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WHERE'S MY PLINKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@MikkaQ said:

Oh, fuck it's [insert staff member], I hate that guy. How haven't they fired [insert staff member] yet?!

Am I doing it right?


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My father was on The Gary Moore Show in 1953. The Price is Right is so overrated.

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Dave's avatar looks like Werner Herzog.

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It's pretty cool, but man the video is too small to see what the heck it is.

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Get the yodel. Make the ringtone.

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Hey, it's a Hopalong Harry's One-Leg-At-A-Time Pantorium pant! That's what my avatar rocks.

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Thanks gents... another one to avoid.

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I'm sorry, but is the game announcer that voice I hear so often on Family Guy?

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Its no secret im an idiot, but how did brad win the showcase? The total was $33,000 and no one bid over the price, but Brad won with a bet of $1?

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@me3639 The showcase was $33,085. Jeff bet $32,000 and Brad bet $32,001 so he won.
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It's amazing how good this QL is, just because Patrick isn't in it!

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Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet, but the GTA font is 'Pricedown'...guess why?

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Gamefly just sent me this game.

In other news: For reason I put this on my Gamefly queue. IT WILL TOTALLY WORK BETTER WITH MY KINNECT

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What in the hell is going on here?

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There sure isn't a lot of content in this game for your $40. Also, how are you supposed to know the prices of items from 20 or 30 years ago?

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wii version was better, Had the actual announcer and showered VIDEO clips from the show with the models. Wait...am I actually arguing for one of these fracking retarded gameshow games?....*facepalms*

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The price is wrong, bitch.

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@Toug said:

Declaration of Independence!

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Personally, I won't touch a bed unless it's worth at least $500 sq/ft.

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franchise didn't need Zombies

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this game is a waste of human life.

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Another shovelware from Ubisoft.

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Edit: OK, I've calmed down, sorry. 

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The price is wrong.

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Where is Bob Barker?

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I love that all the Wii shovelware has now moved to the Kinect, I missed these quicklooks.

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It's funny how surprised they are that Coonce was on Price is Right when Dave told them that the last time they QL'd the game on the Wii.

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@nemt said:

The price is wrong.

Indeed, but this QL's commentary is great.

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This QL had me laughing so hard!

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Since when is money written in three decimal digits? And whaaaaat, they used a GTA font, how dare they, buuuuurrrrnnnn!!!

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Dammit Ryan put some real pants on that avatar or no pants at all!

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This game definitely looked like a job for the interns.

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You guys should have kept playing. This was good material :-)

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I can't believe that no one bid "80085" on the showcase showdowns. :)

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So you either win the one showcase or lose. Why the hell was any of that other stuff even there?

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Plinko or no sale!

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You have to to post Coonce's video!

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Much better than the Wii version, for what it's worth.

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Sweet Half Pants

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master chief taking a well deserved break, funny that a Ubisoft property fails to initialize properly in its own game

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This makes me want to see quicklooks of older game show games, like Twisted on 3DO.

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QL of the week. Mostly for the cliff hangers music, and the half pants.

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Not on youtube this time?

Make up your minds!

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Never thought that there's a game on the xbox 360 that makes me want to get the previous version that came out on the wii, better quick look too. Though I'm wondering with this on the wii how it handles the avatar people.

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This plus the family feud QL just made my weekend!

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We need more Dave.

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"What are you doing up here? Get off my stage!"
Willing suspension of disbelief in action!