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Vinny is an awesome guesser

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Why the Dollhouse hate by the Bomb Squad? I love that show!

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Dat ass on Pictionary Man.

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brad has some sexy man hands.

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@MisterSamMan said:

We Draw! You Draw!

Wii Draw! uDraw!

Posted by JohnTheGamer

That Marvel Super Hero Squad game should've implemented combat ala Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword.

Posted by Yadilie

Ugh. Iron Man is the old one with the extremely stupid holes in his mask. God damn.

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@Marz said:

i'd buy one if you could use these as a Wacom Tablet on the PC.

You can already buy cheap drawing tablets for the PC.

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@KaneRobot said:

@RazielCuts said:

I feel the intention of this quicklook is in pretty bad taste.

...you didn't watch this before you commented, did you? They addressed that.

I watched for about 5 mins before I left that comment, after the laughing and heckling of a companies product which has left 250 people without jobs, hilarious stuff.

The people who got laid off likely hate this product more than anyone, so why would they be upset at Giant Bomb? The guys weren't laughing at the people who lost their jobs, they were laughing at the incompetence of the people at the top of THQ who thought going big on uDraw was a great idea.

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Call me crazy, but Alien Splat looks like a rip off of the bug killing game in Mario Paint.

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@Thusian: It was, thats why they made so many more on the Xbox and PS3...

I just wonder, did THQ ever market this thing because I never heard of it until the shit hit the fan with their financial problems.

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As a digital artist who uses a real tablet every day I find even the concept of this thing hilariously dumb.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I knew this thing existed on the Wii, but I had NO idea it was released on the Xbox 360/PS3. I guess that's the general sentiment here...the thing would've probably done better had people at least known about it. And if there were some reasonably decent games for the thing.

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Pictionary for the next Thursday Night Throwdown

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I didn't get any references when they were drawing that guy on the stomach, wtf was that? oh from total recall I don't remember anything about total recall except 3 breasted lady.

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@Brad: I'm ready for some Pictionary when you are.

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Arggh! If I ever wanted someone else other than Brad, it was in this video. The staff should have gotten someone in the office familiar with Photoshop of some other similar program to work the controls for the first part of this QL. Vinny was much better, later.

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I would kinda pick one of these up for PS3 just to see what the hacker community has figured out about it on PC, maybe it could be used as a decent $2 tablet, as I can't afford one of the $5000 ones.

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This site needs more "Vinny Guesses Pictionary" segments.

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"Tap that Doombot and watch me shred it!" is a line that Wolverine would say in a skateboarding game.

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@Lazyaza said:

As a digital artist who uses a real tablet every day I find even the concept of this thing hilariously dumb.

This is exactly what i'm thinking. Anyone who actually thought about it for a second would know this is bad investment. And yet they had to throw more money into this piece of poopoo by adding tilt sensors and shit.

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this thing is dummbbb

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I can see the value in such a device. Would have killed for such a device in 1980.

Too bad, this 'bet' almost broke 2K's neck.

uDraw ME?! At E3??!
Posted by Rayeth

How is this quicklook nearly an hour....it must be great.

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I thought the Marvel uDraw game was for kiddies. Wolverine says TAP THAT DOOMBOT TO SEE ME SHRED IT. Oh yea Wolverine, I'll let you tap dat Doombot all night long. Shred dat bot... mmm... ya shred it.

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That Marvel Superhero game had some good ideas

Posted by Detrian

Wonder if this is a problem of real disinterest or an effect of big gaming media ignoring the product and not even talking about it.

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@Pudge said:

Why the Dollhouse hate by the Bomb Squad? I love that show!

I was going to say the same thing, EXCEPT IN CAPS!

Dollhouse is one of my favorite shows in recent years, it was rushed in season 2, but you can't hold that against it since it was just because it had to be finished. It deserved a couple of more seasons.

Also Eliza fucking Dushku.

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For being 'mournful' over the THQ situation, these guys made some pretty on the nose jokes.

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What... were they thinking?

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10:48 Brad pulls a Brad in a sketching toy for children.


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Hulk looks absolutely ridiculous in MSHS.

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But can I play Super Street Fighter IV with it?

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At about 50:20, Pictionary narrator lady evokes the spectre of Whitta:

"Roll the die. Here's a hint: Go for a big number!"

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Agreed with the idea that the more easy to use & get digital imaging programs are out there for people to use instead of the ivory tower Photoshop (good examples are Gimp & Paint.net that have no cost to them with a lot of functionality).

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I bought one! Pictionary is great at drunken get-togethers with few friends!

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That design is far too classy for Myrtle Beach.

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"The significance of this ill-formed cock and balls?"

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Diablo? Really? I totally got a Freedom Force vibe from it.

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I've got myself a fairly nice Wacom tablet, and yeah, this thing doesn't seem to be anywhere near professional-grade tablets. Even at bargin-bin prices, it's still not a value, because I could probably draw better using my mouse than one of these things...

Still, I hope THQ bounces back from this, Saints Row: The Fourth totally needs to happen.

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Nice,someone finally ported Mario Paint to the XBox!Make a song!

Posted by SlightConfuse

vinny is a great artist

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@DrJota said:

Nice,someone finally ported Mario Paint to the XBox!Make a song!

The request for a song made me lose it. Good work.

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This looks like the precursor to the WiiU controller.

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I've been trying to find the specs for this tablet and can't get it's lines-per-inch number. I'm just trying to predict whether they'll rebrand the thing as a fun kids item for PC/Mac or something, but there are tablets that utterly destroy the uDraw and happen cost anywhere from half-as-much to the same amount, let alone going for something like the Intuos4 that I use.

Too bad, because if you can get a kid drawing and using their imagination instead of watching TV (er.. instead of doing nothing while watching TV I mean), they may benefit greatly. This is especially true if they are a visual/spacial learner like I am have serious issues comprehending written instructions in great detail (I don't anymore, but man was I a mess when I was like 10).

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this looks like a fucking relic of the '90s

so fucking shitty

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why would they think that this shit would sell on xbox and ps3? seriously

the person who greenlighted this project should lose his jo-wait a minute

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Today we learn that Ryan doesn't know how to spell very well.

"Topic starts with CA..."

"Claus, Comics, Comic Books, Correctional Facility... Cowboys?"

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I should throw my intuos 3 in the fucking garbage!

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@dagas: I know right? It probably would have helped to have someone who could act in the main role, but Ms. Dushku made up for it in so many other ways.

And there was even a good story to go along with the eye candy. Most of the time.

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