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Still haven't completed this, i couldn't be bothered those friggen stealth sections >=/
Posted by StrikerTheLizard

The second half of this game should not exist.

Posted by Scarlet_Rogue

That entire second half... So much fail in it.

Posted by patrick
@StrikerTheLizard said:
" The second half of this game should not exist. "
I'd go with the last third of it should not have existed, the middle sections were some of the best.
Posted by Scarlet_Rogue
@patrick: I don't know, whenever the Matrix-ey elements popped up, I always felt violated.
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Loved this game, but it knew it as Fahrenheit. Was probably my first encounter ever with such amounts of Quick Time Events.

Posted by BiplaneMan

Kinda cheesy how it says "New Movie" instead of "New Game".

Posted by Mads76

I'm soooo there with you man. Fahrenheit one of my faves!!!

Posted by Creamypies

One of the most memorable games of the last generation.

Posted by BigLemon

Can you imagine an Endurance Run of this game?

Posted by Nictel
@mnzy said:
" This looks sooo boring.  And I think that will be heavy rains problem, too.  Just that you have to be in a very specific mood to enjoy the game. "
Go play your call of halo :-P
But yeah these adventure games aren't for everyone.
Posted by Hamst3r
@Abyssfull said:
" Still haven't completed this, i couldn't be bothered those friggen stealth sections >=/ "
I haven't finished this either. I couldn't be bothered with the suffocating smother of quick time events. I THOUGHT I WAS WATCHING A CUTSCENE OF TWO PEOPLE TALKING, WHY THE FUCK AM I MASHING BUTTONS? I died because I didn't mash buttons fast enough during the conversation. My bad, I was LISTENING to the characters talking! :P
Posted by Dirty_Harry

I love this game.

Posted by Brackynews

Slow burn, flashy finish. Too bad the director went all Wachowski Bros on the ending. Not quite what I wanted out of it, but still one of the best mind fucks this side of Silent Hill.

The uncensored Fahrenheit version might be the only reason to create a Necrophilia page.... but I ain't doin it.

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Hell yes

Posted by Dynamitekyle

This should be gooood.

Posted by numberThirtyOne

Ryan: "I have not played through this game" 
Glad I was sitting down for that one.

Posted by The_Philosopher

I haven't finished it yet, I'm afraid to pick it back up because I forget what happened and I don't want to start a new game. Maybe I'll finish it one of these days.

Posted by VWGTI

This game looks draining. I probably wouldn't be able to play for more than 20 minutes before getting sleepy.

Posted by Imensae

Endurance Run?

Posted by JellyFish_Gsus

 Awesome i still have Fahrenheit on my original xbox

Posted by Suka

I have to say, I'm not one to revisit video games after I finished them, but I found myself coming back to this game more often than not.
Sure it has its cheesy moments, and sure the simon says style quick time events are a little misplaced.  But the overall atmosphere this game creates, with its story (not that it doesn't have its odd moments), soundtrack and the character movements in particular (no doubt due to the amount of motion capture they did for this game back in the day) lends to one of the best experiences I've ever had playing a video game to date and I'd be damned if anyone says that its not innovative!

Posted by jasius

"Gameplay Mechanics" ? like Simon Says every 5 seconds?

Posted by MeatSim

I liked what I played of the game but I got to point where it got just too frustrating to play.

Posted by Aishan

I'm actually intrigued to try this now.

Posted by nickhead

I liked the demo of this game but never played the whole thing

Posted by Geno

This game looks amazing. Just makes me anticipate Heavy Rain even more. 

Posted by playastation

yah. I liked this game alot. and then it turned all weird matrixy.

Posted by Bennyishere

I loved this game. I played the demo a long time ago, but never played through it until I bought it off Xbox Originals. Tedious indeed, especially in this day and age, but I still found it very compelling.

Posted by jayjac11

one of my favorite games ever, the story is good all the way through!!

Posted by spilledmilkfactory
@VWGTI said:
" This game looks draining. I probably wouldn't be able to play for more than 20 minutes before getting sleepy. "
that's pretty much what happened to me. i downloaded it for the xbox 360 but i couldn't play it for more than 30 or 40 minutes at a time, especially compared to the more exciting "next gen" games i had just bought. but it was still a cool game, at least from what i played of it.
Posted by Ventilaator

It's either "This game is the worst piece of shit ever compressed on a disc" or "This is the greatest game ever made, brillaint from start to finish"
I hate people....
This game was amazing, right up until the end of the amusement park scene.

Posted by onlineatron

Don't get the PC version... well, if you have a laptop. 
I've got it and the controls are awful, really spoiling the experience for me so far. 

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Im really looking forward to Heavy Rain and this game looks interesting, but can really afford to buy it off of XBLM at the moment

Posted by spiceninja

I played through most of this game and didn't finish it. I think I may have to go back and do so. It's just too good to just let it sit there unplayed.

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I love this game. The ending was disappointing of course, but I liked the rest of it a ton.
The quick look kind of makes me want to play it again, and it REALLY makes me want to play Heavy Rain.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Where's Alex Navarro when you need him?

Posted by Ratfoot

Just picked it up for $3 last week and I've been playing through it, an incredible game indeed.

Posted by BoOzak

I still think this game was awesome dispite the ridiculousness of the later sections it was still unique and engaging, something most games these days struggle to achieve.
..& yeah you probably wont enjoy it if you have a short attention span. I'd say anyone who can sit through the opening to any MGS game without losing it should play this.

Posted by ThatFrood

I loved this game up until the stupid voodoo crap. I really hope Heavy Rain doesn't go that route.

Posted by illmatic19

moar throwbacks please!

Posted by thomasonfa

This has been my favorite QL. Thanks guys.

Posted by Wiseblood

I had a little more patience with the story of this than most, I was OK with most of the weird supernatural stuff.  But then they introduced the "Purple Clan".  The fuckin' Purple Clan.  Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK!

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Gonna try to grab this today at the Ol' Game store...
I'll get to it when I finish Call of  Cthulhu .

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I still need to finish this game.
Posted by darkjester74

This game is awesome, thanks for the TQL guys, brought back some good memories!  :D

Posted by Radar
@Ventilaator: people have different opinions!? holy mother of piss!