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looks good.

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i pooted

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Another blob?!

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Too many blobs

Posted by Chemin

Another blob.. seems that way.

Posted by Tesla

Sweet, I was hoping for a QL on this.  Thanks duders.

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Press Up To Hug....I Mean Press L2 to Absorb 

Posted by mabber36

so, is this just  Gish ripoff, or what?

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giant bomb? more like giant blob! high five! no? okay.... 
edit: anybody see the super duper secret tree house fort?

Posted by Gizmo

Someone made a LittleBigPlanet 2 level just like this.

Posted by WulfBane

Just in that screen shot, I'm admiring the humor of the titles of the books.

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We're similar colors! 
No...we couldn't be any farther apart. 
You're red and I'm green. 
I'm orange, but sure, we'll go with that. 

Posted by DeeGee

So they copied Gish and sold it? Pfft

Posted by Scooper

These sort of cool PSN games makes me really want a PS3 !

Posted by Gizmo
@Scooper said:
" These sort of cool PSN games makes me really want a PS3 ! "
If you want this kind of game, any kind of PSN game really, just get LBP2...
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The lack of hug buttons in these blob games is just wrong

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There are no words for how much I love Vinny! Looks like a fun game too, if only I had a ps3..

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Whhhhhhhhhat? This was crazy lol XD

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This game looks amazing and charming. It's so evocative of the DOS era platformers that introduced me to gaming. I think I have to buy it just on principle. Any word of this coming to XBLA?

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every body just loves picking on vinny dont they?

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buttons took a little getting use to but feel fine now. the internet meme humor in this game is hilarious. a good buy. 

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Ryan's a dick!

Posted by Bartman3010

Looks pretty similar to Gish.

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This is the Of Mice and Men of Quick Looks.  Simple, kind-hearted Vinny and his stern but loving friend Ryan, stuck together through circumstances they can't control.

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You guys should do a miniature endurance run out of this! So much fun to watch.

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This looks awesome!
Posted by Korolev

Those blobs look so serious. Serious Blobs on serious blob business.

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This quicklook is much funnier than the other blob one. 
Neither of the games really interest me though.

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Vinny is my favorite part about this site

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Vinny's Blobs. I can dig.

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Yeah, plain Gish Rip-off....
Tough the trowing/absorbing stuff thing sounds fun.

Posted by CaptainFish

Cod Blobs

Posted by Robitt

What a wonderfully delightful quick look! Indeed!

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@onarum said:

" Yeah, plain Gish Rip-off.... "

A pretty awesome looking Gish ripoff with more light tone and coop on PSN.
Posted by JackSukeru

Yeah seems Gish-ish only less dependant on its physics system (which makes it more balanced, and less exploitable than that game) and with a nice Katamari Damacy twist. I like it. 
Might even get it.

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If you ask me, the other guys are making fun of Vinny by making him play all those blob games! Just because he's a person of color... blindness.

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Vinny was really happy in this quick look

Posted by Grissefar

Down the hatch. Down the scathatch.
Classic Vinny and Ryan stuff. Giant Bomb at its finest.

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I love that Ryan was being a real dick to Vinny and kept stealing his stuff. It also helps that this game is damn charming.

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Just went and got this after the quick look wouldn't have even known it existed if not for you guys, thanks.

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Looks like a great co-op game.

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Looks interesting, wouldn't mind this coming to other places (pc/360).

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@DeeGee said:
" So they copied Gish and sold it? Pfft "
That's what I thought at first too, but with no sequel to Gish, I'll take a quasi-knockoff with co-op. Gish is old enough now that it could be considered an homage. ;)
Posted by GeekDown

Looks like a cool game, too bad it's only on PSN.

Posted by drew327

This looks awesome

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Thumbs up for Airplane! references.

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I'm glad no one is at work right now, cause this QL had me rolling. LOL
Now I'm going to need to get this game, except it's $15. :(