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Awesome Games! had so much fun with these :)

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AH! Nostalgia deluxe!

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This game looks amazing.

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Quiiiiiiiick looooooks!

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This game is so awesome. I'd bet I'm not the only one who would buy this if it was re-released on xbla or psn. Make it happen people!

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Can't wait for this game to come out.

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Powerstone 2 is best played drunk. I'm playing this right now :P
When played through VGA it looks a lot better and is easier to play.

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Power Stone Collection on PSP is a worthy investment if you're looking to quench your Power Stone thirst.

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This game IS Dreamcast
So many multiplayer hours spent on it

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Quick Look rampaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaage!

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Man, these Dreamcast QL's are killing me with nostalgia.  If they did a project justice QL, I may just have a heart attack.

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Yeah!, bring on the Project Justice OL!

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Whoa, this looks so much better than Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

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Jack is the best Power Stone 2 guy. He has blades for hands and feet. Oh man, too many Quick Looks. It's a Quick Look rapid fire situation here.

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Moar Quick Looks? Wow

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Man, i had so much fun playing this one with a/some friend(s) of mine! 
Good Lord, it feels so good to see these games again... and they remind me of the unpleasant fact that i've grown old.
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@ashbash159 said:
" Whoa, this looks so much better than Super Smash Bros. Brawl! "
I would tend to agree. Power Stone is where it's at.
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I loved this too!

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ah man this game is awesome!  as a kid the name wang-tang never got old!

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This owns Smash

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I love this game
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Oh Power Stone 2 how I miss you! I keep hoping this will get an XBLA port or something.

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Nothing beat 3 other school friends in a tent all weekend playing Powerstone.

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Ah this looks pretty awesome. I wish i had played it when it was released.
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I love powerstone, so sick.

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I think this would be a really good re-release for XBLA/PSN.

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I'm loving every one of these, but I think this one was the most absorbing.  I think the dynamic arenas are great.  A game like this in high-def would rock.

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I hope these DC quicklooks make more people aware of how ahead of its time the console was. 
I always think of the dreamcast as a proto-X360.

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I've never played these games before by my god they look fun. The PSP collection of them is now on my Gamefly que. Can't wait to play them.

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Power Stone 2 is probably my favorite fighting game of all time. Such delightful insanity.

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I just jizzed in my pants.
I really wish they would make a new Powerstone. 
This brought back so many memories.  I, for some idiot reason, sold my copies of Power Stone 1 & 2.  This made me miss it so much, I just spent an unreasonable amount of money on eBay to get them back (Power Stone 2, anyway.  You can get the first one pretty cheap.)

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Oh PowerStone! Me and my friends played the hell out of multiplayer back when this came out. Only god knows how many hours we put into this...

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I had never heard of this game until now but it looks freaking awesome!

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oh, the memories..

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Man I love this game
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I demand a 4-player video of power stone 2!

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This looks like it's almost as good as Poy Poy 2. Almost.

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I played the hell out of Power Stone 1&2.

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Power Stone was AWESOME.

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I dunno, watching this, I'd love to see a Power Stone on XBLA. That'd rock.

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I'm going to say that it is awesome that I own and fondly remember all of the games in this onslaught of Dreamcast Quick Look Throwbacks! Many a good time had with all these games.

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Sooooooo many hours playing this game with my friends in college. We'd hold weekly tournaments on my floor and it was always a blast. Good times!!

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This and Jet Set Radio were my 2 fave DC games.

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I have no idea how many hours I spent playing this and Tech Romancer with my buddies. Please do a quick look of Tech Romancer!

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@SunKing said:
" I think this would be a really good re-release for XBLA/PSN. "
I swear I recall reading about that very thing happening.
Power Stone was, is, and always will be better than Trash Bros.