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Also, video games aren't art. Glad I could help!

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Very interesting.

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seems like a weird game

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looking forward to this

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looks interesting

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I had hoped to ruin someone's day. Alas

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@Rasgueado: haha nice try man

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damn it ...got logged out soon as this came up..epic fail

Posted by zombie2011

Hmm, not really liking what i see so far.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

Art game, cool gimmick for a couple of minutes. But no engaging gameplay or narrative is just not worth playing to me.

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Stop Time (for balls).

Posted by Phoenix87

Awesome looking game, shame I don't have a move and will never get to play it.

Posted by murisan

Looks cool.. I also had a good laugh at "we'll fix it in post." "No we won't!"

Posted by TheBioLover

@Phoenix87: You don't need a move to play. You can use a DualShock.

Posted by Fattony12000

"Art" "Game"

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@Phoenix87 said:

Awesome looking game, shame I don't have a move and will never get to play it.

Though Patrick, early on, says it's Move exclusive, he's mistaken. You can use a Dualshock.

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Move only? What a bummer. I was really looking forward to get this game and was ready to buy it but now I can't play it. Oh well...

EDIT: Just got to the point where they found out you can use the Dualshock! Thank goodness I kept watching.

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this looks really cool. shame I have no intention of buying Move

edit: oh, good.

Posted by mynthon

They sure made some ballsy choices with the design of this game

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YOU DO NOT NEED MOVE TO PLAY THIS GAME!!! Before people tune out before they realize it's dualshock compatible.

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Every time they say "mechanic", you drink.

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@AlexanderSheen: Do you want me to kill myself?

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Why only on PSN why?

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I'm pretty sure I heard that vinny's spider thing is a myth


They should finish it at least!

Sry low hanging fruit.

Posted by Divina_Rex

Spider Squad has aborted the mission.

Posted by Jaqen_HGhar

Just had to.

Anyway, seems neat and interesting. Something I might pick up if I ever get a Playstation.

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Does anyone else feel like they could've made a great horror game out of the whole throwing paint balls thing in this? Could be very disturbing and freaky.

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@msavo said:

@AlexanderSheen: Do you want me to kill myself?

Try it with champagne. I bet you could get drunk this way too but live afterwards.

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I only mind spiders sometimes, like when they silently drop down from the ceiling right in your face and go "Sup?"

If they could just stick to their corner that'd be cool.

Don't spiders shed their exoskeletons on occasion? Think those might be what Vinny's finding. The spider is still in his house, and it has grown.

Swans are worse. Don't let those nest in your home. So cranky.

Posted by devilzrule27

Finally another game for me to use my move controller with.

Posted by AlmostSwedish

Fuck Vinny's Spider story.

I will never sleep again

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Oh mah god. This game looks fantastic.

Posted by sixpin

I think they priced it too high. Hopefully it will go on sale sometime.

Posted by TurboMan

Thought it looked ok from what I've seen before, but all of the new stuff Patrick showed off is pretty fucking cool.

Posted by Cypherix

I hate Spiders ヽ(#`Д´)ノ

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Seems really tedious in a way.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

'Has good ideas but doesn't do enough with them' so would you say this game is... incomplete, in that regard? nudge nudge

Posted by august

Unfinished Duck was way better.

Posted by JackSukeru

Spiders are cool and this seems cool (for balls).

Posted by super2j

yesterday i was walking down a hallway and there was a spider hanging down high enough to be at my mouth height, if i had walked 20cm to the right..... i would probably not have seen it and totally bumped into it and if my mouth was open... the spider would have accomplished its mission

Posted by Redhorn

This is the indiest hipster shit I've ever seen. Fuck this.

Posted by ZedsDeadBaby

@Nekrokreuz said:

This is the indiest hipster shit I've ever seen. Fuck this.

Thanks for that.

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@Nekrokreuz said:

This is the indiest hipster shit I've ever seen. Fuck this.

You're so cool man!

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Hm, perhaps I should get a Move. Could probably get my hands on a bundle with the camera for about $50 at this point, and there seems to be some interesting things out there for it. Echochrome II being the one I'm after the most.

That first level you showed blew my mind there. I was wondering what exactly was going on when it was all white and you started just throwing paintballs at the wall, but once you started revealing the geometry with it... man. Absolutely stunning.

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@Nekrokreuz said:

This is the indiest hipster shit I've ever seen. Fuck this.

This is the hipsterest shit I've seen in these comments. Fuck this.