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Posted by allenibrahim

I've always wanted to play this game all the way through! When I was a kid, I could never get past the first level, or I'd get bored. Now, I don't have any way to buy games on Steam, so I'm stuck not playing it.

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@jayceCRUZ said:


That's the funniest thing I've seen in like a week.

Posted by Johntathan

Brad didnt even finish first level in best game ever made? (deus ex)  Noob... shouldnt call himself a gamer.

Posted by SlashDance

Kinda painful to watch when you know this game inside out.

Posted by kyrieee

The big deal about the terrorism thing was that the Twin Towers weren't in the Manhattan skyline, in the fiction they'd been destroyed by a terrorist attack, and then 9/11 happened a few months later.

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What a shame

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A hard drive crash or corrupt save or something combined with frustration about starting over kept me from completing this when it was released. I have it on Steam and this is making me think hard about giving it another shot.... just as soon as I finish New Vegas. That'll only take another 30 hours though....

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@TwoLines: The universe is amazing. If you don't like it, then I can totally see why you don't like the game.

Deus Ex is the best game of all time if you ask me. No game has pulled me in that way, effected me that way and left me with a sense of WOW since then.

Posted by RVonE

This site needs more Quick Look Throwbacks. And more Dave!

Posted by craigbo180
@Johntathan said:
Brad didnt even finish first level in best game ever made? (deus ex)  Noob... shouldnt call himself a gamer.
I hope you're not serious.
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I have been tempted to pick this game up on Steam as it's so cheap. I think I shall make up my mind with this Quick Look.

Posted by lockwoodx

Why don't they quick look E.Y.E. Cybermancy which just came out, is an indie title so needs the support, and plays just like a FPS version of Syndicate?

Reviewing old games during the middle of the week is just shameful filler.

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He fell from bullets.

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I ended up really liking Deus Ex when I played through it this year, but not for the plot (which I found overly-earnest in it's use of conspiracy theories, not to mention a lack of interesting or sympathetic characters) or for any of the individual gameplay mechanics (because they've aged... poorly.) It's the way those mechanics work together combined with a structure that allows for multiple approaches to any given situation that gives this game its much deserved praise.

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Whoever is playing Deus EX in this quick look is terrible . Dont ever let cod boys to play games like DE.

Posted by Zurv

ah... my one of my fav games of all time!

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"It replaces like 75 of the world textures." You mean percent? Ahaha. 
I did the same thing Brad did. The vent pathway I did was WAY longer than Patrick's route, and speccing into heavy guns early on makes the game nearly impossible because you miss every single shot in the beginning.

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haha deuce ex

Posted by Johntathan
@craigbo180: I guess you are one of these new generation players who never played Deus Ex , Quake etc..? ehhh kiddies.... go back to MW.
Posted by Abendlaender

Despite the ol' saying I wont install Deus Ex 1.

Because it is always, always, ALWAYS installed on my CPU.

Things to do after buying a new PC:



-Deus Ex

Posted by Teaspoon83

Best thing in the game, you could change the colors of the UI! Re-installing it RIGHT NOW!

Posted by RecallBerserk

Patrick talks a big game doesn't he, yet maybe he should have played it a little before quick looking it.

Posted by Sammo21

So why did they not load up the texture mod? I still would have liked to have seen what it looked like...

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In anticipation of of HR's release, I played through DE to the end for the first time in about 8 years, and man...this game is still fucking amazing; definitely one of my all-time favorites. God knows how many times I've started it only to play for a few hours and quit. Beating this game gives a real satisfying sense of accomplishment like few games do.

I also started playing IW, since I barely played any of that game back in the day. It's still an alright game on its own, but as a sequel to DE, it's a failure in almost every aspect.

Posted by twelve1784
@Sammo21: Around halfway through they did.  It absolutely makes a difference but to really notice you need to see the switchover
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Oh man comments are terrible. Fun video.

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Great QL. It was a fascinating look through the eyes of someone who maybe spent more time with consoles than my immediate group of friends growing up. Of course you have to stop (and crouch) and then let the cross-hair shrink to give you an indication of your firing spread, but then it isn't obvious if you're not used to that system.

It's a great indication that interfaces need to be taught during the game because you can't just assume the user is knowledgeable in the conventions of the day or platform. Would love to see some more classic looks, maybe to show off new mods or community rebuilds (Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines has a decent upgrade from fan-patches and is a generally interesting classic that also does something FPS-y without being inside the modern conventions of that genre).

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I just reinstalled, remembered to do a little swimming. IDK, I was able to choose a 1600 X xxxx res, and the game looks good. Right now I am sneaking around Ellis island(fished around Ellis!) and nobody dead...

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I think Giantbomb is at its best when releases are all dry, because thats when we get Throwbacks and more original/personal content.

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There's a character called Sam Carter! Were they Stargate SG1 fans?

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I remember breaking into the door behind your boss and it FLIPPING MY MIND!!!!! Yeah, hacking computers definitely let you in on some secrets pretty early out.

Posted by Brendan

I wanted to play this game again on Steam, but it runs way too fast or way to slow, depending on whether I'm in fullscreen or windowed mode.

Posted by BenderUnit22

Deus Ex was so damn fantastic when it came out IN 2000!!! I always played it stealth with hacking because I love the Thief series (Ion Storm did Thief - Deadly Shadows, a still very good sequel, just not up to the first 2).
One of the coolest things I remember was a story turn when

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Aw Yeah! Can't wait to watch this.

My favorite thing about Deus Ex leading up to it's release was that they touted the lip-synch system, and it clearly looks terrible. Love the poop out of this game. And apparently you guys mention Anachronox? I'm in heaven.

Edit: oh wait, Patrick calls it a bad game. Hahah. oh well. :)

Posted by Shimmy

Anybody else get a real strong Perfect Dark vibe from this?

Posted by Jerome85

I feel sorry for anyone who hasn't played this game.

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What are the odds this video gets released the day the Statue of Liberty is closing down for a year? Pretty cool coincidence.

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This level was easy. Even now I remember how to play it.
Throw bottles to distract guards while you sneak past or lure them to quiet areas before knocking them out. Use the mods to upgrade your tranq gun with sight and accuracy. Use night vision ...

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@kyrieee said:
The big deal about the terrorism thing was that the Twin Towers weren't in the Manhattan skyline, in the fiction they'd been destroyed by a terrorist attack, and then 9/11 happened a few months later.
It happened over a year later. This game was released in 2000.
Posted by BaconGames

I tried playing through this game but man the mission and level design was such a pain in the ass that even a FAQ couldn't get me to the end. I got my fill from playing more than halfway which is the aesthetic, the music, and capturing the era.

Also this shit got released in the middle of 2000. I remember because it won GOTY awards for that year.

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Deus Ex?  THROWBACK quick-look segment?  Best Thursday ever!

Posted by LibraryDues

Easily one of the best experiences I have ever had in a game.

Time to play it again....

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@Johntathan said:
@craigbo180: I guess you are one of these new generation players who never played Deus Ex , Quake etc..? ehhh kiddies.... go back to MW.
Oh dear. You poor man.

A single tear was shed for a lost soul.
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Cant believe the sequel is getting released WITHIN SIX MONTHS.
I'm getting DESPERATE...

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@Ghost_Cat said:
Deus Ex?  THROWBACK quick-look segment?  Best Thursday ever!
Would have been if they had played it properly instead of running around randomly and not looking at anything and then just throwing cans at people.
Posted by GioVANNI

I was going to play some Deus Ex but I was having weird audio issues where the dialogue would cut off early because the animation was sped up.