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Posted by Ominym


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Drew, I think you went a bridge too far with that joke.

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Hey, don't be dissin' my Tacoma Narrows, Drew!

EDIT: I think I played this game when it was called And Yet It Moves.

Posted by Aishan

The little bit they do at the 12m mark makes this QL awesome.

Posted by WolfHazard

Meh looks like another gimmicky platformer so far, let's see if it opens up and impresses me.

Posted by coons84

Black and White Braid!!

Posted by sir_gunblade

Whoa, that music starting at 2:20 is from Echelon Book 1. Wasn't expecting that.

Posted by DaMisterChief


Posted by joshthebear


Posted by fox01313

Liking this little steam game & after seeing this, will definitely try it out. Thanks GB crew :)

Posted by LadyShayne

A Braid/Echochrome/And Yet It Moves mash-up is not necessarily a bad thing.

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Oh god, I think this is the first time I've ever gotten even remotely queasy looking at a game.

Posted by prestonhedges

Pretty damn blatant.

Posted by TMThomsen

Reminds me of this.

Posted by RudeCubes

My kingdom for an indie platformer that's just a platformer without any puzzle business, please.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I should play this game.

Posted by CornBREDX

This is And yet it moves with a different art style.

My problem with these kind of games is the spinning makes me dizzy, I cant stand it. It's the only reason I could not finish AYIM.

Cool sketch art style though.

Posted by Ponyexpress

A game to play with a cup of coffee.

Posted by laxbro19

When consoles get announced its games like these that get thrown under the bus because the attention is on the console news and not on the indie games.

Posted by zenmastah

Oh its another indy puzzler with beautiful artstyle and music.


Posted by JamesJeux007

I wanna throw up...

A shame, because this looks cool.

Posted by joeshabadoo

yup, this is AYiM with more puzzling and less platforming

Posted by mnzy

The Crysis part was really funny.

Posted by AssInAss

Games could do with more neurotic Jewish narration.

Posted by Mathey

I love the look and feel of this. I'm a sucker for hand-drawn lookin' stuff.

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Dude, I can't stand that pencil scratch sound. It sends chills up my spine, like fingernails on a piece of chalk, or eating sorbet from those little cups with that little wooden spoon, I hate the little wooden spoon.

Game looks neat though

Posted by MeatSim

Nobody has pupils! Somebody draw some pupils!

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I never get nauseous playing video games. and i play me some video games.

But this one had me feeling a little blergh

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This music reminds me of war of the worlds for some reason. I think it's the flute.

Posted by bitchypixels

I am digging the art style on this. Definitely checking it out.

Posted by m2cks

los ojos

Posted by GodlyOne

Vinny needs to do voice over work for commercials, I'd buy anything his Yonkers character would advertise me. Anything.

Posted by kre8havoc

Drew, I think you went a bridge too far with that joke.

Jesus Christ. Kwai would you make such a joke?

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I had to tab away from this a few times because of the motion sickness.

Also my sides will never be the same.

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The music in this reminds me of The Longest Journey.

Posted by bkbroiler

Excellent Tacoma Narrows burn.

Posted by BluPotato

"The Menace'" is an awesome name.

Posted by subyman

Not really digging it. The art style is too similar to Braid, which would be okay if it didn't borrow so much from the game. As for the gameplay, I never cared for And Yet it Moves, so adding Braid's time mechanics to turning the map isn't sweetening the deal.

Posted by gbrading

Braid meets And Yet It Moves.

Posted by Soviut

Totally lost it when they started narrating the Crysis 3 intro! I had to pause the video to wipe away the tears that was so funny.

The game looks sweet though.

Posted by Tarsier

well that was kind of gross. .

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The music is great. It does indeed sound like a lead up to or something that would play during a revelatory part of a movie.

Posted by Darthozzan

I kind of want to try speedrunning this ^^

Posted by marbleCmoney

Looks neat.

Posted by yyZiggurat

I love M. C. Escher's illustrations. This game looks really cool.

Posted by Milkman

I will never play this game but I'm glad it exists.

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@branthog said:

I want to see Drew or Vinny or someone do a quicklook of that awful-looking not-a-game that just launched on Steam, recently -- "Bientôt l’été".

Bientôt l’été is a videogame for two players. Two players who pretend to be lovers. They pretend to be lovers separated from each other by lightyears of deep space. They have lonely walks along the shore of a simulated ocean, thinking wistful thoughts of each other. Thoughts from ancient Earth literature by Marguerite Duras.

They were talking about doing it in ILM, I know they're a bit starved for content so I still hope it happens, that game is weird

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Posted by ossuary

Is it just me or is the "embed" not working a lot of the time now? I keep getting links to just youtube.com/embed without the video's ID in the link, for probably 75-85% of the videos that get posted. Anybody else seeing this?

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