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With all these quicklooks, I'm not getting anything done today..

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I'll show you the real Texas.

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Oh yes, finally!

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Last one there is a penis pump!

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This game looks super cool...

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@nnnope: People trying to be first or just making completely unrelated comments. Case in point:

@Terrents said:

Last one there is a penis pump!
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Ore uh gone

Nice To Kill a Mocking Bird reference.

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This game wins just for the discworld reference.

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another example of the guys being bad at reading. Patrick keeps saying the world is called "strange texas" but the character who says that says "strange, texas" Clearly she is calling the PC Texas and the place is called strange.

edit: Damn, I take it all back, I'm a moron. It's like "paris, texas" isn't it.

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This game looks like my disease infested cock.

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This game sucks the art is just lazy.

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Yeah... not my thing.

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Man, this looks pretty good, but for 8 bucks? I don't know...

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@MAD_JIHAD said:

This game sucks the art is just lazy.

Yeah because ART is what defines a game right? Avatar is the best movie ever because graphics.

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Just that bit about the credits at the beginning tells me I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME.

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@Antihippy: For Brad and Patrick, references are things that happen to other people

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I would visit Meta-Texas.

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Huh, I know the music that plays at 14:40. I feel like I've heard it in a different game.

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@algertman: Cool!

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That music sounds so familiar just after he shoots the bandits. Is it from another game ?

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@paulunga: Yes! It's making me crazy!

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@TwoLines: THANK YOU!

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@TwoLines: Really hoping they got permission to use it or it's a royalty-free track.
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I miss Texas.

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This looks like an okay indie game.

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Looks like a Net Yaroze game.

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The string of weird quicklooks continue!

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@zerdune: Oh man, Net Yaroze, man. The guys should do something related to that some time. I tried a bunch of its games a while ago, there are some real gems there. Both in terms of good and really hilariously bad and crazy stuff.

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@zerdune said:

Looks like a Net Yaroze game.

Oh geez, this looks about 23 times better than the cream of the crop of the Net Yaroze games.

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The Real Texas! I've only been able to play an hour so far...but it's been interesting...in a good way.

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I wonder why Brad's first thought upon spotting runes was Tolkien... My first association is vikings I'm pretty sure those are actual, real life runic letters, not some fantasy gibberish.

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I'm just happy that a game like this exists.

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Is a chopter a copter combined with a chopper?

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Hmm... I can't tell if this is great or an attempt to ride the "indie art game" wave. For $7.50 though I'm certainly willing to find out.

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@Zaxex said:

Is a chopter a copter combines with a chopper?

I was thinking the same thing when I heard that.

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This has an Earthbound vibe

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You can tell it's almost summer when the weird indie games are on the QL schedule. I'm happy this game exists, if only for strange Texas

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This is confusing and tempting recently burned by that heap of shit Krater makes me a bit hesitant about janky looking indie games, but this one does look to be more fun than that one, if anything the way it seems halfassed kind of gives me a Dink Smallwood type vibe almost.

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PimblyCharleson June 29, 2012 at 8:58 a.m.

This has an Earthbound vibe

Yes! This game looks pretty awesome, in an Earthbound kinda way. Which is the best kinda way.

$7.95 is pretty reasonable IMO, but a demo would be nice.

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More of a 3D Dot Game Heroes vibe, especially with the blockiness insanity and Zelda influences.

I got no beef with Indie games that choose to borrow from the really weird console titles out there. Beats those that choose to base themselves on Call of Duty and Angry Birds.

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@Rox360 said:

I wonder why Brad's first thought upon spotting runes was Tolkien... My first association is vikings I'm pretty sure those are actual, real life runic letters, not some fantasy gibberish.

Yeah, looked like Futhark runes. I'm watching the low quality stream though.

Also, the "I aten't dead!" sign is a reference to the discworld books by Terry Pratchett. Granny Weatherwax uses a sign that says that when she goes out possessing animals and crap so someone who comes across her body won't bury her.

Game looks pretty great, gonna have to give it a shot.

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"The best way to describe this game I guess is Zelda 1."

H--how? Oh, right, because of all those text parsers in Zelda. Yeah, that must be it. Pffft.

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what the fuck is this shit?

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Some serious Ultima 6 vibes off this, from the "name, job, bye" talk system to the talking horse.

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Out of all the games they could be showcasing, this is what we get?