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I am not into football, but their commentary is always fun.

Posted by neillyb


Posted by Zapato

Wow old school

Posted by louiedog
@organicalistic_ said:
" 1st fuk yeah "
"1st"???? You may have gotten XP, but you completely failed that quest.
Posted by Soap

Quests have ruined this site lol

Posted by ajump23

no you are not

Posted by FireSketch
@louiedog: Hey, the quest said you can be obnoxious pretty explicitly.
Kind of suggested you shouldn't though. :3
Posted by skrutop

No Bo, no go.

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How much would it take to get all of you guys to delete your comments and make me first?
How probable would it be I'd get me some XP?  =D

Posted by Organicalistic_
@louiedog: you are just pissed you didn't get it dude, I have been trying to get that for like 3 days so don't be pissed i just clicked the video  tab and no one had commented on this one.
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Damn! I got greedy with the exclamation points.

Posted by Zuul
@gosukiller said:
" How much would it take to get all of you guys to delete your comments and make me first? How probably would it be I'd get me some XP?  =D "
I don't think that would work
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Posted by myslead

lol tecmo bowl

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Looks like they are playing the arcade cabinet emulation. 

Posted by ComradeCrash


Posted by Fink

I'm with Jeff. I like the original tecmo bowl.
Super bowl sucks.

Posted by anfbum

Sucks That im banned and cant get this game!!!!!!!!! Time to add another xbox to my collection woo one for my room and one for the living room i guess ha ha i think ima hold out until the slim one comes!

Posted by fox01313

I think that the greatest innovation on this is the auto-switch between 3d & 16bit which is quite seamless.

Posted by wrecks


Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx

Not as fun as I would have thought
Posted by igloochan

Jeff seems to hate everything these days.

Posted by Cazamalos

WARNING : this QL is boring

Posted by C0V3RT

I grew up on this game too and there was an exploit that was left in from the original that just busted the multiplayer.  Such a bummer.

Posted by marth

It looks a lot more like the Tecmo Super Bowl editions that appeared on the SNES and Genesis than the one on the NES.  All of which are very different.  However, it's still cool that this stuff is coming out.

Posted by BreakABone

Pretty cool can switch graphics on the fly.

Posted by Phanman

I got Tecmo Bowl on the Virtual Console a couple years ago. I was always a bigger fan of Tecmo Super Bowl for the extra cutscenes and better play selection.
I'm not as interested in this game since it doesn't have the original players or even current NFL licensing.

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How does a downloadable game have better cheerleaders than Madden has had in its entire life span? God, the cheerleaders in Madden are so, so creepy.
Also, this quest I keep hearing about exemplifies why I'm kind of over the quest system already. There have been some ugly, ugly choices made in the creation of quests.

Posted by Bratcher_Lev

I'm still waiting for an Arch Rivals remake.

Posted by LordAndrew
@gosukiller said:
" How much would it take to get all of you guys to delete your comments and make me first? How probable would it be I'd get me some XP?  =D "
It's not retroactive. To get it, your comment has to be first at the time you posted it. The only way two people can get it on a single video is if the first post is deleted before any further comments are posted. Or if all comments are deleted, but that's even less likely.
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Tecmo Super Bowl > Tecmo Bowl
As neat as this looks I have a SNES and copy of Tecmo Super Bowl in my bedroom.

Edited by skrutop

@Jeff: You're out of your mind, Jeff.  TSB was way better than the original.  I just wish that it was the NES version instead of this SNES version.

Posted by LordAndrew

I don't think they're allowed to call it Tecmo Super Bowl if they don't have the NFL license. So it has to be Tecmo Bowl.

Posted by soralapio
@skrutop said:
" @Jeff: You're out of your mind, Jeff.  TSB was way better than the original.  I just wish that it was the NES version instead of this SNES version. "
Yeah Tecmo Super Bowl kicked ass. I worked at a dodgy game store around that time and the store manager and I basically played Tecmo Super Bowl 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. 
In retrospect it's not a miracle the store failed.
Posted by RolexDPracer

Tecmo Super Bowl Throwback for the mother-loven' win!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Man, sucks that EA bought the NFL license. THIS GAME COULD'VE HAD BO.

Posted by coldblood

First there was just Tecmo Bowl for the NES.  Tecmo Super Bowl was the sequal and was originally for the NES.  It later appeared on the SNES, which is the version you see here.  I used to play the hell out of both versions of Super Bowl, but the NES version of it was the best

Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

Yeah, definitely grabbing this!

Posted by jrsmaster411

Hopefully this game has Tecmo Jo from the ds and wii game. That's basically just bootleg Bo Jackson

Posted by Kirbichu54

I hope this is better than Pepsi Throwback.

Posted by AdamGee

Awesome! Definitely grabbing this soon.

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

Hell yeah Tecmo Bowl....I have more fun with it than I do with any other football game.

Posted by Zindrase

I understand NOTHING about this game.

Posted by spiceninja

I still own this game on SNES and while I really don't like football I really like that game.

Posted by Darkstar614

It's not Tecmo Bowl without Bo Jackson running 1000 yard plays.

Posted by squidracerX

Yeah Jeff is so wrong that Tecmo Bowl was better than any of the Tecmo Super Bowls. I mean you could list features all day that got upgraded; including graphics, more plays, ACTUAL TEAMS AND PLAYERS (this version erased that unfortunately), trades, better cut scenes, make your own player, etc... Even the size of the players is much improved. Jeff is just being nostalgic and even admits he didn't play the newer ones and doesn't like football. It would be like some guy saying "I only played Warcraft 1, but its waaay better than Warcraft 2 or 3!". He's just wrong.

Posted by Besetment

Miami Orcas are #1

Posted by gbrading

I thought this was a QL Throwback, not that Throwback was in the actual title. :P
Posted by Rongaryen

Geezus, I'm 8 years old again.  Kinda want to buy it, even if I don't actually wanna play it.

Posted by Mordi
@Zindrase said:
" I understand NOTHING about this game. "
Me neither.
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