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We Draw! You Draw!

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I'll take twenty!

Posted by RecallBerserk

Draw all the things!

Posted by Zelyre

Cause you know my name is Simon!

Posted by BeachThunder

I feel like I should pity-buy one of these =(

Posted by DazzHardy

As an artist (albeit a bad one) I've been curious about this since it came out on the Wii, but never curious enough, at least when I've had money to spare, to actually get it on anything.

Posted by Chris2KLee

Nice, wanted to see what has almost killed THQ.

Posted by Shaneman

Can't wait to pick one up on super clearance.

Posted by KaneRobot

Was hoping for a drawing of poop :(

Posted by HodakaRoadToad

THQ shot isnt' going to get any more of my money for this. I bought one for my daughter, but it was when it was Wii only. If they had made an Xbox model at that time, I would have purchased that and probably a whole lot more games. Instead, I've got a uDraw for our Wii, which we barely every turn on..

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Wow, this actually looks pretty bad. The strokes and paint all look like rubbish.

I have downloaded free iPad paint apps that have superior painting mechanics.

Why THQ, why.

Posted by Marz

i'd buy one if you could use these as a Wacom Tablet on the PC.

Posted by Tennmuerti

MSpaint is that you?

Posted by probablytuna

Oh this should be good..

Posted by masterpaperlink

HAHA i love watching people draw

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As somebody who used a Wacom every day for a few years for work and classes (I've since moved up to a Cintiq display), it's kind of amusing to see the GB crew repeatedly surprised and confused by what this thing does.

Posted by Shaneman

Ok, the Marvel Super Heroes game does kinda look cool. I wish it was a little deeper though, but still very interesting.

Posted by KaneRobot
Posted by Moncole

They should have made office BAtman

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

Pictionary TNT Petition

1. Bourbon_Warrior


Posted by burgavo

hahaha tools of the trade right there!

anybody know if ther is any animation software to go with this thing?

Might just pick it up on the super cheap and have some late night lazy drunk flip book fun

Posted by RazielCuts

I feel the intention of this quicklook is in pretty bad taste.

Posted by Sogeman

It's like WinXP paint for your console...

Posted by George_Hukas

God, other gaming sites just can't compete.

This is why I Giant Bomb.

Posted by bmarie82

Holy S. I was expecting like a 10 minute quick look. This puppy is an hour.... <3

Posted by thebatmobile

This seems like it's made by people who aren't artists. Also, MS Paint ripoff.

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So add a number pad and you've got your Diablo 3 controller for Xbox/PS3.

Posted by KaneRobot

@RazielCuts said:

I feel the intention of this quicklook is in pretty bad taste.

...you didn't watch this before you commented, did you? They addressed that.

Posted by Sammo21

there was nothing wrong with Serenity...

Posted by hollitz

Oh look, they released MS Paint.

Posted by Scrumdidlyumptious

Brad, Ryan, Vinny is so much fun.

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@JustKamToo said:

So add a number pad and you've got your Diablo 3 controller for Xbox/PS3.

THQ cash problem solved. Blizzard, get on it.
Posted by RenegadeDoppelganger

Can you hold it down and drag multiple cats? This is the only important question.

Posted by SpikeSpiegel88

@Zelyre: Cheeky monkey

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giant bomb pictionary using this on the next tnt please... edit: they should all make their own custom pieces before the show as well

Posted by Grillbar

make it open source for the pc and you got your self a gem

i can see a ton of things you can do with it both in game and other programs

Posted by Thusian

I wonder, was it successful on Wii, not because it sold more, but because it plugged into the Wii remote? It would cut down THQ's manufacturing costs because it would use the Wii Remote wireless and accelerometer.

Also this shit had to go head to head with Skylanders

Posted by Alexandruxx

@MisterSamMan said:

We Draw! You Draw!

I Drew :P

Posted by Jasoncourt

Brad is not so super great for these quick looks because he might not be the best at playing and talking at the same time (who is, but still) and he goofs around or gets distracted by trying to do something in the game. Brad is ok, but tends to be too interested in giving trivial(my opinion) info and making references. Nothing will probably change in that department, but those are my thoughts.

Thanks for showing us the Udraw in action.

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Vinny continues to impress us mere mortals with his myriad skills

Posted by Edmundus

@Bourbon_Warrior: Agreed.

Posted by KaneRobot

"Spider...wizards...attending CES?"

Posted by mnzy

So this is what THQ went almost All-In on? That's pretty crazy. I mean the hardware is there, but who's supposed to make great software for a drawing device on the 360 and PS3? 

Posted by Stahlbrand

The superhero squad stuff reminds me: why do they give the characters 'weak' voices for children? Would a gravelly Wolverine be too much for kids? Is this going to weird them out after a few years when they hear conventional voices for these characters?

Posted by algertman

I'll pick this up when it hits $5 next month.

Posted by bcjohnnie

This thing looks fine, but completely unnecessary.

On other notes:

Dollhouse turned out much better than they are giving it credit for. Once that show found its legs in the second season, it was a lot of fun, despite Eliza Dushku's acting.

Finally, I'd like Andrew Garfield more if he didn't sound like he was about to cry with every line of dialogue he delivers.

Posted by defcomm

oh vinny
you make the greatest oblong circles with V's on them

Posted by RazielCuts

@KaneRobot said:

@RazielCuts said:

I feel the intention of this quicklook is in pretty bad taste.

...you didn't watch this before you commented, did you? They addressed that.

I watched for about 5 mins before I left that comment, after the laughing and heckling of a companies product which has left 250 people without jobs, hilarious stuff.

Posted by fitzcarraldo

caveman x 5 = cavemen

Posted by Ronald

The uDraw could have been interesting for more PC mouse control style games on the 360 and PS3. Maybe if THQ had made an actual plan for it instead of dumping it on store shelves with no games, no awareness, and expected to rake in the cash they could have done something with the concept. But you can't just say "This sold well on the Wii, let's release it without telling anyone and rake in the cash!"