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Oh god mouse

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Hope they are playing on a pvp server

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Long Look...

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Did not expect this...

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coming off the whole ryan issue, now we get to tackle the issue of the sexualization of children!

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been watching this game for a while now

if nothing else its a really pretty game

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Hm, no non-subscriber HD?

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*Calling Chris Hansen*

EDIT: The chat in the game is real classy.

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Glad you guys did a quick look. My wife and I have been enjoying the game since the closed Betas. Funny enough she wanted to play because of the T&A. I love my wife. :)

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More like Teraist.

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a GL on a Saturday, madness... cant complain

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@jonnyboy said:



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Oh god Brad.... lets see how bad he makes this game look as he fumbles with the controls....

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Oh the chat in this game is brilliant. Barrens Chat, move over!

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Brad, after reading the chat in this game, I expect an apology blog post.

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@Buju3000 said:

Oh god Brad.... lets see how bad he makes this game look as he fumbles with the controls....

He seemed to do fine here, but sure, let's rage for no reason.

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I love the chat for newly released MMOs (at least in The US and EU) 
No tiral account means that those idiots in chat acutally paid for the game and a subscribtion just to go tell everyone how much they suck for playing Tera online.. Developers win by default

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...Why are they acting like instance switching is a new thing? It's been in Guild Wars 1 :(

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1 1/2 hour QL... on a Saturday... and not HD...

2/3rds fucking awesome.

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Good god an 82 min quick look, time to get something to eat for this one.

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This is an MMO-ass-MMO. I just hope they make so many of these that the player base is so split that there's not enough to keep supporting them. Then maybe some damned innovation.

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Started using my 360 controller to play this. Haven't looked back.

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everyone in that chat is now a registered sex offender

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anyone else only getting 480P?

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So is this game a good MMO or is it not worth a look?

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Played a freaking raccoon mystic to lvl 24 on the OB, and it was actually really fun. While the quests are obviously not original, it was the combat that kept me going. I, unfortunately, didn't get to try it with a gamepad but I hear good things about it. M&KB worked fine for me and was a blast.

Ultimately, it was the monthly fee that slammed the brakes for me.

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Ladies and gentleman, the Tera Online community. Ugh.

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I'm level 59 warrior at the current moment.

And I have to say that, the 5 star rating is no joke as the TRUE ACTION COMBAT element of the game comes in.

Also, there is story which is rather ok. The story line quests are marked as red and probably only get interesting around level 20.

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swtor has instances in the server like the channel system in this. i'd get this and play to max level see if I like it for however long it takes to get there hopefully it's like swtor where it took me 200hrs to get my first character to 50 (the max level) which even if you only play that one character and is well worth the 50 bucks.

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@Aishan said:

Ladies and gentleman, the Tera Online community. Ugh.

Please. Like you wouldn't do the same.

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umm why WOULDN'T you want to play with pedophiles??

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So it's an mmo-ass mmo, except with +2 skimpy clothes and +1 borderline pedophilia.


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Resident Evil Revelations is the game where the map vision cones don't update in real time. It's annoying.

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Wow - I didn't realize they made a class to specifically appeal to pedophiles.

When I saw that Elin class, I suddenly had an urge to Contact the FBI, and I'm not even in America. I mean..... GOD. That is NOT okay. It's extremely, extremely creepy. God-awfully creepy. As in "hey, cops, could you check this guy's shed from time to time" creepy. They're goddamn children. Dressed up as playboy bunnies. How could this even be released without alerting every single Police Department in Korea?

WHO THE FUCK DESIGNED THOSE CHARACTERS!? Some sort of sicko, that's who.

Posted by Vitor

If this game had a free trial or was F2P I would totally check it out. Art-style looks pretty cool (minus pedo-bait creepy girls) and the combat seems way more engaging than any other MMO I've seen. Then again I've never really played an MMO before, I just like the idea of more real-time based combat.

But no, full price for £40 is what they're selling it for. It'll go F2P just like all the rest, for the first 20 levels at least, so I guess I'll just wait it out.

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"tight vay jay jays" -Tera Area chat

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Another korean manga/anime mmo...at least the combat looks alright. Everything else is pretty much nauseating to me.

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I don't understand why pedophiles make people uncomfortable.

I mean, it's not like you're a little girl.

Posted by satch919

Good looking game. But I'm not too interested in MMOs.

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@CaptStickybeard: Get out of here pedo

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@CaptStickybeard said:

I don't understand why pedophiles make people uncomfortable.

I mean, it's not like you're a little girl.

But what if I want to be a little girl?

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Whoa, this is a long one. I doubt I'm going to watch all of it, but I'm definitely curious to see more about this game though.

Posted by Ares42

I gotta say I find their "MMO retrospective" conversation sorta strange. You have to remember that MMOs are multiplayer games, in the same way CoD or SF4 are multiplayer games. You don't play them for the "epic singleplayer campaign", you play them for the gameplay. It makes no sense for the genre to delve into exploring and story, as multiplayer doesn't really add anything to that. If that's what you're going for you're better off making a singleplayer game.

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I wish they would turn off general chat. It made me sad.

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Ah bless, Brad thinks that he played WoW 'seriously'. You don't even know son.

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@Antihippy said:

@CaptStickybeard said:

I don't understand why pedophiles make people uncomfortable.

I mean, it's not like you're a little girl.

But what if I want to be a little girl?

Then I've got just the game for you!

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To the elin lovers out there.

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That general chat was disturbing and made me never want to see this game ever again. Talk about distasteful. Disturbing.  
Seriously the developers need to sort that chat out.