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Hope this does well on the xbox.

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The Witcha

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Try, try again

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Hoping the 360 port holds up well.

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So tempting to finally get this game.

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Looks neat.

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I shall finally buy it now that its on the console.

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Got this over the weekend, and damn it is a fantastic game. 
I was a little worried after hearing about the complexity and difficulty that this game would be too much for me, but i think the tutorial does a great job with the basics.

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Patrick vs. RPG

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No YouTube? The player is running so incredibly slow for me.

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Really want to try this game, but I just hate the character design of the main character so much that I could never see myself playing it for any amount of time. Wish there were mods to change the look of him.

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Thank Goodness I've played up to this point and past it so I can get the benefit of the QL with Vinny and not see any spoilers.

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Really glad you guys decided to do a QL for this. Currently playing through the 360 version and it's just amazing. One of the best RPG's this gen.

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It's pretty great so far! Still in Chapter 1 after 10-15 hours.

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I heard the game on the PC works better with a controller, so it makes sense to be on a console.

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This game recently arrived and I am ECSTATIC that I can now play this without suffering the 25 FPS I was getting when I tried to play on my computer! LONG LIVE GERALT!

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@Morningstar said:

Hope this does well on the xbox.

I cannot agree with you enough. TW2 was such a treat last year, but was sort of left on its own. Glad it's receiving a lot of positive buzz this year, as well.

The Witcher 3... Catch it!

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You're not crazy, Vinny. Those skill trees definitely jiggled and moved around on the PC version.

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Few weeks ago, I posted in a forum saying that I would like to see some witcher 2 action on 360 and here it is! Although they might have planned to show this anyway but I am really happy that giantbomb is really here for their fans and being true to games.

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Glad Vinny is present for this QL but Patrick? Fuck that.

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@Vinchenzo: SHUT THE FUCK UP

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@leejunfan83 said:

@Vinchenzo: SHUT THE FUCK UP

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Looks good, but I'm glad the PC didn't get lighting changes after seeing Flotsam. All the color is drained out of the area.

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Whats wrong with Patrick, He's good and funny sometimes

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The Witcher 2 has a lot more jank than I expected it would. Especially when walking through doors and in combat. And oh god, don't get me started on "stealth mode"

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the witcher is awesome 
Edit: God damn this QL is fucking boring.

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Excelent Rpg.. I want to re-install it now and check out the enhanced edition ..

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Best RPG ever <3

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Encumbrance is there for a reason, Vinny. Don't cheat. :P

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@Morningstar said:

Hope this does well on the xbox.

It topped the UK charts on week of release so it's definitely not doing badly.

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Well now I'm curious about hearing all those little things they cut like menu animations and drinking potions when you actually drink them. Maybe I'd check it out on PC..probably not but maybe..

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@Vinchenzo said:

Glad Vinny is present for this QL but Patrick? Fuck that.

You know, if you really want to let Patrick know how much you don't like him, you should leave this site and never return. For real, Patrick will never know what hit him. He'll be all like "OH SHIT VINCHENZO LEFT?!". Seriously, do it. Teach that guy a lesson. We're all rooting for you.

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10 hour learning curve? No.

I only watched it because I love the game on PC, but that part gave me a headache. I need to take a Tylenol and lie down for awhile.

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This game is boss

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Glad this QL is up but a whiny comment from

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@CaLe said:

@Morningstar said:

Hope this does well on the xbox.

It topped the UK charts on week of release so it's definitely not doing badly.

That's great news. Hopefully it will stay there for a while =)

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One thing i noticed straight off is that the lightning/shading has been completely simplified for the 360.  The amazing lighting made the forest feel way more dense and foreboding on the PC. As well as the visibility distance more natural. Still pretty amazing what they managed to crank out on that ancient hardware.

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The press up on the Dpad to kill NPCs thing is in Kingdoms of Amalur.

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I always forget how unfocused Patrick can be when he is in control. First ten mins just running around the woods back and forth, before Vinny says "So, is this an actual quest you are doing" then Patrick decides to go arm wrestle.. hopefull Vinny keeps him on track for the rest of the QL

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Can someone please tell me why i have only played this game once???

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@seanfoster said:

Glad this QL is up but a whiny comment from @Vinchenzo? Fuck that

He can whine all he wants, it's a free (internet) country pal.
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diablito trese esta coming!

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@Vinchenzo: Fuck YOU!

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@MosaicM80 said:

I heard the game on the PC works better with a controller, so it makes sense to be on a console.

No. It was better with M&K. Whoever says otherwise is a bloody moron. 
The UI was dumbed down and made worse so it could work properly with a gamepad. That's it.
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I just finished up killing the kayran and now I'm here watching this.

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Vinny you are totally sane.
The talent tree animates in the PC version, jiggles kind of like a web.
You did in fact see Geralt drink the potion and then toss the bottle.
It seems like they cut out a lot of these small little touches for the 360.

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This is a really excellent port for a really excellent game.

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@Tennmuerti: Two little things is "a lot" for you?