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Some good quicklooks this week. Thanks!

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Dirty Dawg!

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Apparently in Street Fighter everyone eventually becomes a fiery demon while in Mortal Kombat everyone eventually becomes a cyborg (and/or possessed by some evil/good spirit).
That's all.

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Loving the QL lineup this week. Excellent stuff.

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street fighter is so yawn

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another one... jeez.

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Jeff is wrong about the best playing on arcade only or PS3. Just check the 360 leaderboards for replays from the likes of Daigo "The Beast".

edit: btw that gameinn guy IS Daigo.

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@leejunfan83 said:
street fighter is so yawn
Beats MK at least.
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@Ygg: nah mk totally shits on this stale ass game 
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I like MK better...

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Hearing Jeff say my screenname is slightly odd

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@leejunfan83: lol

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But it's not live television... prepare better beforehand :P

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Gameinn is Daigo, and Tokido77 is... Tokido. Kind of funny to see that after Jeff finished saying that Daigo would never play the console version of this game. Whoops?

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Did not expect for a replay between Daigo and Tokido to pop up. That match was awesome.

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Brad: "Assuming these players are even any good" (paraphrased)

Who, you mean Tokido's Akuma? Nah, he's trash.

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Oh hi Johnny Young Bosch.

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Just logged in to say what Flushes already has. Pity logging in interrupts the video. 

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After watching CEO and Revelations it seems the changes to this game are not well liked.

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gameinn is Daigo's gamertag.

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So, they released Street Fighter 4. Then they released Super Street Fighter 4. Now it's Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition.
When are they going to get to Super Street Fighter 4 Alpha Remix?

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Gameinn is Daigo I think.  Tokido is one of the best players, too.

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@Jeff @Brad Supposedly, Oni is the "final demon form of Akuma". Hardly the same "being" per se, yet still Akuma in some form.

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DIVE KICKS THE VIDEO GAME! Though I'm enjoying AE quite a bit. Looking forward to this. Oh man a Daigo/Tokido fight. Never met Daigo but Tokido seemed like a cool guy.

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Brad sucks

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Tap tap tap TAP TAP tap TAP TAP TAPTAPTAP tap 
It's Street fighter.

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Tokido aka fucking muderface. Go YouTube his raging demon stunt.

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That "gameinn" dude? That was Daigo Umehara, haha. Tokido is, well, Tokido, one of the best Akuma players, if not the best Akuma player.

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Tokido, the Akuma player in the boss channel is actually a very famous SF4 player. Or it could be a poser with the same name xD

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Man the Beast vs Murder face on the quick look! good stuff guys!
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Typical Street Fighter, release a similar game within a few months.

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Wasn't Yun also pretty good in 3rd Strike?

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They lucked into a match with two of japan's best. Only happened because they said Daigo wasn't on 360. 
The PS3 version is a few frames slower than the 360. A lot of pros use 360 because of that.

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@Ygg said:

@leejunfan83 said:
street fighter is so yawn
Beats MK at least.

Like me some SSFIV and MK, but LOVE me some 3rd Strike.

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Oh, man I wonder when the PC version is coming out, all they've said is july.

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I have played and watched a lot of MK and god damn this looks boring compered to that. In MK it's just always on, pressure is gold and hit confirms barely exist.

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The new Mortal Kombat > Street Fighter

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Haha, I love how they just stumble into a replay of Tokido and Daigo and don't even know it.

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They just happened to stumble onto the best players in the world.

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So Street Fighter IV is the new SFII and that means we are going to see a shitload of different SFIV games before, if ever, SF V is released.

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I can attest, the fighting game environment has a dramatic barrier to entry.

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@Castiel said:

So Street Fighter IV is the new SFII and that means we are going to see a shitload of different SFIV games before, if ever, SF V is released.

Going to?  This is already the 3rd release of SF4.  Although Capcom did say that this is it...for realz this time. 
But yes, Capcom is feeling themselves...and feeling old school unfortunately.  I'd bet anything that the reason they haven't even mention new characters for MvC3 is that they are saving them to push out a new version next year.
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Lol what the hell, the one replay they happened to watch was between Daigo and Tokido, LOL.

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@Ygg: nah mk totally shits on this stale ass game 

Well I'm glad you enjoy MK but the tournaments for that game have been so boring and hypeless. The streams are dead compared to SFIV and MvC3 too. Nobody really seems to care about MK tourneys, it's just something to do if they're also running a Tekken/SF/Marvel series.
and say what you will about MvC3 and SFIV's netcode, it works much better than MK at the moment.
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jeff go to evo
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Brad with Yang's haircut would make my century. I support this endeavor.

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Ah forgot this came out, need to get the DLC!