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Posted by WesleyWyndam

I hope this game is good.

Posted by re4ctor

but do they shit voxels?

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made it?


Posted by gouldgonewild

Quick Look city this morning.

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@re4ctor said:

but do they shit voxels?

Someone get Tricky on this. The people need to know.

Posted by Animasta

@re4ctor said:

but do they shit voxels?

goddamnit I was going to make a voxel reference D:

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Posted by Devil240Z

@gouldgonewild said:

Quick Look city this morning.

Front loading them cause they are going to pax tomorrow.

Posted by Y2Ken

Well this looks most unusual. Kinda like the art style though.

Posted by Iodine

I like the checkpoint mechanic. Might check it out

Posted by Rocospi

-_- zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Irvandus

I firggen love ponycorns!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Looks like a really solid game.

Posted by nikopeters

Patrick pulls a brad...

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

Terrible graphics and music.

Posted by Milkman

This actually seems awesome.

Posted by mrangryface

I had no intention of picking this up but now I think I will- combat/movement looks awesome.

Posted by Phatmac

Ponycorns! I love it!

Posted by bassman2112

Saw this at PAX East and really liked it - Devs are really nice guys, too.

Definitely going to pick it up =)

Posted by bybeach

What a weird ass game. I think they put a fair amount of work into it, concept like the wall paper alone...

But what a weird ass game....

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Okay, this looks legitimately cool. Kicking dudes into spikes is a highly underutilized game mechanic.

Definitely seeing the Super Meat Boy comparisons, but the combat looks like it really adds something special.

Posted by EricNStuff

holy crap, that intro was horrible.

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Posted by Xymox

Will probably pick this one up. I don't like the white line silhuetting around the character, but other than that it seems interesting.

Posted by buhssuht

huh, so they DO bleed pixels

Posted by Rasmoss

Quoting Yeats? I'm out.

Posted by Popogeejo

Eh, not really feeling thi-


Game. Sold.

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@EricNStuff said:

holy crap, that intro was horrible.

Yes it was. Yes. It. Was.

EDIT: So it's Super Meat Boy with Zombies? Yeah, I'll wait for it to be in a bundle.

Posted by 12_Oz_Mouse

Thanks for the quick look, considering the 20% off special promotion currently on steam I think I will check this one out it looks very interesting.

Posted by GenocidalKitten

I think it's cool that they QLed this game, it looks pretty cool, and the QL will probably get a lot more people to buy this.

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Posted by sawtooth

i dig it

Posted by BeachThunder

:o this actually looks pretty cool. They messed up the spelling of Cthulhu though - never mess up the name of a Great Old One...

Posted by Airickson

Props to Patrick for keeping the QL moving, well, quickly.

Posted by mbr2

@Bourbon_Warrior said:

Terrible graphics and music.


Posted by kalmis

Finally this is getting released.

Posted by MediumDave

Kinda reminds me of the Drive soundtrack.

Games looks interesting. And I'm totally going to be a dick and wait until it's in a Humble or Royale bundle.

Posted by Chumm

That white outline is... unfortunate.

Posted by CircleNine

Wow, a Lovecraft themed Tough As Nails themed pixel art platformer. Not a single one of those things is an overplayed concept.


Posted by Deusoma
@CircleNine said:

Wow, a Lovecraft themed Tough As Nails themed pixel art platformer. Not a single one of those things is an overplayed concept.


Normally, I might agree with your sentiment, but given that Patrick and Jeff openly addressed the very issue that these things might be overplayed within minutes of the beginning of the video, it becomes very clear that you didn't actually watch said video and are instead merely judging a 'book' by its 'cover', revealing your comment to be a cynical attempt to annoy people who enjoy those things. Try harder next time, friend.
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I'm the only one who couldn't stand the audio in this game? Listening to the sound effects and music together in the level is bad enough for me to actually make me sort of uncomfortable.

Posted by RichieJohn

Looks a bit floaty.

I prefer the level design here to Super Meat Boy. It actually seems like you're going somewhere rather than playing a level.

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@Deusoma: Actually I did watch it. I just don't think that the game does enough to make those three already extremely overplayed things somehow worth caring about. The fact that it added combat and a new type of checkpoint system doesn't make the bad parts of Unimpressive Pixel Art / Tough As Nails / Lovecraft suddenly go away. I'm sorry that I wasn't persuaded by the quick look and by Patrick and Jeff simply acknowledging those that this is a game that I should have a positive attitude about?

Honestly, I saw the game on Steam a few days ago when they added it to the upcoming releases thing and I like 2d platformers so I thought I might like it. Then I read the description on it and didn't like it, and then the quicklook basically confirmed what I thought about it.

Go ahead and like it all you want, I'm really not invested into caring about your taste in games, but everything about this game just screams "so what" to me.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Looks good!

Posted by mnzy

Just wanted to say that I like these tighter Quick Looks and there haven't been many for a while.

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I like the audio design of this. Graphically, not so much. Seems a fun game.

Posted by cthomer5000

Been following this for over a year (when it was going to be an XBOX Live Indie game). I think it has some really interesting ideas (checkpoint for certain).

Guess i'll pick it up and hope my laptop can run it!

Posted by JackSukeru

Game looks alright I guess. What I'm seeing of the mechanics doesn't really do anything for me.

Posted by BonzoPongo

Looks fun.

All these indie platformers would be great to play on a handheld.

Posted by Eddie_and_the_Fist_Monkeys

I think Patrick did pretty well playing this while managing to be informative at the same time, the game looks fun also.