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Posted by Mikl

Like a weeks worth of quick looks today man
Posted by jelyk

Amazing amount of content today. Well done.

Posted by Scooper

Shake it, baby!

Edited by Dynamitekyle

Awesome. Crazy lota Quick Looks today.

Posted by Jimbo_N

That is actually kinda hysterical. Seeing Ryan rock out with maracas. Guess thats half the point of the game.
Posted by Nomin

I wonder what they would do on November 15, 2011 for 10th year retrospective for Xbox, or for the 15th anniversary of PS1 in December of this very year.
Posted by SidVicious

I cant keep up with all this content!

Posted by zombie2011

ODST.. Bungie must love Giantbomb. 

Posted by Costello

This is fantastic! Shitload of videos everyday!

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror


Edited by Rain_1

I was so sad when the Wii version of Samba de Amigo just simply didn't work. :(
Now, if only sega updated it with Motion Plus support....

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Weird things out of the Dreamcast, eh?  How about doing a quick look of Seaman?

Posted by killdave

wow what a fever dream that was
great game great memories

Posted by VWGTI

Edited by watertails

Ryan, how did you not play the Macarena?
Also, that looked surprisingly awesome. How does the Wiimake compare to it?

Posted by Shifty_Mcfly

Nothing makes you relive the 90's like the Macarena.

Posted by KnifeySpoony
@SidVicious said:
" I cant keep up with all this content! "
I am so damn happy they have put all of these videos out while I'm home sick with ze flu.
Posted by iAmJohn
@watertails said:
" Ryan, how did you not play the Macarena?  Also, that looked surprisingly awesome. How does the Wiimake compare to it? "
Unfortunately, the Wii version cannot compare in the least.  The implementation of the Wiimotes just completely sucks.  Also for some reason it doesn't look as nice which makes no sense whatsoever.   It's an absolute crime that the best way to play this game is still to track down the Dreamcast copy and maraca controllers. :(
Posted by digeratiX90

Wow, i really applaud the giantbomb staff for all the work they've put into these quick looks today!

Posted by JJOR64

This game looks epic.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

Speaking of weird games for Dreamcast, where's my Seaman quick look?

Posted by zitosilva

Sempre assim! Pra cima, pra cima, pra cima!
Sempre assim! Pra baixo, pra baixo, pra baixo!
Gotta love Samba de Janeiro. Loved the content on the site today. It sure was a nostalgic day.

Posted by MeatSim

Oh man, what is that monkey on.

Posted by Chewii101

All I could think about when hearing Samba de Janeiro was UEFA 2006......when I lost tons of money in bets. Oh Netherlands, why can't you return to your former glory. 

Posted by mythrol

This game f'ing rocks.

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Alternate universe Ryan directs planes as they taxi around the airport.

Posted by Thayne

Looking forward to alex nivaro's Marac-band 2 coming May 5, 2010

Posted by Dethfish

Damn, why does the Dreamcast have so many weird games?

Posted by WholeFunShow

Wow, that was the Police Academy gay bar music.

Edited by ViolentRaven1

You guys should do stuff like this more often its cool seeing retro games and seeing how they hold up today.
Posted by Artemis_D

This was the best day ever at Giant Bomb.  I had the time of my life... I really did.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Well...it is the dreamcast's birthday afterall...

Posted by dagas

This was before people were okey with paying 200 bucks for peripherals. I was one of those who thought 80 bucks extra for the controller was too much and I still feel the same about Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Posted by Milpool

Wow this is actually pretty cool, I had no idea such a thing existed for the DC. 
I would never play it because it's completely retarded, but cool none the less.

Posted by DrJota

Pode dancar se voce quer,mas manda seus amigos pra atras porque seus amigos nao dancam e se eles nao dancam eles nao estao amigos de mim.

Posted by Osiris

First motion controller :)

Posted by Zalasta

I had this game, I may even have bought 2 sets of maracas for it.  Don't really remember.

Posted by iamholam

I still have this game!  I got really good at this too and managed to complete all the challenge modes on it.  Man I was so happy that it came out on Wii and then a little disappointed that it just didn't work aswell.
There was a trick to using the maracas controller which once you got you could be pretty accurate with it.
Samba 2000 too!  with the waving!

Posted by ohms

Awesome game!
I had cheaper 3rd party maracas. They were good, pretty accurate, but they blew up 2 Dreamcasts! :S

Posted by Vorbis

Phantasy Star Online had some Chu Chu rocket rare armour, due to duping it was very popular and often had 4 players running around exploding Chu Chu's out of their body every few seconds. 

Posted by AaronAlex

I hear sniffing, brad has the swine flu? 

Posted by Sarumarine

I'm with Brad, that monkey looks way to happy for what it's doing. But that game looks pretty crazy all the same. Heh.

Posted by Joey2683

That was pretty funny. I'm glad they put a camera on Ryan.
Posted by Krenor

this game has some nice songs

Posted by Mister_Snig

El Ritmo Tropical? Wasn't that in DDR too?

Posted by buzz_killington

Ok, that's it, I'm buying a Dreamcast!!

Posted by RenegadeSaint

I never got around to playing this, but I do have the Wii version of this game.

Posted by MachoFantastico

That first tune always reminds me of the World Cup.

Posted by CitizenKane

This video is just begging for GIFs and pics to be made out of it.

Posted by TheHT

looks like it would be fun for 2 tries and then just annoying.

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