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Posted by jayspadez

looks interesting

Posted by Adavani


Posted by Darkness2386

Bought this game during the Steam sale, haven't played it yet though

Posted by BeachThunder

Vin Helsing.

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This is an AWESOME game. So glad the GB crew took a look at it. Yes, it's a bit buggy and there is no New Game+ mode (yet). But for the 10-12 hours it takes to go through the story, it's fun as hell and quite challenging at times. Also, they made a custom engine just for this game, and it's pretty impressive. I mean, it's not Crysis level impressive, but it still looks good.

Multiplayer coop is an added bonus.

Posted by Ares42

Did Vinny take a summer job as Mickey Mouse or something ? =)

Posted by hollitz

I am very into Vinny-fying character names in games.

Posted by vikingdeath1

I like quicklooks

Posted by Kushieda

It's about time this quick look came out.

Posted by poveren

I picked this baby up when it launched, thought it was pretty solid. Took me at least 15 hours to finish the main story on hardest difficulty.

Posted by MosaicM80

Ghoooossstttt boobs!

Posted by Duffyside

I could've sworn I saw them play a Van Helsing game earlier this year... Was it part of an Unprofessional Fridays or something? Or was I just mistaken?

Posted by RVonE


Good job, @brad. :)

Posted by Wampa1

I ended up preferring this to Torchlight II purely due to the tone and style of the world. I like me some gothic/steampunk nonsense. A little worn down on the slightly more traditional enemies and cartoony visuals in TL.

Posted by ch3burashka

Don't like Vinny? Don't eat.

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Played this a while ago and was pleasantly surprised by how fun it was.

Posted by NoelVeiga

This game is good. Also, I'm pretty sure somebody played it for the site at some point. Doesn't matter, because it's cool and cheap and the right length and fun throughout.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Really surprising how very solid (at least) this game looks based on the various impressions people gave and now this QL as well. Honestly, I probably won't buy this because the impressive, and in comparison to Torchlight 2 quite frankly seemingly superior, style simply doesn't make up for the severe lack of customization, replayability and variety in my book.

Possibly a better choice for people that don't want to put significant time in and really develop high-level builds though. Also, that Lady's voice is incredibly sexy to me.

Posted by ogto

shoutout to romania!

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Ugh, I'm getting tired of loot based RPGs in general. When I think of Action RPG, I think Kingdom of Amalur, Skyrim, or Dragon's Dogma. You know, actual action games. Not Diablo clones.

Posted by RazielCuts

Bought this game during the Steam sale, haven't played it yet though

Story of my life.

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Glad we finally get a quick look of this. However, I am surprised with as slow as Vinny's reaction time was he didn't die more frequently, lol.

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Found that with this game for me was to set katarina ghost to ranged & pickup any loot, helps some. Keys #1-3 good for the rage abilities & getting them in quick as the combat is not stopping in this.

BTW @brad, should see the Sherlock Holmes films with Robert Downey Jr., they're quite entertaining. BBC show is quite stellar too.

Posted by ThreeRoneC

Vinny Quick Looks are the best QL's

Posted by andrewf87462

Vinny Quick Looks are the best QL's

I second this.

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fun game, and the writing is pretty good, the back and forth between Van Helsing and the Ghost is great.

Posted by Linkster7

Hmm I played this almost all the way through the weekend it came out. I'm on the last boss so maybe I should go back and finish the last 10 minutes? maybe?

Posted by radioactivez0r

So that was an Indiana Jones joke, and LotR joke, and one other that I already forgot. Cute. This game is Torchlight-ass Torchlight but in a world I can totally get into. I like ARPG's that go for something different than fantasy monsters; it made Titan Quest pretty awesome.

Posted by UberExplodey


Posted by 5Figh

good job Katrina

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Titan Quest didn't have classes either (technically). Either way, this game seems pretty neat!

Posted by CaLe

This looks much better than I expected.

Oh, and Jeremy's Fecal Strike of the Swallowing Void.

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I used to only play WoW on RP servers.

Way too much cybering to ever get to max level, but it was a fun couple of years!

Also this game is INSANELY much better than Diablo 3. The lore is AMAZING!

You can set Katarina up to work with you in a MMO sense so one of you can be the tank or the DPS.

Posted by MeatSim

I like loot, but I never liked the RTS style of controls in these types of games.

Posted by SMTDante89

Kind of gave up on this ever getting a Quick Look, but I'm pleasantly surprised to see it now even if it's "a bit" late.

Posted by dr_mantas

This looks pretty darn neat. If I was looking for that sort of game, would pick this up.

Posted by phrosnite

"Rusalka" means "mermaid" in Bulgarian.

Posted by RichieJohn

My standard RPG character name is Richard backwards. Drahcir has seen some shit guys.

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This game is boring as hell. Which is sad, it has a lot of potential. It lacks atmosphere, everything just feels really generic. Think I got half way through before I couldnt stand to play anymore.

Edit* Well if you liked Titan Quest you may like this too. I really thought Titan Quest was boring as well.

Posted by Kartana

I liked it more than Torchlight 2.

Posted by bkbroiler

This game looks really, really cool. I had no idea this game was even remotely decent. Now I wanna get it!

Posted by kerse

This actually looks pretty damn cool.

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I don't like how Vinny focuses so much about the minutia of a game instead of actually PLAYING THE GAME

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Hmm, might pick this up. The piss poor netcode of TL2 and the art style make me not want to play that very much. (Yet I crave for a game like this, so I have clocked over 30 hours on that anyway..)

Posted by Tordah

This looks surprisingly cool, even if the multiplayer is a bit silly if everyone is just Van Helsing. Kinda weird that the game doesn't have different character classes when it seems to have everything else.

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@bawalo said:

Hmm, might pick this up. The piss poor netcode of TL2 and the art style make me not want to play that very much. (Yet I crave for a game like this, so I have clocked over 30 hours on that anyway..)

I haven't had any issues with TL2 multiplayer. Are you talking about how you have to forward ports to host?

Posted by PimblyCharles

@vinny Could you share what your name(s) were in Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim?

Posted by galloughs

sound is WAY too quiet for me

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