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EDIT: ...look

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vinny, never stop being great

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I hope this is an hour of Vinny being Vinny

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A witcher? Hide your women.

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oh vinny!

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Nice, I played this in preparation for The Witcher 2 as well. Definitely added to the experience if you ask me.

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One of my favorite games.

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Your mother sucks Dwarf Cock. 
Also brilliant game.

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Watching this is going to make me try this game for the umpteenth time again isn't it? I always get to the first town outside the castle and quit because I'm bored to tears by then. Last time I tried I got to the point where that lady wants to meet by the tower for some sexing, but I didn't know you had to steal some wine from a house because it didn't really say too well what you needed and she ran off and I missed the event. Iffy quest descriptions like that in RPG's turn me off real quick, and I just couldn't get motivated to go back into it after that. I hate missing content in games because of stupid little things like that.

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Hey Vinny... Whatcha been playing?

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Holy shit, one hour Witcher quick look ! After hearing Vinny was playing the first game I hoped he would do something like this so this is awesome ! Thanks Vinny.

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Vinny, this is why you're the best.

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Wait. What?

Edit: Fuck yes. DBZ references. I would love to see Vinny and Ryan sit through and watch/play The Witcher. This will suffice to sate some of that desire.

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I would love to play this game, if I could get it to run for longer than 15 minutes without crashing to desktop. *sigh*

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Cue speculation of a certain young character being a certain endgame character, only older!

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I...need to get back to the Witcher.

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@martez87 said:

Nice, I played this in preparation for The Witcher 2 as well. Definitely added to the experience if you ask me.

Agreed. I did the same thing.

I really liked how the story developed in The Witcher 1. I say it is worth playing even despite it outdated graphics and slow start.

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Oh dear god Vinny, what have you done....

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This is awesome. I myself just finished the Witcher before jumping into the Witcher 2 about a week ago. Thank you, Vinny, for the quick look!

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This video should not have been created in 2011.

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It's a shame Vinny is a master behind the camera because he could be one infront of it!

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I wish I could vote this QL 5. Give Vinny a christmas bonus.

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Ka may ha may ha.


I thought it was Kammy hammy haa.

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Oh, Vinny.
Never change.

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I love the hell out of the The Witcher. Glad to see a Quick Look of it.

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@Aarduil: How else could he have possibly gotten Alvin's pendant?!

Also that sword is used for killing monsters!

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Hell yes the Witcher. My second favorite RPG of all time. OF ALL TIME.

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This website is awesome.

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FINALLY! A QL of The Witcher.

I love Vinny.

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And the funny thing is that the only potion you need is SWALLOW and from time to time Cat. Group combo with knockdown kills everything. The game is not hard even on HARD difficulty. Also it's super chanky.

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Tried to replay this about a month ago, but got stuck at the golem/lightning rod rutine ... still haven't gotten back into it.

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HELL YEA VINNY! Represent. The opening intro actually ties into the main story. :)

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I can't wait to upgrade my computer so I can play this game.

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The Witcher ist such an awesome, awesome RPG probably my favorite one of all times

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Comment on the first 90seconds:

You know this cinematic takes place before The Witcher 1, because it is referenced and talked about many times during the game. Not only because of the book.

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More Vinny love!  Thanks for this, Vin Vin.
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I think you mean "wandering" Vinny. 
Jesus Christ, show a little professionalism.  

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Igni, Vinny, max out Igni. Igni wrecks shit in Witcher 1. I'm serious.

Also, thank you so much for this, only 15 minutes in and I'm enjoying this so much.

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"STUPID MONSTER, I'm a Witcher BITCH" should go to the annals of great Ryan quotes.

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Witcher Quick Look after the Witcher 2 quick look = Vinny win

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1+ hour quick looks on semi-old games? Fuck yes!  

I heard Vinny was plowing through the witcher on multiple Bombcasts now, but it's amazing that you guys still decide to record a quicklook even though the Witcher 2 has been out for a while. 
I love this site, and i'm never leaving.

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Man I should totally get this.

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Oh Vinny, this is why we love you.

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I could never get more than an hour or two into this game, and I tried playing it a few times.
Nothing about the world , characters, or gameplay  could catch my interest.

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Oh man this game. I tip my hat off to Vinny, but I couldn't take it. Just had to skip to Witcher 2, it's such a pretty and alluring game.