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So I've heard a shit or two about this game.

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Textures seem to look worse than they did in promotional content.

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Maybe this game should have stayed in the shadows.

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this is a bad game

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What a shame. The combat vids they were releasing looked good, so I had hoped the game would be, too.

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The Uncanny (Valley) Turtles?

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Shame on whoever made this game.

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It seems like this game is trying to ape elements from the new show: Donnie is tall and lanky, Raph is short and stout, April is training under Splinter, and Donnie has a crush on her. It makes you wonder why didn't they just make a game based on the show? The show has an amazing art style that shits all over this games.

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As a person who wasted $15 and played through the horrid 4 level story mode, I can safely say that this game is hot garbage.

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At least this has nice lighting.

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(I stole that joke from some other forum, but I can't remember from where)

Also, the GB videos seem to run extremly choppy for me recently, am I the only one?

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Oh, hello there...I already thought they forgot to make a video for this game.

Not that I'm super excited for this...

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Played the trial and it's so bad.

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@eaxis: As in a Power Glove sort of way or just downright bloody awful :)

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whats that thing on the preview image

aaah fuck kill it with fire!

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"How'd they get their own phone?", Brad?
Don't you know, Donatello does machines.

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So I've heard a shit or two about this game.

I heard a rumour that this is in your top 5 games of 2013

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@forkboy said:

@grissefar said:

So I've heard a shit or two about this game.

I heard a rumour that this is in your top 5 games of 2013


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Played (and beat) this on PC and I personally think that it's a damn good game but, oh man, I know Brad and Jeff are about to poo all over it just like everyone else.

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This looks poopy

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They look like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles after a decade of taking crack.

The voice actress for April O'Neill sounds super familiar though.

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Meh...the gameplay seems dull. The camera seems annoying. Just doesn't appeal to me at all. And I'm with Brad, these just aren't the Turtles I loved when I was a kid (I had the games, action figures, all that shit)...they look weird and I don't like their voices at all.

But the positive thing I will say is that the graphics and lightning look pretty good for an XBLA game. Better than I expected.

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I've had a friend tell me how balls to the wall greats this game was. All I could think was "I'm talking to an idiot, I'm talking to an idiot, I'm talking to an idiot".

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Ugh! That framerate.

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This looks like a Wii game

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This looks like a launch game. And maaaan do those models look bad.

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Woof, what a hunk of junk.

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Is Brad playing? My jimmies are still sorta rustled at that Castle of Illusion Quick Look, so I dunno if I can take another Bradening right now.

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This game just seems so...boring.

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That face is making me uneasy. I don't want to watch this.

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For what it's worth I like the design of the Turtles.

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It's actually not horrible. The game does get better with time. You just need to stick it out for a little while.

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That art style should be classified as a war crime. Gameplay looks like hot garbage too.

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Being a child of the late 80s/early 90s I really wanted to like this game. If it wasn't for the nostalgia of playing through it with my brother like the turtle games of yore, I wouldn't have finished it. Here are some issues in bullet point form:

  • Terrible camera. Now I understand why the camera in the Batman games pulls up and out when in combat. The camera here is too close, doesn't stay with the action, and gets stuck frequently. I was constantly correcting it between button presses.
  • Sluggish controls. I noticed myself pushing the buttons on my controller harder, as if that would help. My mistake was actually trying to pull off certain moves. Nope, just hammer between X and Y at random, much less frustrating and equally effective.
  • Bugs! So many bugs. Enemies caught in geometry. Absurd load times when opening menus. Turtles and enemies going through animations facing the wrong way. This game is a mess.
  • Sad art. This one just bugs me as an artist. Saw a developer diary and heard the guy said they did the cutscenes as comics to pay tribute to the source material and let their concept artists shine. Bullshit. The cutscenes are hastily traced screen shots with piss poor line work, flat colors, and reused images. The actual concept art you unlock is great. The cutscene art was them cutting corners and costs.

I actually really liked the turtle designs--they're what drew me to the game in the first place--but I might be in the minority there. Something about their color and texture reminds me of the old movies I guess. Plus, nostrils! I think the turtles look cool now that they look more turtle-like. But seeing those designs wasn't worth $15. This game, much like The Force Unleashed 2 (another game by Red Fly), feels rushed, poorly optimized and unpolished.

TL;DR - Don't get this game.

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@forkboy said:

@grissefar said:

So I've heard a shit or two about this game.

I heard a rumour that this is in your top 5 games of 2013


Yeah well, your mom. So bam, there it is.

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If you like Toitle stuff just read the recent IDW comic series, it's pretty good and provides a strange blend of old Mirage comic continuity, 80s cartoon, and new weird shit.

People say that new Nickelodeon series is good too but I haven't watched it because the animation looks like trash.

e: I recall the devs of this saying they were locked to the Nick show's continuity, but April's design seems like it's ripped from the new comics, and that gravity glove thing Don can get is from his micro-series issue.

Also in the cutscenes April looks like she's poorly traced from Phil Noto art.

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I love the combat, especially when you get some of the upgrades and they start interacting with each other. Everything else is mediocre at best.

EDIT: Worth mentioning, I played it on PC with a controller.

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Lotsa turtle power up in here. And lots of fake dub-steppy music and terrible animation.

I hate the unreal engine so much.

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Looks so fucking awful :\

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Terrapins have much longer heads. When ours looks down the head and neck make it look a bit like ET.

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God, that weak ass dubstep. You can't do the growling engine sound ALL the time, you've got to mix it up with some chaotic "feel".

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Man,, those turtles look hella weird!

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Framerate on 360... rough, at best. Ugh.

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I fucking hated the controls until about the last chapter of the game. The counter system is confusing as hell for just being one button. And, yeah, it is technically dire on the 360.