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Posted by McPaper

It actually doesnt look that bad, considering its based of a tv series.

Posted by JonnyAvacado

"Representatives of the computer network known as Skynet!!"  Funny as hell...another great quick look fellas.

Posted by AlexRudz

Its quick Look time yum yum

Posted by DragoonKain1687

McPaper, isnt it based on the soon to be released movie????

BTW, man I love your QL guys, greetings from Argentina.

Posted by gamefreak9

bombcast is cool but er is better nd QL the best!

Posted by Grillbar
McPaper said:
It actually doesnt look that bad, considering its based of a tv series.

correct me if im wrong but i dont think its based on a tv series its a prequal to the new terminator movie
the tv series is the sara connor chronicles witch is not in this game
Posted by SunKing

In the next Gears of War there will be no open ground to move across, just a series of boulders and burnt out debris with which you move between. The left analogue stick will be bound to which cover you want to hide behind: right cover? Left cover? Forward cover? Backwards cover?

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This game looks kinda . . . I don't know, just ganeric. I may get on gamefly but I will never buy. Also, the g-nades look like a kid tried to shoot a cap gun. Usually when a compact explosive explodes there is well . . . an explosion.

Posted by Cloneslayer

Ill never put away my N64!!!

Posted by OmegaRadium

As horrible as the reviews have been, I'm still bloody tempted to check this game out.  I doesn't look too bad, but 4 hours for $60 is kinda steep.

Posted by snide

Nice back to the future reference.

"your kids will love it"
Posted by CleverLoginName

Did you know that the T2 John Connor is also Ed Norton's brother in American History X, so I always wanted to see a game where T-1000's where fighting Nazi's. This game is not it.

Posted by Anthony_Galindo

I saw the movie yesterday. I liked it just fine. I f you want to see some cool action scenes then I would recommend the movie. Just don't expect anything more out of the movie aside from the action. The game on the other hand looks like something that I would have fun with if I rented it rather than spent sixty dollars to buy.

Posted by Osaladin

They should do quick looks with all 4 guys commenting on the game. I'm sure hilarity will ensue.

Posted by Eric_Buck

It's appalling how much they ripped for GeoW. Great ql tho.

Posted by stinky

shotgun has some range...

Posted by Eric_Buck

Lol "Unless your dumb ass partner runs out and dies, you have to go revive him"
"Remember when played co op earlier?

Posted by Hairydutchman

Fat Edward Furlong hahaha

Posted by Vod_Crack
McPaper said:
It actually doesnt look that bad, considering its based of a tv series.
It's not.
Posted by Death_Burnout

Why do Terminator games have to fall into the low enemy type trap.

This game is kinda depressing.

Posted by DukeEdwardI

"Buddy, guess what? You're dead!"

Posted by AllanIceman
snide said:
Nice back to the future reference."your kids will love it"
I know! lol
Posted by Seraphim2150

wait a sec. How come RPG 7's are so prevelant in future LA?

Posted by Sarumarine

T-7T Dance at the end was great. Strafe around the robots! They can't handle it! What? No, robots! Not machines!

Hey Buddy. *Throws Grenade*

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PSO split-screen was fun.  So whatevs.

"Hey people who came over to my house or who already live here: please leave and buy your own machines and play with me somewhere else!  It's the future now!"

Posted by damswedon

even in 2009 circle-strafing works

Posted by Cynic04

Quick Looks > Video Reviews imo, you get just as good a sense of what the game is like, and they are more entertaining to watch.

Posted by viklanderviking

Grin seems to make a habit of making short games...and that makes me a sad...:(

Edited by Vorbis

Every video needs angry vinny yelling in the background.

Posted by Baggykins

easy 1000 pointer :P

Posted by Jimbo
@Seraphim2150: Sorry dude, in an ironic twist, terrorists win the War on Terror in 2015.  They go on to form an axis of evil with the machines.
Posted by TripMasterMunky

I still care about the Terminator series. T3 was eh, but T1 and T2 will always be great. Haven't seem T4 yet but it looks interesting. And this game also looks eh.

Posted by TekZero

Yet another game that rips off Kill.Switch.

Posted by thirteenyahs

Can't be fat and do heroine? Ever see Artie Lange?

Posted by AEKtzis

probably the best thing about this game is that it is 5 hours. Anything longer would just be too much

Posted by mrsmiley

that looks ridiculously boring.

Posted by Krenor


Posted by linfosoma

Why do terminators just stand in there and do nothing? I thought they were supposed be killing machines, not targets...

Posted by TwoOneFive

videogame genres are not like movie genres, videogame genres are like actors. and in each game the same actor plays a different role. in this case the actor is cover based 3rd person shooter, and we have seen him play in many different roles. 

Posted by Metal_Mills

Funny thing is this is 1/8 of the game.

Posted by Krenor
McPaper said:
It actually doesnt look that bad, considering its based of a tv series.
it's based on the movie...
Posted by zudthespud

4:52, jeff does a bad Ackbar.

Posted by Duckbutter

i dont care if T-1000s blew up Los Angeles, i don't care if Locusts fucked up the Gears planet, i dont care if a crazy electro bomb destroyed the Infamous city, i don't care if nuclear war leveled Fallout's America, i don't care if an earthquake crumpled up I Am Alive's Chicago. fuckin Legendary, Killzone 2, Warhawk, if i see another post apocolyptic video game i'm gonna throw up in my mouth :(

Posted by Max_Power_

Another Back to the future reference, can you ever have enough?

the answer is no
Posted by RHCPfan24

Looks actually somewhat fun if totally generic. I will play it for the points ;)

Posted by MeatSim

In the futuristic apocalypse people have a habit of dancing behind cover!

Posted by HatKing

Furlong isn't fat.  Infact he is pretty small both thin and kind of short.  Probably just doesn't have the right phsicality to play the role, maybe if he were to train for it.

Posted by Radar

Does Jeff like any franchises for more than a couple years?

"Dude, I've been over Star Wars since the 2nd film"
"People still care about Terminator?"

Posted by Coleslaw893

LOL at the ICO, Joaquin Phoenix, and Admiral Ackbar references. The ending was hilarious too.

Posted by whatisdelicious

This game is actually a lot worse than they make it seem here. Especially when you're playing through on hard, which is the only reason to play this game. Overnight rental, get the achievements/trophies, DONE. It's a $60 game, folks. It's not good, trust me.

Playing through on medium looks like a more enjoyable time, but again, there is no reason to play through on medium when you could just play on hard, once, and get the achievement/trophy for playing it on medium at the same time.

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