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Edited by ElectricHaggis

I'm digging these video's guys.  Keep it up!

Edited by Death_Burnout

Yeah i really appreciate the uprise in quick look video's!

"It really is Call of Duty 4" haha, i knew you were going to say that.

Posted by BillyUno

It looks... interesting... to be honest, it looks a little tedious and boring, but oddly satisfying when burning things.

Posted by OrgunUK

I compelted this last night, one thing you can do that wasnt in the video is when you have monsters leashed is press X and he will throw it to The Maw.

Posted by Sweep
"The Maw's kind of a dick..."


Great work Jeff ;)
Posted by Squinshee

Novel idea, but lazy execution. Having to eat all those creatures in each level is a bad way to artificially make the game longer.

That being said, I want to play something like this now! I've been surrounded by crazy intense games for far too long; The Maw looks relaxing and oddly satisfying.

Posted by MeatSim

This game seems kinda crazy.

Posted by ScottEFresh

I also like the quick look vids.  I'm really glad about this one because it saves me a purchase.  Didn't look too fun :(

Posted by JJOR64

Looks fun.  I heard the game isn't very long so I might get it when it becomes and Arcade Hits or something.

Posted by Mourer

Watching Jeff play this game was more exciting than playing the game itself.

Posted by lordofultima

I love these first looks, this needs to become a regular thing.

Edited by License_To_Bill

I don't know, I kinda liked the demo. I thought eating stuff was pretty satisfying.

Posted by Strategy_Panda

Lovin' the Quick Look videos guys. Thanks!

Posted by canucks23

This game just confused the hell outta me...

Posted by Xander51

Nice video. The game looks like it could have benefited from having a more Overlord-style control scheme.

Posted by Mattalorian

I approve of these "Quick Look" videos, although the game itself looks much less interesting.

Posted by MachoFantastico

It is kind of funny I guess!

Confusing as hell though and does look kina dull in areas!

Posted by darkjester74

Played the demo, really enjoyed it.  One of the better XBLA games, IMO.

Posted by Jothel

more of these videos, they're awesome

Posted by Disclaim3r

This game looks meh. I can't really tell if I like it or not.

And these Quick Look videos are really cool, keep it up!

Posted by Wright

keep doing em jeff, they're awesome. though things like this make me want to see you to do a full lets play =D

Posted by spiceninja

I downloaded the trial and I really liked it. I'll be getting this soon.

Posted by SlimDogg95

Not my type of game. But that looked funny. These videos are great . They make me pay attention to a game I probably would never watch anything on . 

Posted by Tirrandir

This game reminds me of the best parts of the N64 era.  I'm enjoying it, about halfway through.  I just wish it was longer.  But for platforming fans, it's great.  Kind of slow, but very solid.

Posted by Sabata

Aww man, damn cliffhangers.

Posted by RipTheVeins

it's kinda playing as the dog in Fable II, you have to guide the hero around...in space.

Posted by roflgar

Gotta do more of these videos...  get the other guys to make some of their own.  It is great to witness first/early impressions of a game, in addition to your final thoughts in the review.  I know that everyone else has expressed the same interest, but I hope that if you receive enough requests, you might consider it to be a very regular feature.

Posted by Kraznor

Kill Bill reference was sweet. I don't know, could be kind of fun, though it could get mad repetitive pretty quickly.

Posted by insanejedi

I lol'ed at "Oh god it is Call of Duty 4!"

Posted by RagingLion

Can't help but think Space Frank is amazingly fire-resistant.

Posted by SinGulaR

Looks like a fun game.

Posted by oraknabo

looks like pikmin meets kirby.

Edited by ChumpChangez

I am on Level 6.  The game gets much better than the Trial.  That level was more of a tutorial and was by far my least favorite.  The guy playing didn't seem to realize that you could toss the creatures into the Maw's mouth by pressing X.  This makes it much more fun and easier to eat creatures than leashing to the Maw like the guy in the video.  The 1st level makes it look repetitive but it actually is fresh every level because it keeps introducing new things every level.  There is actually a lot of variety in this game.  Best XBLA game I have played so far and was only 800 points.  It is a great value and a real fun time.

Posted by halfameatball

Keep up the vids guys, they're great. As for The Maw...not so great by the looks of things. I still need to buy Braid as is.

Posted by sheira

I really love those quick look videos.

Posted by Rowr

awesome as usual.

keep doing these.

Posted by MattBodega

This game looks funny! I'll have to give it a shot.

Posted by Alphazero

Reminds me of Munch's Oddysee. Which is a very good thing.

Posted by AndrewB

Actually, I thought it looked fun. I was just noticing The Maw being advertised on Xbox Live, but the description and screenshots really don't give any idea what the actual game is like. I would have eventually downloaded the demo, at least, but now I don't even have to do that.

I might just pick this game up. Sort of a puzzle/platformer that may not have the best of graphics, but seems to have a lot of charm.

Posted by DiGiTaL_SiN

Pretty boring game.

Posted by Duckbutter

this gane is REAL dope. characters and music is outta this world. i'm well impressed. its developers like these who should be running the video game industry.

Posted by Bboboo

Hey Jeff, when you pickup something with B you can press X to make The Maw eat it.

Posted by okuzy

I, along with everyone else, am majorly digging these Quick Look vids. KEEP IT UP GIANT BOMB. WOOT!

Posted by Grimjim8000

yeah these quick looks are really helpful, keep up the good work giantbomb :)

Posted by imayellowfellow

these videos are great more please

mroe multiplayer ones so we can get 2+ commentary

Posted by Progman9000

So it's Katamari Damacy with an alien and an electric leash rope mechanic?  Odd, to say the least.

Also... just to concur with everyone else, more vids please.

Posted by C0V3RT

Great job Jeff.  Video reminded me of the old days of GiantBomb when you'd stream first impression stuff on Justin.tv like GTA IV and MGS4.

Posted by Razor

What a great game for little kids.

Awesome werk Vinny, Jeff, and Ryan on the other QUICK LOOK VIDEO.
Wheres Brad on all of this? And Why not do one yourself Vin?? :D

Posted by Valestis

So basicly this is Call of Duty 4 for kids?

Posted by MrMiyagi

I really like this game. Very unique.

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