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Weeeeeird game.

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Don't forget to juice the dog!

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You're a back-mounted blaster.

Posted by ILuvMsMarvel

"Drew joins a very special canine pal as he rewrites history with his charm, plucky spirit, and back-mounted blaster." We already knew about his charm and spirit, but now you're saying Drew has a back mounted blaster?! What, he get tired of archery and just saw "Screw it, I'm blasting those darn targets instead."?

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More like Quick Laika.

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I like how Vinny's always historically oblivious, while Drew and Brad are resident historians, especially on the matters of war in Drew's case.

Posted by Flappy

That's a cute dog.

Posted by Delta_Ass

That real life dog died in a horrible way.

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[Edit: And this is where I would brag about the quest I just completed.



Actually, you wouldn't have, the old quest didn't activate if your first messages was "FIRST" or any variation on it.

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Getting a real WE3 vibe from that bumper.

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Wait, where have I seen this concept before? Oh, that's right...

Posted by Aishan

This does not look like a good game.

Posted by 49th

This looks Laika dumb game.

Posted by Yesiamaduck


Posted by alwaysbebombing

Is this game going to have some kind of really intense pro or anti communism sentiment?

Posted by sub_o

Laika acts laika dog.

Posted by Hobbaswaggle

I'm really glad they still use french-presses in the distant futurepast

Posted by ILikePopCans

Seems like a game with a interesting premise but does not execute well enough sadly.

Edited by D_W

Oh man. Nice Suzanne Vega reference in the beginning.

Posted by TheCheese33

Oh wow, this looks fantastic! Can't find it anywhere on Steam, though....

Posted by Bam_Boozilled

This only seems slightly weird.

Posted by serujiow

It looked like there was an option to fabricate both the Machine Gun and Health packs

Posted by crusader8463

Love the idea of this, but god damn does it look like a brutal slog.

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Posted by ZagZagovich

The Idea seems neat but the game itself looks and plays pretty badly.

Posted by alwaysbebombing

Oh wow, this looks fantastic! Can't find it anywhere on Steam, though....

It's only on steam greenlight and it is not on GOG currently. Though, it can be found on their website.


Posted by Mikey1138

There should be a way to bite dudes. You are a dog after all.

Posted by metz044

Been waiting for this game for a long time. Levels and gameplay look retro.

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Posted by Kingofducks

Why does a game that looks so dull gameplay wise is on a quick look while something like Aces Wild Manic Brawling Action is ignored ? Not saying that the two can be compared but Aces Wild isnt getting much publicity and that's an injustice. Hope someone in the crew will give it a try it.

Posted by Nasar7

It's only kind of sad that a poor doggy died all alone in the cold vacuum of space to please its human handlers? Excuse me, I'm gonna go hug my dog now.

Posted by AMyggen

I like the concept, but this game looks pretty boring.

Posted by Noblenerf
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I laika this game's premise. But the animations and gameplay seem kind of shih tzu.

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Posted by PurpleSpandex

This game seems far too hard for its own good.

Posted by SuperJoe

Enemies are already shooting you before a new screen has finished loading/fading in.

Posted by Abendlaender

This game really reminds me off A Valley Without Wind somehow. It's the style or the animation, I don't know. Doesn't seem that interesting to be honest though

Edited by dr_mantas

Any game where I can fight some Soviets could be up my alley.

Posted by nikopeters

@timeshero: Hahaha should've got it while it was still there

Edited by TheSouthernDandy

I remember seeing this on Kickstarter, glad they made it.

Posted by jonano

Man this game looks kinda shit .

Posted by Monthenor

Wait wait wait, you mean the title screen music ISN'T "The Sun Shines at Night"?

Edited by EastboundSpider

is this that dj shadow game??

Posted by Castiel

Jesus, this game looks frustrating.

Posted by Quantris

@serujiow said:

It looked like there was an option to fabricate both the Machine Gun and Health packs

I wonder if he could "reduce" machine gun ammo into nano to fabricate more health packs.

Posted by Hassun
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