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If you told me that this was an HD remake of a game from 1998, I'd believe you.

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really want this game to be great, I need some good 3d platformers.

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That Mushroom is really 'special'

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Game is more like PS2 era "platformers" like Jak and Daxter and Ratchet games than pure 64 era 3d platformers. Its some relaxing light hearted fun, but yeah the frame rate can get rough in the bigger city environments.... hope they can patch a fix for that. Maybe Unity isn't so optimized for consoles yet.

Oh and the music is uniformly excellent.

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Got to say, I love the art style. I think this game looks fantastic. Something Viva-Pinata-ey about it.

Although I dont think there is any excuse for a 3d platformer like this to have such a boring introduction section.

EDIT - Also, BuaHAEHEHhehew Buahahahhewwww buahaha hahah huhuhuhuh bWAHAHHA huhu bWEAAAAuuuhhhhhh

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I played through this game on PC, and I'm very saddened to see all the frame rate issues pop up on the PS4 version. It's a beautiful game, and I hate seeing it look this technically inefficient.

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Art design in Last Tinker is pretty nice, but that frame rate and even the normal run speed make it look like you're moving around underwater. It's especially strange when you compare that to the various NPCs within the game itself.

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The no-risk/automatic platforming is reminding me of Enslaved and that's not a good thing. I liked Enslaved but I loathed the platforming in that game. Maybe I'll play it once they port it to PC but I don't know...

Come to think of it, the main character's design is straight out of Enslaved, what with the flowing scarf, the obnoxious monkey-ish mouth and the hair that seems ripped from the girl character's head from that game. That's a little unsettling, to be honest.

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@thevgamer: Well, you're in luck. it's been on PC since May. http://store.steampowered.com/app/260160/

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Is this another game based on Son Goku?

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Man, Jeff leaned in hard.

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Z targeting is trademarked lol

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I would probably buy this, to be honest, but only when heavily discounted. Shame it doesn't look like it's a particularly good game, I desperately want to see a 3D platformer revival, but I guess good 3D platformers were always a minority in the genre anyway.

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Now we all know what happened to the Twinkies mascot during his rough patch a few years back. What that guy will do for money.

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I can't play this game. Low frame rate makes me motion sick :(

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Jeff comparing the game to this completely broke everything about it for me BECAUSE HE'S RIGHT

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Im waiting for the Dota reference.

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This reminds me a lot of the Sly Cooper series. I loved the Sly Cooper series.

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Sometimes I wish there was a camera on the duders running the quick look. Would have been even funnier seeing Brad crack up during this one.

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Pretty but doesn't seem to be very good. The punching sounds are so weak.

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Derp shroom Jeff is the best.


wow the frame rate of this game is giving me a sore head - that is wild. I am having to look away and just listen to Brad and Jeff to avoid pain lol Sony should not have allowed this past cert I think or my eyes are just acting funky today

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I love that mushroom character.. he's so dumb.. so cute!

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@mjhaylett: No it was the same for me. But based on their reactions you're going to have to glance back every now and then :)

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Not a fan of the over designed art style

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I had trouble tracking this game. I just woke up. It was not hard understanding scene by scene. It was simply, why? Finally towards the end of the QL it developed a hook.

I do NOT want to sit forever and listen to the blubbering thing for the rest of my life...bum trip maaaan.

Game looks like it is well put together enough to appeal to somebody. I think the world is decently realized. Yes it could be a matter of taste. That poor mushroom has seen Heaven and Hell....and not much in between

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I think that was a bad quick look.

Does not help that it looks like a bad game.

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The soundtrack seems very Thomas Newman-esque

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Jeff making stupid noises while Brad giggles like a child made this worth it

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Holy hell that frame rate.

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I now want a Incognita QL.

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one of those weird games where it looks like a shitton of heart and work was put into it but it kinda comes together as sort of blah. maybe the style carries it if you stick with it long enough or something. e: i feel kinda like a jerk saying this, like yelling at a puppy.

wondering if we'll see a comeback of the Banjo Kazooie/DK64 type 3d platformer, but have they really even left?

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Jeff has a great stoner voice.

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The music sounds like Spyro so much.

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This game is so lacking in subtlety or charm. The art style is horrendous. Just because it's bright and colourful doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful about how you arrange things.

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Can we just have a whole video of Jeff making dopey mushroom-man noises?

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The twangy guitar music reminds me of Glitch. Man, I miss Glitch.

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Glad I stuck it out...was gonna close it out and that mushroom made this whole quick look. Fantastic.

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This game is weirdly hard to look at. Good thing it seems poorly designed as well.

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This game does not belong to any genre because it doesn't have a single fully-developed game mechanic. It's just as similar to an MMORPG or brawler or stealth game as it is to a 3D platformer.

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I feel like this game may be the cure for insomnia.

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It looks alright, but not good enough to warrant that terrible framerate. Surely this game doesn't do anything that even the PS3 wouldn't have been capable of?

Also, goddamn that player movement is slow.

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Bummer about the framerate but you know, this actually seems alright. I totally get where they're coming from but I'm down for something this laid back. It helps that I think the dialogue and characters are pretty good. My only issue is how much tedium there is over the course of the game which I worry isn't inconsequential.

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This is plucked out of the late 90s/early 00s, seriously.

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Was that 1080p 60?

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The framerate goes from 0 to 60 in just a couple of seconds!