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CRAAAAAAAAAZY TAXI!  I can't f*ing believe Sega keeps feeding us the crap they're currently putting out, yet they didn't make a nextgen Shenmue or Crazy Taxi. I MEAN SRSLY!

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This is indeed a fun game.

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right here we got some CRAAAAAZY taxi, are ya ready? cause here...we...go!! 
ahhh, crazy taxi, i remember thee well...also....10 years? (for the arcade version at least)....really?....my god...what have i done with my life?....i think i need to have a good sit down and think about this....10 years... 

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B.D. Joe: the greatest cabbie

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This was the first game I ever bought with my own cash (well, it was allowance money) I must have been 9-10 years old at the time. God damn, I played the hell out of this game...

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I love me some Crazy Taxi!

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3 in a row. Awesome!

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I love Crazy taxi.
In fact, it's the only game I got for the dreamcast. Maybe I should stream some

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Crazy Taxi, Your so crazy.

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Bad Religion! Yay!

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One of my fave Dreamcast games <3 
And Yeah WTB new shenmue !

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didnt this have offspring

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I haven't really seen much of Crazy Taxi before. Hopefully these QLs keep comin'

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Of the games they have shown so far today Sonic Adventure is the only game I actually have played. Only driving game I had on the DC was SEGA GT which was a next-gen 128-bit version of Gran Turismo, looked awesome until GT3 came out on the PS2, but was never really as fun as Gran Turismo.

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Simpsons also had a Crazy Taxi spin off. 

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5:07 in... I really hope they figure out how to boost.

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Man, this is sooooooo 1999, it hurts.

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was first game on my PS2, i loved it.

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Yah Yah Yah Yah Yah!

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I really sad thing is I used to really like the offspring ITS ALL I WANT

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3 Throwback QL's in a row? YAY!

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crazy taxi was the shit back in the days. It was really lots of fun

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@girdz said:
" 3 Throwback QL's in a row? YAY! "
In remembrance of the Dreamcast. They sure have outdone themselves with the barrage of throwbacks
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someone found a dreamcast and some games at a boot sale :P

Posted by lordofultima

This game is shit.

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man, remember my first playing this @ toy'r'us.......great dreamcast days

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I still play this, and suck at it. 

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I played the hell out of this game. On arcades and Dreamcast! The ps2 port was not as good, and I quote Jeff:  

"  The PlayStation 2 version of Crazy Taxi is slightly rough when compared with the Dreamcast version. The PS2 port has a little bit more pop-up than the DC version, it bogs down just as much, and the character and car models look identical. The PlayStation 2 version also acts a little strange at times. The car seems to jitter and shake around more than usual, and the control seems to be a little rougher than the Dreamcast version's control. "

(His gamespot review)
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I so hope they do a few/a lot more QL Throwback in loving memory of the DreamCast. 
That'd make my day. 
I feel so immaturely happy right now. 
Please, just a few more...
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Haha, I remember playing this on the PS2. I was really, really terrible at it, but it was great fun. 
This was around the time when I used to play the Grand Theft Auto games - probably 2 or 3 at the time, though I could be wrong - and fail horrifically at missions, so I used to spend a lot of time running people over/seeing how long it took to turn cars in Grand Theft Auto into a flaming wreck. Haha, greatly nostalgic. 
I seem to remember preferring Crazy Taxi's driving system bizarrely!

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@lordofultima said:
" This game is shit. "
You forgot to place "the" between "is" and "shit".
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Are the Giantbomb crew sleepy?
There is a lot less excitement than I would expect from them, especially when playing a game like Crazy Taxi.

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Don't forget they all became crazy sick from PAX because of the flu.
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When this game first came out it was amazing ^^

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Crazy Taxi = one of the greatest games for the Dreamcast.

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Why isn't this on XBLA? Easily worth $10.

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oh my god...i loved this game so much. good memories
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They NEED Shenmue and House of the Dead 2 QLs

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The narrator's voice reminds me of Beetlejuice.

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The music in this game is really bad.

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YEEEEAAAAA I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!  Where is Sega on the Dreamcast Birthday???  We should have a demo of a brand new Xbox 360 Crazy Taxi!!!!  This game series deserves some love from Sega!!!!  

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Shenmue 1 + 2 endurance runs need to happen

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I hate to think of how much money I poured into this game, especially at the theater.  Oy...

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@cronox2 said:
" Why isn't this on XBLA? Easily worth $10. "
Oh man this needs to happen.
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Oh man, I played the hell out of Crazy Taxi when I was a kid. That one Offspring song playing over and over and over and over....

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"Shenmue 1 + 2 endurance runs need to happen "

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I remember playing this in the arcade and it was awesome!

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