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So many modes!

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Tetris TIME

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@PrinceGumball said:

The creme de la creme! get it...?

No. Please explain further.

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Spin those T's

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Love me some Tetris. I don't even know what platform this is for though...I'll check out the quick look!

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That Vinny bit was lovely.

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Tetris on Vinny, interesting.

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That is one raging hard line piece

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Check out Vinny's twitching tower.

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You guys, seriously, I am at work, I cannot be laughing that hard.

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Vinny's face has the weirdest boner right now...

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Oh, Vinny.

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Oh Vinny, you make everything amazing.

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Best opening. Really, really funny stuff.

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vinny is da man.............

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This is Giant Bomb content at it's finest.

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Um.. when did the site get Ads before it played a video? Is this now a Vevo service?

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wow Patrick really sucks a tetris

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Hey, what is the "bullshit Tetris rule" they talk about around 4 minutes in?

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@denshuu: You can spin a piece forever, and therefore hold it above the other pieces forever, before placing it on top of other pieces.

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This is why Giant Bomb is on Times top 50 websites. GOLD.

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Glad they showed the Bombliss mode. By far my favorite Tetris variant. Tetris Blast on the GB even had creatures you could fight in your playfield.

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@denshuu said:

Hey, what is the "bullshit Tetris rule" they talk about around 4 minutes in?

They broke Tetris.

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I can't keep up guys! So many quicklooks! So little afternoon...

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Regardless of my "Must buy Tetris for EVERYTHING" disease, this looks like a fantastic package in its own right. Sunday cannot come fast enough.

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This video reminds me exactly why I love Giant Bomb so much.

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We need to use more AR stuff. Preferably on vinnys body.

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omg i cant stop laughing hahahahaaha

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From the title I thought this was Tetris set in an alternate timeline where Hitler invaded Russia and won.

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Vinny, you dirty man. You make me laugh. :D

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Quick Look: Vinny's big blue boner.

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@NeoGamer: Man, Ryan is so... youthful in that video.

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Vinny's penis is bigger than you might guess.

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That'll do, Tetris.

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What's with the Catherine soundtrack in there?

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If it has infinite spin then I'd rather play the version on my TI-86.

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oh wow...look..it's tetris.

tetris. again. innovative Nintendo.

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god I love you vinny

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that actually the size of vinny's spicy italian junk

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one of the tracks was used in Catherine and that's all i can think of now when i hear it.

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hahaha love the opening bit. Looks like a tetris game, yep

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@Norusdog: I am completely serious when I say there can never be enough good Tetris games.

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The entire soundtrack for the Catherine puzzle stages is remixed classical music. Bound to hear it in a lot of puzzle-like games.

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I like how Patrick mentions Home Alone on the track that wasn't in the movie, but not on the one that was (at 21:45).