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For $10, I will probably get this.

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Fuck. I loved SSHD, the Vita is so damn tempting.

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Playstation Vita? More like Playstation PORTS!

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Amazing game and well worth the 10 bucks asking fee. I bought it day 1! :D

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That's a nice lookin' screen. I'll probably wait for a price drop, but man do I want a Vita.

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Don't even plan on getting a Vita yet and still am tempted to buy this immediately. I am just *that* confident that it'd be the first thing I play when I eventually get the system.

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God, I want a Vita, but I know I'd regret it in a few months.

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VITA is such a waste

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@vizionblind said:

VITA is such a waste

I quite like mine, but hey, if you don't like it, I'll just throw it away.

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@algertman Vita means life, they're giving old games new life on vita
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Looking good so far Vita.

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@ian280291 said:

@algertman Vita means life, they're giving old games new life on vita

Not sure if joking or SDF.

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They removed the Rock Crusher weapon? Why?

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How about a QuickLook on the Vita itself?

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@StoffInator They did yesterday, its just a matter of when the video comes up.
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i think i'd rather watch all Vita quick looks this way, even when/if they get the direct feed tool. it's way cooler to see Jeff play the game with all finger movements and it's not a bad view of the screen, either. still looks good even "over the shoulder."

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One of the better games I've picked up on my Vita, I think Minna no Golf is still far and away the best game available right now, but this and Uncharted are really really solid pickups too.

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I really wish I could get into these dual stick shooters because they look fun but I get super bored with them after about 10 minutes...

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That chair looks weird without Ryan sunk into it.

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Looks great, and this game is free if you buy the initial 3G Vita bundle with the 8GB memory stick.

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I really love this game.