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Oh yes. here we go!
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Ugh, Sims on console.

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Not so Quick Look!

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oh my god this is gonna be beautiful!!

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An hour!?!?!? Good god.

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What the hell?  OK, I'm in. 
See you on the other side.

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Oh cool, Sims endurance run!

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Is the loading this horrendous on Xbox?

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@radioactivez0r said:
" An hour!?!?!? Good god. "
I know! This should be one great QL!
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I expect good things, aka murdering Sims.

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1 hour 8 minutes long?!

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makes me wanna play this game on my PC

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Oh god, i was about to go play new vegas. Now i guess i better go get some snacks and sit back for an hour.

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So much for quick! lol Good thing I have a long time to kill before class.

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@Evelgest said:
" Ugh, Sims on console. "
I know, right?
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Holy shit!

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Oh it's gonna take an  hour, uhh.. I'll watch it all tomorrow I got games to play.

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Ryan and Vinny? Sims 3? 1 hour quick look? Ladies and gentleman, strap on your seatbelts because this may be the most amazing quick look of all time!

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Welsh/Swiss is the best combination. 
Rye is certainly a very Welsh sounding name.  

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@innovacious said:
" Oh god, i was about to go play new vegas. Now i guess i better go get some snacks and sit back for an hour. "
In the exact situation.
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Over an hour on The Sims 3? Good god, man!

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Ryan Davis is revealed to be the monster that we all knew he was.  This is already shaping up to be the best thing ever.

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Wow, this is like Endurance Run long. Nice!

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this is gonna be a glorious hour. 
and I have a midterm in 2 hours. fuck.

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Daaaammmmn over an hour?  Guess I'll be watching this later on tonight.   

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God dammit. You would go and make this an hour long 
 More importantly, 

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YES! Finally a new QuickLook, and an extra long one too, awesome! :D

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Sick experiments is what The Sims is all about.

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<> to your mother.

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an hour? jesus

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1 hour? Cool!

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Sims 3, 1 hour quicklook.


Oh word?

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One point five gigabyte download.  I love it.

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an hour? 
did i click endurance run on accident?

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haha...Radiohead joke...very funny.
(actually it was kind of funny).

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An hour? AN HOUR?

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"Sit here at the chess table at 4 in the morning and learn how to make some fucking cookies."
That describes my college years pretty well, actually.

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Oh fuck an hour
WTF invert horizantal?
Ryans mind is truely special

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How could you guys resist making a "karma-karma-karma-karma-karma-karmaleon" joke?

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this is the definition of micro-management.  Count me out!

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