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How do you even...

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ah, the birth of cell shading hu? i have to admit, this never really grabbed my attention at the time, dont know why. I remember playing it a few years later, i rather enjoyed it, those punks with their roller blades and their spray paint and their...uh....radio's....whats the world coming to?!?

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Probably one of my favorite Dreamcast games.

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We're getting spoiled today. I never played a Dreamcast before so this is all good stuff.

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And they keep comin

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4 quick looks!!1111 :O

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Classic. I'm hoping for a ChuChu Rocket QLT at some point on Dreamcast day.

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YES i was hoping you guys would view this one! FAV

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Jet Set Radio ftw.

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Jet Set Radio was a classic. It was Jet Set Radio in Europe too. It's such a better name then Jet Grind Radio. Really fun game but super hard towards the end.

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Jet Set Radio is fucking awesome.

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The lack of Shenmue disturbs me. 

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great game. 
never finished it, one of the later levels was kind of hard with a time limit. 
bad part was if you failed you had to replay around 5 minutes of stuff just to get to the part you had trouble with. 
that made me quit it.

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Loved this games, much harder than the second one though

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Man, I played this one to death.  Loved Jet Grind Radio.

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Ha...glad it was called Jet Set over here...or perhaps im getting that wrong and mixed up.

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Please, one or two(or three four five...) more.
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I only played the xbox sequel, did the original have the whole the thing where you would mix up grinds to a beat while on a rail, and that would give you mad points and mad speed?  Cause they aren't doing that in this, and that is a tragedy.

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Chu chu rocket chu chu rocketttttt

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I loved this game so much.

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I've been watching the Dreamcast quick looks until now and all I have to say is. If you're going to do these then please try to put some effort on it. These games aren't that hard and the controls aren't that bad. Watching these nobody would say you've been playing videogames for years.

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This game fucking rocks.  Amazing soundtrack!

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@starrjack1: can't quite remember. but i do  remember this, the sequel was a pale comparison to the original. 
original's soundtrack was awesome crazy and the game was much harder.  
weird thing was the sequel suffered from slow down where the original was totally smooth. 
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This all still looks great.  Blue, blue skies! Blue, blue, skies I see!

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what??? one of the best dreamcast titles

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Laughed so much. Was like watching my nanna play for the first time. heh
I remember the game almost being like a rollercoaster of nonstop grinding speed / time challenges
Awesome though to see it again

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I loved all the games they're throwin back to. I hope they hit up Bangai-O.
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Love Jet Set Radio Future for the Xbox. One of the best games i've ever played i'd love to try this one to see what the differences are. Seems like an ideal candidate for an XBLA remake/sequal of some sort. Not Xbox Originals though... i want some online!

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They both suck at this game.

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seems a lot slower than the xbox one... having to stop to do all the graffiti seems ass!

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 This turned out hella lame, mostly because Ryan is completely awful at this game.  They also didn't really say anything too in-depth about how they felt about it back in the day.  It's basically Ryan sucking and them both saying stuff like, "Yeah, this did cel-shading.....good soundtrack too...".  That shit was WEAK

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Man, this Quick Look brings me back. Endless days of passing the controller back and forth with my friend, playin' us some Jet Set Radio.

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Holy shit it's a Quick Look Throwback explosion!

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Why is Ryan playing like Brad?

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Loved Jet Set Radio, but have to admitt the Jet Set Radio Future was where I spent alot more time.

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I only played the Xbox one, and it OWNED.

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Man, I used to be OBSESSED with this game.  It may be my favorite of all of the dreamcast games, come to think of it.

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Content OverLoad On this website and it is AWESOME!

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Time limits are always a downer.

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This is the one with Cibo Matto in the soundtrack right? I think that's one of the reasons I played it.

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This needs a XBLA release, I still listen to the soundtrack to this day and Jet Set Radio Future kept the aesthetic fully apart from getting rid of the analogue  tagging which I enjoyed.

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i remember playing and loving the demo of jet set radio future on xbox

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Man this game is so awesome, Ryan just sucks at it but when you pull off the tricks in this game it can get really crazy and really fun.

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I wonder if they will have a quick look of Phantasy Star Online. That game personifies the Dreamcast in many ways.

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I love me some Jet Set Radio