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So many memories...

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It's so easy to be first now.

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Giantbomb has dysentery.

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Hmm... I guess I was hoping for a QL Throwback of the original

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Ford the river!

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You people trying to be first are fucking crazy. Know that?

It's instantaneous.

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You shit yourself to death.

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Here lies andy; peperony and chease

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Oregon Trail and Kid Pix, son!

Posted by Rirse

Damn, I was hoping it would be the classic Apple version, not the shitty DSi version.

Posted by LiquidSwords

Thumbs up if you played the original Oregon Trail!

Posted by Delta_Ass

This Quick Look gave me dysentery.

Posted by Cyrisaurus

I remember everyone wanting to play Oregon Trail in school just to do the hunting parts... now we still just want to play games to shoot stuff.

Posted by CharAznable

Play through the original for TNT or something.

Posted by bhhawks78

I would pay a stupid high price for a quality version for pc/360/ios/android but all we have is gamelofts bulllshit.

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2nd profile is Brono. :)

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What's up with all the Quick Looks?

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Anybody ever play Yukon trail?

Posted by Cirdain

Yes 44 mins.

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@bhhawks78 said:

I would pay a stupid high price for a quality version for pc/360/ios/android but all we have is gamelofts bulllshit.

I'm with you on that one.

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Ryan's wrong, plenty of kids younger than Patrick played Oregon Trail at their school.

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This game is hilarious.

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OMG it's not OR-EH-GONE

Posted by GorillaMoPena

Oh man, cart load times are the best.

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Oregon Trail! It was awesome, we used to name our party with friends and try to get some crazy diseases.

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@thirteenyahs said:

OMG it's not OR-EH-GONE


Posted by spiceninja

Oregun, Oregone, Oregun, Oregone, Oregun, Oregone, Oregun, Oregone.

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@ryeguy489 said:

Anybody ever play Yukon trail?

I played this game so much back in the day. It sure was.. something.

Posted by cyraxible

I'm 20 and I played Oregon Trail in elementary school.

The Oregon Trail transcends space and time.

Posted by Grondoth

It's funny how much people realize that what made Oregon trail interesting wasn't the parts that were totally video games(even though that's what we all played), it was that it was hard and grueling and fuckin' terrible. You'd make it, maybe, but not without losing half your family.

Also, anyone remember Freedom? Where you were a young slave and had to escape to the north? That game was not only brutal, but... kinda shocking when you look back on it. I was running from dogs as an illiterate black slave child back on an apple II. That's nuts!

Posted by ShaunK

@widmer said:

@thirteenyahs said:

OMG it's not OR-EH-GONE


It's actually pretty open to interpretation. It kind of depends on area. Where I come from we all pronounce it OR-EH-GONE.

Posted by Skywarpgold

I actually have a shirt that says "you have died of dysentery" with an 8-bit picture of a cattle-drawn carriage.

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This brings back some memories. Seventh grade classrooms. Wow.

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Dat draw distance

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hehe Brono? you miss them Ryan, you miss them..

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@ryeguy489 said:

Anybody ever play Yukon trail?


Also the goal of the game wasn't to get to Oregon, it was just to murder as many bears as possible. Once you got to the Green River, shit was ON! Then immediately flip your wagon.
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Look at all that brown

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check out that awesome draw distance on the title screen.

also, I only played Amazon Trail

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It's RDR3D

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I'm 19 and Oregon Trail is a key part of my childhood. I fucking love that game, to this day. 

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Vinny is Ryan's wife and Patrick and Will Smith are their kids. lol

Posted by ladambell

I remember naming all of my party members in the original Oregon Trail after Power Rangers characters. Tommy always died of dysentery. =(

Posted by Phished0ne

At first i thought "oh man, he's gonna name the little girl Jeff." Then i thought about it...and right before he started typing it in i thought "WILL SMITH!"

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Ryan spamming that whip is killing me. Too funny.