Posted by PilotXIan

Interested in this game.

Posted by Depth

want me some rts!

Posted by Twinblade34

im really enjoying that game ! so glad you made a quick look of it

Posted by Wes899

Loved the first!

Posted by Fripplebubby

This looks pretty Supreme.

Posted by Liminality

Yes! more Mike!

Posted by CaptainObvious

You are making me very angry right now. Where is my promised Deadly Premonition QL? Accidents happen, you know. And I don't think we want any accident to happen, do we?

Posted by JJWeatherman

If the Deadly Premonition QL doesen't come soon, I'm afraid the natives will become restless...
Personally I'm not really dying to see it but I think it will be interesting.

Posted by Webby

Dave and RTS = 10/10

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

A look that which is quick!
Now I can have lunch.

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Thank you for leaving this quick look to the pros ! 
Dave is the king!  
edit: Best ending ever

Posted by RoadCrewWorker

Hell yeah go Mike!

Posted by scarace360

ok i think they are just fucking with us now and there going to put it up last.

Posted by majnuker

I think the reason why it got all f'ed up was because you missed an objective somewhere or didn't do it in the proper order. I killed the other commander first and got the guy second, but who knows.

Posted by ZmillA

omg where is ryan when you need him, you guys do NOT know how to quicklook

Posted by Exar

This is a pretty poor representation.
The AI is scripted in the campaign, and I had no problems playing through on Hard until I got to the Cybran missions. Essentially, the campaign AI sucks. Play against the AI in skirmish, it will wreck your shit.
I didn't have any problem with this mission... I even killed the ACU first in each base. 
This game is very different from the first. Not that it's in a bad way (and granted, I LOVED SupCom/FA), but GPG made some pretty big changes.

Posted by HatKing

aww... I wanted to see that guy s-plode.  Still enjoyed the fish.
Posted by Castro

I suck at RTS games so I think I'll definitely look into this as the AI seems to be on par with my ability.  Also, the ending of this quick look was awesome.

Posted by Sil3n7

Wow the ending.... so dissapointing

Posted by IncredibleBulk92

Heh I loved the ending to this quick look. 
Also I love how the mouse and keyboard can be heard in your PC quick looks, please keep it, it's great.

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I think Supreme Commander 2 can teach other games a lesson about nuclear weapons. When you fire them, you don't end an NPC's life or blow up some base, you blow up THE ENTIRE GAME. Modern Warfare 2 should be patched that when someone drops a nuke, it kicks you back out to the dashboard.  
Probably in the running for greatest ending to a Quick Look ever. 
Where's my big explosion? 
Uh . . . here's a fish.

Posted by Hadoken101

Wow, that ending was like the definition of blue balls. I think to make up for it they should put up a full 3 minute video of nukes.

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lol good ending. Que song and dance routine with dolphins "thanks for the fish".

Posted by TheClap

I'm glad your fish wasn't nuked.

Posted by Daveyo520

greatest ending ever.

Posted by jim_dandy

Laughing so hard at the giant robot vs. enemy commander

Posted by Delta_Ass

Tha... that's Supreme Commander alright.

Posted by corgorav

Man talk about a tease... I demand an explosion!

Posted by RoadCrewWorker
@Daveyo520 said:
" greatest ending ever. "
Indeed, hadn't seen that fish in a long long time. Totally worth the build up.
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So, in a quick look, are you or are you not supposed to address the audience directly?

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I want to try this out. Curse my computer for being too crappy. Curse it!

Posted by Korne

Super Epic Fail!

Posted by MarkWahlberg


Posted by gike987

So the sequel to a game all about huge fights have less units, smaller maps and a crash to desktop. Doesn't sound like a very good sequel to me.

Posted by skywing

wow lol couldn't of let the game go on for another 10 seconds

Posted by NoXious

Man, they took the 'Game Over' a bit too serious with the nukes XD

Posted by phrosnite

The quicklook was kind of boring but the end... Oh, man! EPIC!

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

Mike Mike Mike!

Posted by North6

That is a quality fish.

Posted by Rox360

Not the greatest quick look ever, guys. Too much faffing about and not enough talking about the actual game! No mention of exactly what's new since the first one or anything. 
I am excited for the game, though. And the ending made me laugh out loud.

Posted by gosukiller

That must have been the most anti-climatic ending to a quick look ever ^_^

Posted by kingofpeanuts

best ending ever

Posted by Zaapp1

You guys really want to watch 2 guys talk over a horror game? Then again, the Silent Hill quick look was quite good...

Posted by MiDNiGHTS

Best. ending. ever.

Posted by Titl

i thought this was a nice quick look..the stare contest was rad...

Posted by ghostNPC

Dave <3

Posted by VashTS

best ending ever!
Posted by EpicReflex

The games great, really enjoying it at the moment.

Posted by Rudy

ROFL!  Now that's a nuke!