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FIRST. Oh no, I must have gone a long way down. I wouldn't ever have thought of writing this, ever. Imagine me doing a facepalm and feeling ashamed of myself.

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Best..Intro..Ever. Because it has nothing to do with anything.

Posted by Scotto

I could see this game being pretty awesome, if you're a light gun game fan.

But... does anyone know any light gun game fans?  I sure as hell don't.

- Scott

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

i can't believe an intro movie from a Wii game got me more arroused than any other game iv'e ever played. sad.

Posted by FlappyHands


Posted by Defunctfrenzy

"That's m'growl"

Posted by Krelle

Pretty harsh, guys. Im not a lightgun fan myself, but this is about as good as the genre gets.

And even a non-lightgun fan would probably find this really good fun with a buddy and some booze.
Posted by Reverseface

The best part of that whole game was when he asked what the G stands for and he said NO.

Posted by Otacon

'remember when everyone thought that the wii remote was going to be something that could simulate real light gun technology... and it's not'. Looks like umbrella chronicles which was incredibly mediocre.

Posted by Hairydutchman

Hmm, pretty boring quick look tbh

Game looks fun though

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

i can't believe that this game has completely ripped off Planet Terror.

Posted by Media_Master

eh...like intro

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You know, it's actually really funny to pretend that Jeff and Ryan are actually in the game. You know, how they'd react in a Zombie apocalypse. I gotta play Left 4 Dead with these guys.

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So that intro movie was hot...what was that other nonsense?  A game thing of some type, maybe?

Posted by creamclouds

and I found it so hilarious, after the XXX Warning, the first line was "What's Up Motha-Fuka!"
and you guys were like "WOA" lol
I dont think you could THROW in any more Stereotype with a black character here... mothafuka!

Posted by MeatSim

cutscenes are cool.

Posted by Fawk

Much better than the anti-wii Jeff gives it credit for as he sighs his way through this video.

Posted by Kohe321

Win! Great quick look!

Posted by Subject2Change

Never got into Light Gun games on console however it could be fun with a buddy and while not being sober, if you aren't looking for something more than a point and shoot it could be fun, all it really is is a simple Wii title with a mature rating due to the language and gore.

Posted by Endogene

You can actually calibrate to game to play it without cursor and aim the screen like a gun Jeff. Same for the HotD 2and3, Ghost Squad had that option also as does another game i cant recall the name of.

Posted by Mandaray

Wow. That looked so lame.

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Is it just me or is the sound quality pretty...well, I couldn't hear anything. Let's put it like that.

Posted by AllanIceman

woot Jeff wins

Posted by brocool

Loving these videos! you guys are better than TV

Posted by albedos_shadow

Shoot to maim.

Posted by SunKing

I've got to say, I love the presentation. I wonder if it's as boring to play as it looks though?

Posted by Tarsier

they tried way too hard with that

Posted by CleverLoginName

I don't know, It looks pretty good, I put a ton of quarters playing Time Crisis so maybe I could get into this.

Posted by MichaelBach

Looked pretty good. Don't like that the cursers are displayed though. If that could be disabled and use the wii zapper thing, then it might be better.

Posted by wrecks

Lazy Zombies... can't even chew their own food.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

On the Slater Color screen, I can understand every character except the third to last.  Little help?

"going to please your eyes' [blank] person's


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Raaaaaaaaa dats my growl!

I think the "muther fucka's" are a little too contrived.

And it seems to be a GiantBomb staple to play a game and not know what they are doing.

My problem with it, is the zombie animation whilst being shot, it's all too cartoony for its own good, if you want zombie light-gun games done right, Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is probably your best shot.

Posted by get2sammyb

This game is actually really good fun. It's not the best game in the world. It doesn't reinvent the genre. But it's well thought out and FUN.

Posted by Klesk

no boss fights? awwwww

Posted by Sarumarine

I like the random under-the-desk moment. Even when you're being attacked by zombies its no excuse not to stop being flashy.

Posted by Vigorousjammer

they should make arcade cabinets of this...

Posted by cikame

I love lightgun games, but its not a lightgun game without a lightgun, wii just can't do it.

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I dig it. This quick look actually might get me to buy the game.

Posted by YetiAntics

wow. this game is actually quite boring after the first level.
it sucks that you actually dont take different routes via a split screen, but then again, that wouldnt be a good idea either. The curse of the Wii, i guess.

I like the presentation though.

Posted by Knives

Well, I didn't think it looked boring. I think Jeff and Ryan made it look boring just because there's not a lot to talk about with a lightgun game. If anything, they did a diservice to the game, but they're only appealing to their audience.

Posted by LordAndrew

Only two minutes in and this is officially the greatest game ever made.

Posted by HatKing

Ok...no that wasn't how you do a light gun game.  There are so many things wrong with it I'm can't list them all...but here are a few that stand out:
-Tries to hard to be bad, like Grindhouse but it isn't clever
-The environments are terrible, too small not interesting enough
-Very unoriginal enemy patterns, they just come straight at you never doing anything unexpected

Posted by spiceninja

I hate the whole "Grindhouse" look to this game. I'd much rather have it in another haunted house or something.

Posted by Knives

Are you just trying to find reasons not to like the game Hatking? What's the point? 

Posted by mrsaturn101

there is a no-cursor mode in this game, i think

Posted by Shwan

it hurt watching that i just wanted to stop but i didnt..

Posted by Player1

Looks kinda like the Time Crisis Arcade games.

But it seems like yet again another disappointing Wii title.

Too bad.

Posted by CashBailey

I imagine they put this game into production when everyone thought that GRINDHOUSE would be the biggest movie of all time.

Little did they know...

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

if only this wasn't light gun... sigh.

Posted by hyperslug

Wow... i like the fact that they completely ripped of the beginning of planet terror ;O if i had a wii i would get this