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[edit] Quest Complete!!!

Posted by pantzing_nome

Awesome I've been looking forward to this quick look.

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I love tekken

Posted by MikeGosot

Dat Kuma. Also:
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[edit] Achievement unlocked!

Are you feeling proud, my boy?
Posted by thebunnyhunter

that thumbnail couldn't be more perfect

Posted by dvorak

Maybe the best still on the site.

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[edit] Quest Complete!!!


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Am I the only one that absolutely HATES goofy customization items?

I play a lot of UC3 MP and it has new items... like a birds nest with an egg in it as a hat...

Stupid crap like that just breaks the tone of the game.

Posted by drewbert

@Cyrisaurus said:

This is one late-ass Quick Look. A nice surprise.

Or is it early???

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Posted by Phatmac

Surprise Quick Look!

Posted by AuthenticM

This thumbnail is amazing.

Posted by AngelN7

more like late-look!

Posted by sissylion

Yo that bear has glasses

Posted by Milkman

I'm not even a big Tekken guy but this looks fantastic.

Posted by rjayb89

Oh no, I can't download this because I'm not a member!

Posted by Encephalon

Please someone tell me Go Shiina is all up in this.

Posted by pwnmachine

We need more Jeff Tekken mash ups such as:

Posted by Mistzero

when they introduced Eddie is when i checked out of tekken its just too mashy and juggle heavy nowadays for me

Posted by mustachioeugene

Video thumbnail = everything I understand about Tekken

Posted by csl316

@pwnmachine said:

We need more Jeff Tekken mash ups such as:


(Also, game looks awesome)

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The instant that huge roster of characters came on screen, I could not stop myself from thinking of one of those massive crowds of Muppets.


Posted by Viking_Funeral

*demon erupts from the arena spewing fire*

*crowd cheers as it fights an angel*


Posted by AlexanderSheen

When Jeff said "Let's go online and lose some fights.", I thought he was joking.

Posted by Antihippy

Learn your bound combos jeff. Losing so many damage potential.

Posted by D_W

Shame there's no Tekken Bowl.

Posted by vikingdeath1

I'd Tag that Tekken.... Twice

Posted by AngelN7

This is the kind of game that I'll never play online I can play offline forever and enjoying beating the computer!

Posted by heatDrive88

Man. Tekken is still pretty fucking dumb.

Posted by allodude

Kinda dig the cinematic music.

Posted by Jeric

I've been playing this a lot since release, and mannnn... I got my ass kicked by Unknown a tonne of times before taking her down with Bob - the entire time, I was thinking to myself, "At least she's not Azazel, at least she's not Azazel..."

Posted by Veektarius

Tekken feels and looks so weird. It always feels like I can see the player struggling to get their fighter to move like a human being instead of its weirdly stilted, slow-paced attacks.

Posted by squeamish

Everyone speaking their native languages and understanding each other was the strangest thing for me

Posted by PandaBear

Oh yeah... now I remember... I fucking love Tekken!

Posted by ptys

Tekken now feels like a fighting game on rails. They need to open up the characters movement a bit more, too stilted for me.

Posted by babyeater3000

@sissylion: Ha

Posted by Animasta

@drewbert said:

@Cyrisaurus said:

This is one late-ass Quick Look. A nice surprise.

Or is it early???

blowin my mind

Posted by Korolev

That's.... quite an opening

Posted by Crysack

@Veektarius: That's because movement in Tekken is actually extremely difficult and takes tons of practice to actually learn. It isn't like SF where you just tap back and forward. To properly move in Tekken you need to learn backdash-canceling, crouch-dashing, wave-dashing etc. If you ever watch a pro match, you'll notice that they zoom around the arena at light speed.

Posted by fuzzypumpkin

You brought that knife vs. bat joke home Brad. Good job!

Posted by TrafalgarLaw

Already enjoying this game, everyone should...I'd say it's the best Tekken ever.

Posted by ManU_Fan10ne

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[edit] Quest Complete!!!

one of the best/worst quests to complete. It took a while for me to get mine. Congrats!

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when it comes to 3d fighters I'm more into DOA and VF, but i'll try this out.

also I still think the explosions and lightning looks like total ass.

Posted by MattClassic

I would love to see a Tobal no.2 quick look throwback. Please make it happen.

Posted by Bartman3010

Man, these guys are going to work on the next Smash Bros. I'm not too thrilled about this development.

Posted by Allison

Jeff's playing feels like how I end up doing online in fighting games. Lose, lose lose lose lose. "Hey! I won a round!" and then I lose and lose and lose and lose.


Posted by HerbieBug

Lucky Box!