch some QLs you never lose with GiantBomb.com

Posted by MachoFantastico

Recently sold my 3DS, and to be entirely honest I'm bored of Mario so shall pass on this one.

Looks rather dashing though.

Posted by JackSukeru

@drowsap said:

stream went down so time to watch some QLs you never lose with GiantBomb.com


Racoon suit looks like a disappointment, otherwise looks fun.

Posted by Zoda

I'm sort of interested in this, but at the same time there doesn't seem to be a lot to it at first glance. The levels feel really short, moreso than usual, and there's so few of them in each world. I mean, they cleared an entire world and then some in 20 minutes. Maybe searching for the star coins would extend the play length a bit, but they didn't seem to be that well hidden. The stages also seem to lack any complexity. Yeah, there were the usual gimmicks, but they didn't seem that hard to overcome compared to other recent Mario outings. Just look at the castle stages for the "New" Mario games to see how many ways they could use any given gimmick.

Speaking of, I can't help but compare it to the two New Super Mario Bros games. The DS one got away with fairly short levels and not a lot of complexity by having plenty of levels and alternate paths through them. Plus it was the first 2D style mario in quite a while so it was a bit novel. The Wii version kicked up the difficulty and went crazy with the stage gimmicks. Some of those stages just had so much going on at once, like bullet bill hell, or were crazy hard (to me anyhow, world 9-7 tore me apart repeatedly). Not to mention what happened when you had multiple players at once. It just felt frantic and fun.

This...this just doesn't seem that interesting by comparison. Maybe later worlds get crazier and more fun, but man, they got all the way to world 3 and it was still pretty damn dull. It's weird because I'm usually all over any new Mario platformer from day 1, but this just doesn't inspire me to buy it, let alone a 3DS.

Posted by MormonWarrior


I have heard from multiple sources (IGN, etc.) that the game really, really picks up after world 8 and becomes AMAZING. Just so ya know.

Posted by CyleMoore

looks awesome

Posted by csl316

I'll probably play this, I play em all.
But dammit, I want my Return to Mario World.  I still don't think they've nailed anything as secret heavy and fun as that one.

Posted by freakin9

One of those games that I'd like to try in the store, but fuck actually buying a 3DS.

Posted by maxB

is this the first 3d mario game without stars or shines?

Posted by ZRLeigh

Looks awesome! Can't wait to get it!

Posted by DeeGee

"What is that?"

"It's a bee"

That made me laugh so much.

Edited by vinsanityv22

It's weird seeing Jeff play a 3D platformer where you don't have to buy action figures to play it :D

I also gotta say that I kinda hate this weird fascination Nintendo has with trying to make a "more 2D" 3D Mario game. I mean, I don't hate THEM for doing it, but I hate WHY they have to do it. The New Super Mario Bros. games sold, like, 22 million copies on Wii. But the 3D ones (Galaxy and Galaxy 2) sold like 6 and 8 million or something. Clearly, the 2D ones are more profitable, because....?

Are there that many gamers who don't want none of "this 3D business"? And not 3D as in the stupid glasses and sh*tty movie gimmick that the entertainment industry has been pushing lately; 3D as in what they started doing on the N64 and PSX. Running around in circles and exploring 3D worlds is AWESOME people! Learn yourselves some depth perception! I hate that Nintendo has to keep limiting their ambition with each new 3D Mario title, just to appeal to - who I can only assume - are the same "non-gaming gamers" who play crud like Just Dance, Farmville, and - inexplicably - 2D Mario games. The automatic camera in the Galaxy games already made a 3D Mario game very, very approachable. What more do these people need? Apparently, far more limited/linear level designs...

Oh well, at least the 3D stuff looks neat and effective. For the first time since the 3DS came out.

Posted by Romination

Jeff be dropping them Persona references these days.

Posted by Anwar

Yip, Toad is totally the misterious fox of the Mario world.

Posted by Anwar

And this is how a modern remake-mario game would look like

Posted by Ghostiet

This looks super fun. I guess I should begin nudging my friend to buy a 3DS in the next few months.

Posted by kishinfoulux

Am I really hearing complaints about 1ups in Mario games? That just seems silly.

Other then that super excited for this game. Got mine preordered. ^_^

Posted by RichieJohn

I want it so bad. The only game on the 3DS at the moment as far as I'm concerned.

Looks great but it's not worth £160 for just this game.

Posted by Crunchman

Best reason to buy a 3DS, this and a fifteen year-old game. Looks pretty, but I don't think I'll be getting a 3DS just yet.

Posted by HydraHam

hurry up nintendo and release your "lite" "i" or "XL" version so i can buy a 3DS.

I refuse to spend $200 on the current one when i know there is a better one coming in the next year.

Posted by paulunga

As I said before, what's the point of the Tanooki suit without being able to turn into a statue? Might as well have gone with the raccoon tail at that point.

Posted by SnakeEyes327

And yet still, no metal cap power up.

Posted by MysteriousFawx

The Giantfwompcast would have been amazing....

Posted by rudyarr

Patrick: What is that?

Jeff: That's a bee...

Patrick: I know that


Posted by rudyarr


Posted by NinjaChocobo

Jeff is getting his P4 Endurance Run references on in these Quick Looks today. First Get Bent in Saint's Row and now Mysterious Fox here...I can only hope there's a reference in Rayman.

Posted by Mastercheesey

It hurts my soul every time Jeff misses a coin

Posted by Sawboss

I wish they went real crazy with the powerups and rules of a mario game like the Mario Land implies. I want there to be a bomb when I stomp on a koopa or go inside a giant statue of mario. Madness like that. This feels pretty safe.

Posted by PinkSoda

no more point for 1ups so true, plus this games aren't even difficult.

Posted by BeachThunder
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