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Posted by fantasyfreak07

Cinnamon shaker, madness!

Posted by Vegetable_Side_Dish
"Correctional facility" 
My sides!
Posted by Phatmac


Posted by AlfredoSloth

Four minutes in,

Brad: "Yeah... this thing isn't much of a game."

*checks how much time is left on the video*

....51 minutes?

Posted by Dberg

The Wolverine part made me want to play Bulletstorm again. It's arguably Blum's finest moment.

Posted by StalkingTurnip

The superhero thing looked like a simplified version of Freedom Force.

Posted by GS_Dan

This looks terrible.

Posted by DoctorWelch

Wait...idk how many units are sitting in a warehouse, how the fuck do you loose that much money on this. Give me million dollars and ill go buy a bunch of Etch-a-sketches and figure out how to hook it up to a computer, and sell them.

Not only that, but who the fuck in their right mind would think this thing would sell well?

Posted by Draxyle

@Lazyaza said:

As a digital artist who uses a real tablet every day I find even the concept of this thing hilariously dumb.

Same here. This thing looks very much like no more than a kids toy, not functional for anything outside of silly fun (which is okay).

But yea, tossing this on the 360/PS3 was obviously a pretty terrible decision, not to mention it was already a late release after the Wii version. Not sure why they expected lightning to strike twice and sell a million copies again, it's sad that hundreds of people who weren't even involved in the decision lost their jobs.

Great quicklook though, always love the off-color ones that aren't your run of the mill AAA game.

Posted by HarlequinRiot

@DoctorWelch said:

Not only that, but who the fuck in their right mind would think this thing would sell well?

It sold over a million copies on the Wii, and has about 10 compatible games. So probably that, I guess. I feel like they should have known that the 360/PS3 wouldn't have been so interested, especially if they didn't offer some semblance of being a good drawing tablet.

Posted by ddensel

+1 Brad for Myrtle Beach reference.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

The X 5 thing was hilarious. Oh Vinny.

Posted by AngeTheDude


Posted by Masha2932

I came for the THQ jokes.

*Watches quick look and Ryan makes references to Danny Bilson's cat*

I'm happy.

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33:33 - Vinny singing a modified Picture Pages theme? Cosby is gonna be pissed.

@Phatmac said:


Visiting CES.

Posted by EveretteScott

Oh yeah, tap that doom bot.

I'm not the only one who thought it, right?

Posted by redelectric

I'm so glad someone else got the Simon reference!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by envane

@EveretteScott: no i was still fixated on SMASHING THAT BIG DONUT OHHH YEAH BABY

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And a Picture Pages Reference!!!!


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@paulunga said:

Diablo? Really? I totally got a Freedom Force vibe from it.

I did too, but only because of the the point-and-click + superheroes + destructible objects in the environment. Mechanically, it has almost nothing in common with it, and I doubt it was a major source of inspiration, given that MSHS is meant for children who are like 10 and under, and probably weren't even born when Freedom Force came out.

@Qlanth said:

Today we learn that Ryan doesn't know how to spell very well.

"Topic starts with CA..."

"Claus, Comics, Comic Books, Correctional Facility... Cowboys?"

I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he thought the clue was Things That Start With "Co"/"C". On the other hand, your hypothesis is supported by Ryan pronouncing words incorrectly sometimes, only some of which are intentional.

Posted by selbie

This is a sign of the times to come for the WiiU tablet. So much crappy art shovelware.

Posted by dr_mantas

Vinny is the greatest artist.

Posted by TopCat88

Vinny spewing out guesses at light speed is my favourite GiantBomb moment. It's certainly the most I have ever laughed. When I played Pictionary last, it was never that intense.

Posted by Abendlaender

Well, at least I have a new avatar

Posted by Sirico

If someone made Win/Mac drivers for the tablet they would shift so many, as cheap wacom alternatives

Posted by Figcoinc

@redelectric: I have to admit that I still want that damn pen too! Hahaha!

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Talking down, impossible to fail, ordering the player around tutorials in a kids game: Unappealing mess.
Talking down, impossible to fail, ordering the player around tutorials in a AAA game: INNOVATION YO

Posted by kollay


Posted by dragonaut

While watching this I noticed that Wolverine's voice actor sounded a hell of a lot like Spyro in the old PS1 games, so I imdb'd it and found out that Wolverine is actually voiced by Steve Blum, but Tom Kenny (Spyro 2 & 3) actually voices Iron Man and MODOK (and Captain America). Really weird.

Posted by Xbox420

Vinny is incredible. Is there anything he can't do?

Edited by iamthejuggler

A lesson in drawing that tells you to use short sketchy lines on top of each other? That's terrible advice.

If anyone is interested in a great drawing program for the DS check out Colors. http://www.naughtynathan.co.uk/?page_id=482

Posted by Plasma

@kollay said:



Posted by Xymox

"Tap dat doombot"

Posted by MeatSim

Vinny would be the best person ever to play Pictionary with.

Posted by csl316

Brad's asking for a Photoshop alternative for the people? That's why God invented GIMP.

Posted by sate2801

@Sirico said:

If someone made Win/Mac drivers for the tablet they would shift so many, as cheap wacom alternatives

i thought xp-pen and kanvus already filled that role...

Posted by moffattron9000

Pictonary for TNT

Posted by Deusoma

On the one hand, it genuinely sucks that THQ took such a beating on this thing, and I sincerely hope they can recover from it and continue to make good games.
On the other hand, I can't help but feel this is some kind of karma after they made Red Faction Armageddon by ignoring everything that made Guerrilla great , and trying to tap into some kind of nostalgia factor for the original Red Faction that does not actually exist. Then, when the game inevitably bombed, they blamed the franchise itself, not the quality of the product or the development direction, and put an unfortunate end to it. 
I still have faith in THQ; Saints Row The Third is amazing and I'm really looking forward to Darksiders II, but I can't help but wonder if such blatant franchise mismanagement was a one-off fluke, or if it could happen to those series as well.

Posted by Max_Hydrogen
Posted by Kosayn

Preach on Brad. Paint Shop Pro is still my preferred image editor. GIMP can do all the same things, but it's not remotely user friendly.

Posted by altairre

@kollay said:


Nicely done, sir!

Posted by ike7779

I could give or take the uDraw tablet but you guys should make Pictionary a regular feature, maybe during TNT? Loved the Cards Against Humanity TNTs.

Posted by Djnuttty

@Zelyre: And the things I draw come true...

Posted by DG991

Hearing them talk about how they think the Avengers movie is going to suck was funny.

Posted by posh

brad totally died 10 minutes in. he died in a drawing game