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This should be a charmingly garrulous QL
Wow, and really long

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Blah! Almost.

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Can't wait to see Brad's frustration build up.
Also: 50 min!

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This was on iPhone right?

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I don't think I've seen Brad this mad before. It's great. 

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Brad playing Super Meat Boy? This'll be good. 

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three quick looks, one day.

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Totally getting this

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I like meat.

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This game looks EPIC! Wasn't the GB crew talking on the podcast at some point about how some game needs to have a kill screen in it? Well, that's the closest I've seen, so fuck yeah Super Meat Boy. I will definitely buy this, looks like just my kind of platforming with cool music and jokes thrown in.
Sorry Brad, but I practically fell out of my chair laughing every time you would say "I've got this" and die in the first second or two.

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a 50 min quick look? i was definitely not expecting that for this game. i'm intrigued 

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Woah, 50 minute Quick Look goodness. I love it when Brad entered the Bonus level randomly and then tried desperately to get back. His frustration but enjoyment is evident. I definitely want to play this game.

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Whoa, 50 minutes? I predict a whole lot of Brad constantly dying.

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totally not fair to add this to the "pullin' a brad" list...doubleyou-tee-eff

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Quick look extravaganza!

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Anyone else think this looks a little "I wanna be the guy" or whatever that crazy hard platformer was called?
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50 Minutes!? 
Knowing the flash game, that should be enough time to show three levels or so.

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Nice Street Fighter 2 reference at the beginning.

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Go Brad!  Game looks really fun.

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I can't wait for this game! I really want to play it right now. I'm getting it day one!
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God bless 50 min quick looks.

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Super excited for this. I have been looking for something difficult to obsess over for quite some time now.

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Quite rare to see three QLs on a Monday.

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This game is so stylish and so much content. I really hope this is a success because they dev team seems to have put a lot of work in to this game.

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Weird to see the Newgrounds logo on something that isn't a flash game.

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looks so good damn u microsoft and you 1200 point price

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New quickest start to death on a quick look anyone?

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This game looks kinda boring? 
I mean, didn't N+ basically do everything that this game is doing.

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@kollay said:
" Quite rare to see three QLs on a Monday. "
Yeah, they've really been cranking them out lately, guess it's gaming season again, gotta love the video content they put out!
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Oh man lookin' forward to this :D

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@Chavtheworld:  Amazingly not even quick enough for the top 10.
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Giant Bomb people haven't played Gish before!?!? Great game from the same people that made this one.

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I love Vinny watching Brad die:  "What are ya DOin'?"

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Anyone heard of the Jumper series?  It's a handful of platformers designed by Matt Thorson in Game Maker.  It's probably only known within the Game Maker community, but the resemblance to Super Meat Boy is uncanny.  Both are wicked hard platformers starring small square guys with short legs, and you do wall jumps, avoid midair obstacles, and try not to fall in spikes.

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Brad is. actually.....good at a videogame?

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Angry Brad is the best Brad

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Wow, a Newgrounds logo on an official commercial product. 
Wow, one of if not the longest Quick Look evar.

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This was good for the lols.

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Since the first trailer I knew I was going to get this game. It's CRAZY!

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The game is great, people should check it out.  Last I checked I was #3 on the game's leaderboards too :P

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I loved this game on the PC, will probably love it for the Xbox. I enjoy punishing games like Trials HD.

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holy fucking shit that street fighter 2 intro rip was amazing.... buying this 
edit: holy shit this is 49mins long :|

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"We should wrap this up soon" *looks at video time* Still 15 minutes to go.

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"Watchin' you die is priceless."
-Vinny Caravella
This game looks unhealthy. It's "I Wanna Be the Guy" made for mass consumption and that's just dangerous. I love the style, the music, and all the little nods to games past... but dude. The amount of self-hate generated from millions of failures seems to outweigh the price of admission.
We finally have a game that makes Brad curse as much as Ryan Davis.

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so it's IWBTG except you play as a bloody meatwad? how original

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I'm so stoked about this game. 
Also, it's super crazy to hear someone I know in the game.

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I'm Maining Meat Boy.