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Amazing, Spider-Man.

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i"m amazed Jeff.

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I hate spiders and I hate men.

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Bet this will be Amazing.... Not

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The Amazing Frog Fractions 2

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Peter, no!

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I got the first Amazing Spider-Man on a steam sale, and it seemed okay, a competent Batman-Styled game that I had fun with for what I paid, but I've heard nor seen anything close to positive about this sequel at all.

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I have no interest in playing this game, but I do appreciate that the web actually has to attach to buildings.

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Looks fine. Youngesters will enjoy this.

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360 or xbone version?

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The whole Edward Snowden riff had me laughing heartily.

Edward Snowden being bitten by a radioactive spider is a great concept.

EDIT: This QL is hilarious. Great to hear them constructively wisecracking about the narrative and deconstructing the game's mechanics and shortcomings. Seems like a while since they've had a big-budget flop for a comic elixir. Spiderman flipping out every so often and spasmodically changing direction on the geometry was a riot.

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Looks terrible :\

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Spider-Man 2 movie games are supposed to be GREAT! :(

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I feel like 90% of this games budget was spent on the spidey character model.

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haha took photo and got audio! haha

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50 mins is quite a commitment of an employed persons day to be watching a quick look of a mediocre game.

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That microphone is fucking huge!

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This looks amazingly terrible

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I'm sorry, but the only thing I could focus on was Spider-Man's VA being the same guy from one of the more recent Tales games.

Aside from that, this game looks like an open-world game, whatever that means anymore.

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Nice, I was wondering when this would show up.

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Dat bulge

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This game looks terrrrible. When he was taking a picture of that laptop did you SEE the camera beside it? THAT CAMERA.

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That microphone is fucking huge!

That's what she said.

No, really. Her first day on the job, she was like, "What the hell? Why is this thing so fucking huge?!"

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"After being tapped lightly on the head by a radioactive shovel during a school field-trip to the local flea market, Pietro Parkour found himself with incredible, non-trademark-able powers."

Spader-Man, yo.

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Wow, this game looks a lot worse than what I was expecting.

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I pretty much have to buy this game... I'm part of the problem.

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Jeff was spot-on about the PS2-ass HUD and menus... This game just looks grimy all around, and I found it to be horribly optimized for PC. The Ultra settings are not impressive at all. The default draw distance is the lower extreme in every pre-set, that should tell you something.

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Let Rocksteady do one of these.

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My Spidey sense says this is... mediocre.

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I kinda always wanted to play one of these Spider Man games, never did though...

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Gross. It's only 60 on consoles because they know parents will buy it for their kids. It's 40 for PC because they know pc gamers are usually older and won't accept this shit.

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I pretty much have to buy this game... I'm part of the problem.

I'm interested to know why you feel you have to buy this game.

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Amazing Spiderman 2 is is no Battleship the Game

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@rvone said:

@striderno9 said:

I pretty much have to buy this game... I'm part of the problem.

I'm interested to know why you feel you have to buy this game.

It may not be that persons reasoning but a lot of people take the 'its so bad its good' a bit too serious.

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"You're all hat and no cat!"

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Does the PS4 version look significantly better, because if not... Wow...

And is this a prequel to the movie? The first one took place after the movie, but considering stuff in the QL, this is either before part 2 or going to include the movie events.

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Nice Spider-Junk, Man.

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So one second Aunt May says the killer was "brought to justice" by being murdered and the next is like "You aren't glad the killer is out there, are you?!" Make up your damn mind!

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"Deeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatthhhhhhhhhh" had me in tears

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DAMN! What's with Aunt May?

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For some reason I just found the complete nonsense that happened when Jeff was trying to swing close to walls to be hysterical.

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Super disappointed.

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@dazzhardy: Pretty much. Played the first one when it came out and it was a totally fine game, so I decided to pick this one up and I really don't understand how they've managed to make everything way worse. It's still sorta the same game, just not even close to the same execution.

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Man, this game seems to be all hat and no cat. :(

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So does this game have Carnage in it? Least creative Spider-Man villain ever... "let's take Venom and make him EDGIER".

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The PS2 era Spider Man 2 Movie tie in game is the best spiderman game. It had web physics but it worked but here it looks really clunky.